The moving process can get quite messy! Ask anyone who has ever moved in their life and they will agree for sure! There are certain things you just cannot control, no matter how hard you try. When you are packing, there will be a lot of material left behind that you will need to clean up. Then, the movers will arrive and possibly make more mess as well. However, this is not the only thing you need to worry. You should also think about the damages that can happen to your floors and walls as well! This is a thing that even professional movers sometimes find hard. It’s simple – when transporting huge boxes and items, sometimes their integrity is more important than the floors. That’s why in this article you can find the things you can do to protect floors and walls when moving!

Prepare before the moving day arrives

One of the things that makes the moves most difficult is doing it in a rush. This is when most mistakes happen. You don’t prepare the rooms well enough, there are things in your way, and you’re not thinking too clearly while at the same time navigating heavy furniture around the house and trying not to leave something behind. In order not to have this happen, you should prepare for the move well in advance.
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Be ready for the moving day.

Start a couple of weeks before the moving day arrives. First, pack valuable and fragile items in separate boxes. You will want to secure them well not just for the trip in the truck, but the trip around the house. If a box is too big, then it’s quite easy for it to hit a wall and damage it, as well as the things inside. So, figuring out the right boxes in advance is a great way to protect floors and walls when moving. Another thing you need to do is clean up your appliances. Because of use, they can get grimy and slippery. You do not want to drop your fridge in the middle of the room and have it fall apart or break just because you didn’t take one more day to prepare and clean it up and dry it well. Not only will you damage the item, but the floor as well. As a final step in your preparation, you should also remove all the rugs and mats, so people won’t trip during the move.

Protect floors and walls when moving by covering them up

One of the best ways to protect floors and wall when moving is to simply cover them with an appropriate tarp. Depending on whether you want to protect your floor, carpet or a wall, there will be different things you are using. Just as well, you will pick what material you will use based on the damages you are trying to protect them from.
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Clean and cover your carpet.

For example, if you want to protect your carpet from tears, as well as different spills and footprints that you can get when cleaning out your attic, you can get an adhesive cover. These will stick to the carpet, so it will not slip around, but they will also keep it clean and tear-free. If you have a wooden floor instead of a carpet, you might want to protect it from other things, though. For example, the biggest danger here would be different scratches from the furniture you are moving. Other than the cover, which will protect the floor from falling furniture, you can also get cardboard or felt for the feet of furniture items. When it comes to the walls, it might be strange for you to cover them with something. After all, how can you even damage a wall when moving? Well, there are different things that can happen. First, if you have some bigger items, you might want to watch out for them chipping out the wall corners. First, you can call expert piano movers NJ – they have experience with navigating small hallways with huge items. You can also get cardboard or bubble wrap to protect the walls from damage, or drop cloths so you won’t stain the walls.

Be careful with large pieces of furniture

If you want to protect floors and walls when moving, then you need to take special care about larger items. Things like couches and dining tables might be biggest, but they are also usually the most expensive ones as well. Not to forget, they are also the hardest to move. Figuring out how you will get these out of the house should, because of this, be your priority.
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Care about big furniture items.

First, take a lot of measurements before the move. This is the planning phase, so make sure you plan well. Decide whether an item can move through a hallway or a door. FIgure out the tricky corners you will need to navigate. Then, take it slow. You should plan extra time for your move in order to have these out the door as painlessly as possible. You might even need to get more people involved, or special equipment like trolleys. If you feel like this is too much work, you should talk to the best movers Oakland NJ has to offer. They have experience with tricky moves and have all the resources you might need. One final thing you can do when you want to protect floors and walls when moving is to dismantle the furniture. Usually, movers advise you do this even if you don’t have tricky hallways to figure out. It just makes it easier to pack a heavy item and carry it out. It also helps when storing it onto a moving truck, too. That way, you make the job easier both on you and your friendly movers.