There are a few things in life as pleasant as the prospect of sleeping on a king-size mattress. And if you’ve invested a lot of money into this item, we bet you are not sorry at all. After all, good sleep is the backbone of a healthy and happy life. However, once the time comes to move that massive mattress you hold so dear, that’s when the problem arises. Transporting a king-size mattress is a complicated, tricky, and time-consuming process. It might be easy for premium movers Englewood NJ to pack and move your mattress, but for regular folks, this can be a hellish process. Well, Moving of America – NJ movers will ensure you survive it as easy as possible. Take a look!

Have you given professional movers a thought?

As much as you feel competent for transporting your king-size mattress, the truth is that professional movers can do it much better than you. Sometimes, admitting that you need assistance and calling local or long distance movers NJ for help is the best thing you can do for your relocation. And not just your relocation, but your health also – both physical, and mental. However, there are many things that might prevent you from hiring a moving company, with the lack of funds being only one of them. We completely understand, which is why we are here to help you move your king-size mattress.
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If you are short on cash, movers and packers will be out of the question. In that case, just follow our guide.

For starters, you’ll need a helping hand for transporting a king-size mattress

Don’t let your pride trick you into thinking that you can transport a king-size mattress on your own. You can’t. This item is very heavy, and you will need at least one other person to help you carry the burden. When moving such heavy items, our movers here at Moving of America – NJ Movers work as a team, and you will need a team of your own. Besides, everything is much more enjoyable when done with good friends – don’t you think?

Equip yourself with a mattress moving box

You probably had no idea about this, but moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes. People were so wise that they created different types of moving boxes, with every type corresponding to different items which are usually tricky to relocate. And mattresses are certainly one of them. Long before your moving day, go out and buy a mattress moving box. Of course, make sure that the measures are corresponding to your mattress, as they too come in all shapes and sizes. This box will be a godsend in the moving process. It will protect your item during the transport and by doing so, it will save you from a financial point of view. Although, it’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t bother moving your mattress if:
  • You’ve had it for over 7 years
  • It’s making you sore and uncomfortable
  • You are not getting a good night’s sleep
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Sometimes, leaving behind your mattress is better than transporting it.

Secure the box with packing tape

Oh, how often is this step overlooked! Just as the act of labeling the moving boxes, securing the boxes with tape is oftentimes the last thing on everyone’s minds. But your efforts to put a mattress in a specialized mattress box will have been in vain should you forget to tape it up. And we are talking about layers and layers of tape. This act will make sure your mattress is snug inside the box, and it will also ensure maximum safety for your item. Trust our expert NJ packers – they really know what they are talking about. If that’s the way they do it, it will be good enough for you too!

Loading the mattress onto your vehicle

We have no idea whether you have rented a moving truck or not. But, whether you are transporting a king-size mattress in a moving truck or a van, there are only two ways to approach it. One is to lay it flat against a solid surface, and another one is to position it upright flat against the side of a vehicle wall. Usually, the second method is used, as it saves a lot of space. We are guessing your mattress won’t be the only thing you are transporting, which is why laying it flat on the floor is usually impossible.

Security is what matters most when transporting a king-size mattress

Now, imagine you did your work and followed all the steps up until now. Still, you arrive at the new location, open the truck and realize that your mattress has wreaked havoc inside. That’s probably because you forgot to secure it.
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Security is the most important thing during any relocation.

To avoid that from happening, the best residential movers in NJ use one thing – straps. It’s easy to find inexpensive ratchet straps which won’t be a financial burden but will be essential for this process. Although, even if they were expensive, they would still be a good investment. Just tighten down your mattress and make sure it stays in its designated place. After that, you can drive without a worry in mind – you did your job!

The bottom line

Transporting a king-size mattress is not an easy process. It’s not that the technique of packing and moving a mattress is a complicated one – it’s just that this item is simply too heavy for one person to handle. That’s the reason we would say that a mattress is one of the more complicated items to pack. But pay attention – complicated does not equal impossible, and we’ve proven that on more than one occasion!