Nothing is as exciting as those years we spend in college. Learning new things, studying abroad, meeting new friends – it’s all part of what makes college experience so grand. Even though the majority of students choose dorms as their homes during college, not everyone loves living in a small room with a roommate. If you belong to that category (which is completely reasonable), very soon you will find yourself immersed in a search for alternatives. Finding a home off-campus may not be the most pleasant thing at the moment, but it will turn out to be a good decision in the long run. All you need is our article, some moving companies Bergen County NJ, and some good luck, and in no time you will be stationed in your new home, ready to seize the day!

Start searching for your off-campus home as soon as possible

Do you know the famous saying time is money? There really is no time to be wasted, as the housing market is a competitive one. Sometimes, looking for a home can be comparable to a full-time job. You will be answering e-mails, making phone calls, having one-on-one meetings, and weighing your decision. Bear in mind that there may be only one apartment that is perfect for you, and it will take some time to find it. Besides, plenty of students will probably be searching for off-campus housing at the same time as you. You want to get a jump start and ensure no one takes up your spot. Would you like to see that perfect minimalist apartment in someone else’s hands? We thought so!
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Find your perfect off-campus home sooner rather than later.

Before finding a home off-campus, you’ll first need to reflect on your finances

In fact, don’t even start looking into apartments if you don’t have a budget in place. That only leads to disappointments and hardships. What would happen if you fell in love with a place that is way out of your price range? We’ll tell you. You would be heartbroken that you can’t afford it, and you would compare all the other apartments you see to that one. In fact, you should make it a rule never to step foot in an apartment that is out of your price range. As reputable NJ movers, who handle residential moving on a daily basis, we see this more often than we would like. Usually, people are those that inflict pain on themselves by simply being unrealistic.

The location has to be just right

If you make a wrong choice, trust that no campus will be calling college movers to adjust to your needs. It should be the other way around. If you are trying to find off-campus housing, you need to have the location of your new home in mind at all times. What you need is a neighborhood that will be close by to your college. Ideally, you should have easy access to public transportation. Or own a car, which might even be a better option.
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Finding a home off-campus will require some logistical planning.

But even if you do own a car and you want to avoid the hustle-and-bustle of an average campus, you shouldn’t go too far. Find a place that is close by, and that won’t make you lose precious hours on transportation per day.

Do you plan on living with a roommate?

Sure, living by yourself is all fun and games until rent has to be paid, as well as the utilities. That’s when you’ll realize just how costly living by yourself can be. Moving out will involve much more than paying rent and bills. Unless you manage to convince friends to help you move, you’ll have to hire a moving company. Have you seen their prices? What is a good solution is to simply find a roommate to help you carry the financial burden. Besides, if you are a freshman who has moved to a new city or state, you will need some companionship. This will be a difficult transition, and you will need emotional support. That’s when a roommate comes in. Who knows, you might even make a friend for life. If you do decide to live with a roommate, it’s obligatory that you include him or her in your search for off-campus housing. They have to love the place, as well.

Have realistic standards

In the best case scenario, you will manage to find off-campus housing of your dreams. There would be some greenery outside, you might even have a shared pool, and the hardwood floors would simply give a unique look to your home. The reality, however, is usually not so perfect. You will most likely find a place that meets all the standards except that one. And that’s completely acceptable.
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What is a must-have for you, and what are you ready to compromise on?

What you do need to do is decide what your deal-breakers are when finding a home off-campus. Are you set on renting a place with a washer and dryer? Do you insist on finding an apartment with a spacious kitchen? Do you have some other request you don’t want to give up on? Everything is okay, as long as you arm yourself with a list of your request that you are not ready to compromise on beforehand.

Buckle up – you are in for a wild ride!

In the end, no matter where you decide to live, you will forever remember your college days. Ten years from now, you won’t reflect on the process of finding a home off-campus. All you will remember will be all the fun times you had and all the things you learned. And that’s the way it should be, as you are only young once. Responsibilities and duties are not going anywhere, so don’t feel bad if you have too much fun!