How long have you been waiting for the right moment to get rid of the unwanted stuff? All of us hold onto certain items that we simply do not need. Still, they sometimes hold memories dear to us. At other times, we keep them because we might put them to a good use sometimes in the future. Mind the accent on might. A portion of that stuff will end up on your attic, leading to a situation in which cleaning out your attic will be needed before the move. Not only attic, but the rest of your personal space that you have buried in items will need cleaning as well. Therefore, when the moving time comes, you are given an opportunity to get rid of everything that you have been holding onto that you simply do not need. Take that opportunity since God knows when another one will present itself.

Why should you take care of cleaning out your attic before the move?

Cleaning out your attic will lead you to many discoveries

Who knows what you might come by in the attic

As we have already pointed out, moving represents a great opportunity to unload on the items that you possess. There are two main reasons why you should be cleaning out your attic before the moving day comes:

  • Save money on the move and get it over with faster
  • Make sure to start fresh in your new home

Save money on the move and get it over with faster

Saving money is always a great option whenever you can do it. Moving is an expensive business to get involved in. In case that you are moving, you have probably recently invested in a new home. Hopefully, it is going to be a more spacious, modern and more comfortable home than the one you had before. Still, the costs of buying it, renovating and getting the paperwork ready are going to be expensive. The last thing you would want to do is to overpay your moving company. Local movers NJ will make sure to give you a good rate. Still, it is up to you to decide how much items you are going to take with you. The more stuff, larger the truck and vice versa. Therefore, one of the key reasons why you should be cleaning out your attic is to save money on the moving process.

Make sure to start fresh in your new home

Moving into a new home, you will want to start with a clean slate. Why in the world would you take something that you have not been using for ages with you into a new home? After all, it is supposed to be a family paradise, not a cemetery for the twentieth-century stuff. Play it clean and play it smart. Before the moving starts, make sure that you have got rid of the items that you do not need.

Among all of your items, what should you keep?

There are, however, certain items that you should not discard when cleaning out your attic. Obviously, that stuff will be something that is very important to your family. Many of us store our family photos up in the attic. Especially if they are old. Those photos are not something that we need to see on a daily basis. Still, when up in the attic, they are within our grasp. Taking them with you and placing them up in the attic or in a basement is not a good idea for sure. Let’s see why.

antique movers

Do you really need that stack of old books or could a library benefit more from it?

Firstly, we are trying to make sure that you gain space in your new home, not lose it. Secondly, photos require a specific climate and atmosphere in order to stay preserved. Attic and basement will not help you preserve them for your kids. In case that you cannot come up with an idea where to place them in your new home, you might want to think about renting some of the storage facilities NJ for that purpose.

What do you do with the items that you want to get rid of?

Depending on what you have stored in your attic, there are different ideas that you can do with it.

Pass it on to the people you know

First and foremost, in case that you have been keeping clothes up there, take a look at their state. In case that they have kept their good looks from the day you got them, you might want to think about offering them to some of your friends or family. Often, young couples with small kids keep their kids’ clothes in such a place. Sometimes because they hope to get another one. Other times because they feel sad about parting with them. In the case that this is you, you might want to those pass clothes on.

Donate to charity – it is always a great and noble option


Charities will be happy to accept your

In case that the items you keep there are in such a state that they are wearable, but you do not feel comfortable in walking the streets in them for whatever reason, you could donate them to charity. Charities eagerly accept donations. Given the fact that moves usually happen in the summer, the charity that you opt for will be happy to store those items until the colder days come. People in need appreciate such stuff so much more than you or me.

Cleaning out your attic will put you in touch with the items that you thought were long gone

This is another one of the reasons why you should be cleaning out your attic, regularly. By cleaning out your attic, you will come by items that you have not seen in ages. Or since the last time that you were cleaning it. Which may have been ages ago. Nevertheless, memories will start pouring once you get into it. So do not postpone it, but do it every now and then.