Do you have a plan to protect valuables with household items during your upcoming move? If you’ve hired packing services NJ that will be taking care of this and keeping your belongings safe, then you may not have to worry about getting all of the supplies yourself. If you plan to do some or all of the packing yourself, then you’ll need some items from this list to protect valuables with household items. Here are the best ways to keep your items safe during the relocation.

Protect valuables with household items in order to move them safely

Packing up an entire household and moving is way more complicated than just throwing your stuff into boxes. So if you are planning for a self-packing and moving project, you can learn from movers Englewood NJ how to protect valuables with household items. Especially because you should worry about safety if you’re doing everything yourself. Proper packing of your items is really important. The safety of your belongings will rely on how you protect them during transportation. If you want to know what types of packing materials you’ll need, read on. So, if you are planning to pack and move your goods safely, we have good news. If you need easy packing equipment, you can protect valuables with household items! Here are the essential household packing materials you can use to save money. Go green or simply be practical while packing and moving all your belongings safely. 
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The materials you use for packing and moving items don’t just have to be stuff like packing boxes, bubble wrapping or other popular materials. There are several items that can be found around the house that can be used for packing and moving too.

First, here are some techniques to protect valuables with household items while you pack

1. Pack slowly and take inventory!

If you want to protect valuables with household items, grab a note and pen. As you pack, write down an inventory of your belongings. That way you can keep track of your items. It will also be the best unpacking strategy at the same time. Don’t start packing just a week before your move. Instead, pack one or two months ahead of time. Start with rooms you use the least. Make sure to leave a box for essentials with important things you’ll need after you move in. While your durable belongings will be able to survive shifts in the boxes inside the truck, your fragile items are too vulnerable and require proper packing. Use quality packing materials. So you should really stop and think twice what you can protect with household items. Some parts of your move might still need professional moving assistance. And, yes, you can still protect valuables with household items very tactfully. But it’s also really important to choose the right packing materials in order to ensure safety.

2. Consider using plastic moving boxes

One trick to consider for your upcoming relocation is to use plastic moving boxes. Opt for reusable bins instead of the corrugated cardboard boxes. These are more sturdy, easily stackable, and reusable. They save money because you can sell them after the move. They also save time and are fit to properly store your belongings. Reusable plastic bins are durable and will prevent items from crushing during transportation. This can happen with cardboard boxes if you don’t use enough padding. Fill up every part of the box and remember to use smaller boxes for heavier items. Also, you can rent plastic moving bins and return them to the moving company after you unpack.

3. Consider keeping valuables in storage

  • No matter how much you try to protect your items, if the packing supplies you are using are not good quality, you could put your belongings at risk. Never compromise on the safety of your belongings. You should always use the best quality of packing materials.
  • Boxes and tapes are common packing materials, but there are so many other special packing supplies that the professional moving companies use to securely pack specific items. That is why we are sharing this list of top essential household packing materials and supplies. If you use these packing materials to protect valuables with household items, you will completely minimize the risk of damaging them.
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We can hold onto your valuables while you relocate and you can pick them up after you settle in. Then you won’t have to worry about moving fragile or super important items and worrying if they made it safely.

Here are the 5 everyday materials you can use to protect valuables with household items

If you need quick and easy packing material, that is also reusable and eco-friendly, you are in the right place. Here are some everyday items you can use for packing and moving.

Use baskets to protect valuables with household items

Replace moving boxes with picnic baskets and storage bins. They provide great protection as they are very sturdy. Utilize the baskets and plastic bins along with moving boxes if you don’t have enough of the prior. Pack delicate or important items in baskets and storage bins for optimum protection.

Use clothing to protect valuables with household items

Socks, bed sheets, towels, and pillowcases are great for packing delicate items because of their softness. When you use clothing to protect valuables with household items, remember to wrap the clothing or place them in packing boxes to keep them from getting dirty.


Old newspapers make great protective packing supply. You can wrap anything with them. Newspapers have an amazing cushioning effect especially if you use several layers. Use paper to pack breakable items but you can switch to plastic wrap to protect liquids or similar items.
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The best thing you can do during the moving process is to communicate with your movers on your needs. This will help you prepare ahead of time, and have an extra measure of precaution during the process.

Mattresses and pillows

Mattresses and pillows can make great shock absorbers because they are soft and thick. They can absorb all the shifts, shocks and vibrations that happen on the moving truck. If you use these items, they will prevent your delicate valuables from breaking during transport.