Whether you are planning your relocation or simply have a lack of space in your home, it is quite common for people to look for storage options nowadays. You should be aware, though, that there are different types of storage units, as this might be one of the factors before you decide whether to rent or buy one. If you decide you’ll need climate controlled storage NJ, you’ll need the most reliable options out there. But first, let us figure out what are the items you should store in a climate controlled storage.
climate controlled storage NJ

Moving often requires you to pack and store many of your household items. Some will need climate controlled storage.

What exactly is climate controlled storage?

Before you find out what items you should store in a climate controlled storage, let us first understand what climate controlled storage really is. As you are well aware, people need to store all kinds of belongings. Some people store them only short-term, for instance, while renovating their home. Others search for moving and storage NJ because they need storage units to put away their household items that don’t have a place in their new home. The reasons for renting storage units are numerous. Sometimes we need to store items that can be easily damaged by both temperature or humidity levels. This is where climate controlled storage comes into play. It is the perfect way to preserve your perishable or easily damaged belongings for a long time. So not all of your possessions need to be stored in this type of storage units, but some of them could require special attention and climate controlled storage facilities.

What kind of items should be stored in a climate controlled storage

As we’ve previously mentioned, you should pay attention to your belongings that could be affected by either temperature or humidity. This includes both extremely high and extremely low temperatures. There are items that could easily be damaged by the excessive air humidity, so you also need to be careful there. So, are there some belongings you should pay special attention to? The answer is yes:
  • Wooden or leather furniture – if you plan long-term storage, this sort of furniture should probably be in a climate-controlled unit
  • Musical instruments – if you relocation includes hiring piano movers NJ – you might want to consider this sort of storage options.
  • Photos – the precious memorabilia can be damaged by the environment, so you’d better keep them safe.
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Any valuable and important documents you might have need to find their place inside a climate controlled storage unit.

Why you should definitely need this sort of storage option

There are parts of every household that are just too delicate and valuable and you want to keep them extra safe. These are the types of items you should store in a climate controlled storage.

All sorts of documents and valuable papers

Paper is a sensitive material. And naturally, all documents are made out of it. So if you have any valuable documents that you need to store – do it inside a climate controlled storage unit. This is something that could be of particular significance to businesses and companies, as they tend to have heaps of paper documents. If you own a business yourself, try to keep all of your documents safe from the detrimental effect of air humidity and high temperatures.

Electronics and household appliances

If you are moving locally, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need to store electronics. Whether it’s your TV or computers or perhaps even recording equipment – expensive electronics usually find their place inside storage units. If you opt for using climate control, you are able to lower the odds of any sort of damage to your electronics while they are inside the storage facility. Storage experts normally recommend climate controlled storage for TVs, particularly if you plan to store them in areas prone to major temperature shifts. The same rules apply to all sorts of household appliances. They may react to temperature oscillations and it’s best to keep them away from it.
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Musical instruments are just some of the items that can be damaged by sudden temperature shifts and high humidity.

You artwork is definitely one of the items you should store in a climate controlled storage

Having artwork in your home means you understand how delicate it can be. And when you need to store it, even if you’re keeping it in crates or tubes inside a storage unit, it’s very important to maintain the unit’s temperature. The best environment for artwork is somewhere around 50% humidity. The temperature should stay between 70-75°F.

Any special collections and memorabilia

The whole point of collecting certain types of items is to keep them safely stored and preserve them for years to come. Clearly, temperature control plays an important role here. More specifically, it helps with preservation. If you happen to collect things such as coins, stamps, or comics, or you might own a wine collection – they represent the items you should store in a climate controlled storage. This will prevent all damage that temperature changes, as well as humidity, can cause.

In the end

As you can see, there are plenty of items around your household that need special attention during storing. And most importantly, the items you should store in a climate controlled storage are usually rather valuable. So try to keep you possesions safe. Store them in a secure facility. And try to find the most reliable storage options. There are many moving a storage companies to choose from. However, do your best to find experienced and reputable movers. They’ll now exactly how to handle your belongings. After all, the whole purpose of climate controlled units is keeping your items safe.