Moving requires a lot of planning and preparation. There are a lot of logistics involved. When to pack, what to pack and how to get it to a new address. It can also be a very expensive endeavor. When you count in the cost of packing materials, movers and other expenses, it can be quite a lot. That’s why many people consider renting a moving truck. It can give you more control and lessen the impact on your budget. But it also carries a lot more obligations and responsibilities. Here is a breakdown of some of the positive, as well as some of the negative aspects of it. 

 Pros of renting a moving truck

Let’s start this on the positive note. Renting a moving truck can be a great idea in many situations. While it isn’t always so, in most cases it’s cheaper than hiring moving services NJ. It takes more work to do it on your own. But in return, aside from saving some money, you get more control. And there are many other instances where renting a truck can be beneficial. 
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There are many positive aspects of renting a moving truck

Renting a moving truck gives you control

Hiring a moving company is a great decision if you want to have a seamless relocation. Especially when moving long distance. But, it takes away a lot of control from you. You get to set the date that works for it. If it is available. And that’s about it. Most of the moving process is out of your hands. It’s even more inconvenient if the moving company that you want to hire doesn’t have a specific date available.  That’s why renting a moving truck might be a great solution for you. You will have a truck ready, for a certain amount of time, to move as you please. Be it in the morning, or afternoon. You can even make it into a two-day relocation. It’s completely up to you. 

It’s more cost-effective

By renting a moving truck and moving on your own you can save yourself some money. But, before we continue with this topic, bear in mind that this might not always be the case. Military moving companies can have some great discounts for vets. And when you account for gas and other truck-related expenses, it can get pretty pricey. But, more on that later. For now, we will be focusing on the ways in which you can save money by renting a moving truck. 
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In some situations, it can be cheaper to rent a moving truck

Get friends to help you instead of paying for movers

When you rent your own moving truck you can load it as you please. And you don’t have to pay for professionals to load your truck. You can simply call a few friends to help you. And you can load it in no time. The same goes for unloading it. If the job is not too hard it can be a fun activity for all of you. 

No time constraints and fewer expenses by the hour

Another great benefit of renting a moving truck is that there are no time constraints. At least not as much as when you hire professional residential movers NJ. You don’t have to worry about hourly fees. And you won’t have to rush through anything. Renting a moving truck goes by the day, not the hour. So, you can split the work into two or even more parts. You can load furniture in the morning and appliances in the evening. It’s all up to you. 

 Cons of renting a moving truck

But, just like with anything else, there are also some negative sides of renting a moving truck. It’s much more stressful. And you have to think about many other things. From liability to buyingmoving truck insurance. All of that can quickly make your relocation both more complicated and more expensive. So, take a look at some of the negative aspects of it, and decide for yourself.
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Just like there are positive aspects, there are also some negative ones when it comes to renting a truck

 Logistics of renting a moving truck

Just like with everything else that has to do with moving, renting a moving truck can also be complicated. You have to think about many things. And the first is when to rent a moving truck. The weekend is the perfect time for moving. You are free, your friends are available and there’s not that much traffic. But, weekends are also the busiest time for moving companies. And so, renting a moving truck on a weekend is either impossible or too expensive to be viable. 

Renting a moving truck can actually be more expensive

While you won’t have to think about hourly fees and the weight of your belongings, renting a moving truck carries with it a lot of expenses. The first is the rent itself. Then, you have to fill it with gas and take care of many other things. If you can’t find friends to help you load it, you will have to hire some local movers NJ to help you. And you will most likely need to rent or buy some tools to help make the loading process easier. From lifting equipment to furniture dollies. All of which you will get if you hire a moving company. 


Aside from having to worry about how to load a moving truck, you also have to think about your liability. While the truck is in your care you are responsible for it. If anything was to happen to it you would have to pay for the repairs. That’s why many people decide to buy insurance for it. And it’s yet another expense that you will have to pay. 
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In the end, it’s much more stressful to rent a moving truck

It’s much more stressful

All in all, renting a moving truck is much more stressful than if you were to hire movers. There are a lot of things to take care of. And there are even more things that can go wrong. Have you ever drove a big truck? If not, you will find that it’s not as easy as it looks. If you happen to damage it can cost you a pretty penny. So, renting a truck might not be that perfect solution that you’ve been looking for. It might be both cheaper and easier to simply hire professional movers. And have them take care of your relocation.