No matter how sentimental you are by nature, it’s always nice to hold onto those items that have great emotional value. Memorabilia are those items which may not have a great monetary value but are priceless when it comes to emotional value. However, one person can have too many of these items and, sooner or later, they might start getting in the way! Hey, we get it! Throwing away your child’s first pacifier and blanket may be hard, which is why you don’t really have to throw it. You just have to store it! Storing memorabilia long-term can be a real challenge for any person. That’s why it’s always advisable you hire antique movers and put them in charge of this task. However, if your finances don’t allow it, you can always rely on the knowledge of those with experience, and prepare your items for storage on your own. And here’s how to do it!
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To store your precious items, you just need to be really careful and think things through.

Pick the right type of storage when storing memorabilia long-term

That the first step is the hardest can perhaps be seen in the process of storing your items for a long period of time. Right at the beginning, you have a very important task in front of you – the task of picking the right type of storage. Generally, there are three conditions you want to pay special attention to:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Sunlight


Whenever people are looking into our moving services NJ which include top-notch storage solutions, we always give them the same piece of advice – if storing items that have any type of special value, always opt for a climate-controlled unit. Storing your items in a room where the temperature regularly fluctuates is a path that leads to a lot of damage. This is especially the case when people are storing their items for a long period of time. If you will put your memorabilia in storage for a year or so, chances are you won’t visit your unit more than once or twice during that period of time. That means you won’t be able to see any damage in due time which will lead to irreparable damage on your special items.


Where there is a lot of humidity, there are usually a lot of insects and pests. And can you imagine a scenario worse than the one when you walk into your storage unit only to be welcomed by little creepy crawlies all over your memorabilia? We think not! Luckily, your options for storage units in NJ are vast and, usually, climate-controlled units are a great way to kill two birds with one stone. They regulate the temperature, as well as the humidity inside a unit.


Another thing to pay attention to when storing memorabilia long-term is how exposed to the sunlight your items are. When displaying your memorabilia and collections at home, you probably want them to be as exposed as possible. After all, they need to be in sight so that you can look at them and remember the good old times. But, when storing your items, you really want them to be in a dark room and certainly away from direct sunlight. Some items tend to fade and lose color this way, so take a good look at the unit before signing a storage rental agreement.
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The Sun and your items won’t get along like a house on fire.

Prepare your memorabilia for long-term storage

Oh yes, the process of preparing your items for storage can be a grueling one. That’s precisely why people opt for the easier way out which consists of throwing your items inside boxes and calling it a day. That’s one of the worst storage mistakes you can make. Instead, be smart, and invest in the wellbeing of these items you hold so dear. To prepare your memorabilia for long-term storage may not be a pleasant thing, but it’s a mandatory one.

Clean your items

You may very well be cleaning your house on a daily basis, and we salute you for that. But, before putting your memorabilia in storage, it’s always a good idea you clean them thoroughly one more time. That means you should remove any dust, as well as clean every item with the products that are suitable. Usually, you won’t need anything more than a wet cloth and perhaps some soap.

Pack with great care

When packing your items for storage, protective packaging materials are the name of the game. Whether you opt for packing paper, foam peanuts, or even old sheets doesn’t matter. What matters is that each item is wrapped, preferably in a double layer of protection. This way, once you take the items out of the boxes, they will be in the same perfect and clean condition in which you left them.

Organize your boxes inside the unit

When storing memorabilia long-term, you really need to possess good organizational skills. It might be very tempting to unload the boxes in any given order and call it a day. But, your boxes need to be properly stacked if you want to be able to say you did it right! Besides, if there are some items you plan to take out of storage before the others, make sure you put those boxes in the front. It will be easier to get to them once you need them.
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Being organized is always a desirable quality.

The bottom line

In all honesty, storing memorabilia long-term can be as easy as ABC. As long as you pick the right unit and pay attention to the way you pack and organize the boxes, you should have no problems in keeping your items safe. And since we know how much you care about them, we know you will follow our guide for storing memorabilia!