Such times have come when every third household in America is looking for storage space. People see many possibilities to make great use of it. And it is really used in many different situations. Mostly during relocation or renovation time. But there are those who need it permanently since they do not have any free space left in their homes and they are trying to avoid the clutter. Another truth is that the competition between those looking for adequate storage space has become truly large. And for that reason, it is no surprise that many are prone to making serious mistakes. We have decided to help you out and draw your attention to the top storage mistakes and how to overcome them.
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Know what is recommended and what not when renting storage

Not doing enough research

Nothing good ever comes out if things are not being properly assessed and thought through. Even if you are in a great rush for finding a storage unit, we do not recommend you to be reckless in storage hunting. In that way, you might even fail to notice some of obvious moving company scams which can do a lot of damage in the long run. So, it is in your best interest to take as much time as necessary in order to analyze the situation. Compare several storage facilities. See the pros and cons of each and then make a cut. Trust us, this step solves a lot of problems.

Failing to find storage in time

On the other hand, there’s this problem. A lot of people find it really hard to find the right storage for their needs because they mainly start the search too late. They usually have a problem to find a storage unit during the time of major holidays. It often turns out that the prices have gone up. Or that there are no big or small enough storage units. So, in this case, sharpening your organizational skills will do just fine. In other words, the first moment you realize you will need a storage unit, start looking for one.
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Start looking for storage before the time runs out

Choosing the wrong size of a storage unit is also one of the top storage mistakes

We are sure that most of you are looking for a way to save as much money as possible when renting storage. This is why it is of great importance to find the storage space that suits your needs. It shouldn’t be too small, and it definitely shouldn’t be too large. This will drain a lot more money out of your pocket than you had originally planned. How to avoid it: Simply determine the exact number of items you plan to store away. It is also necessary to measure those items. For example, if you want to place some bulkier articles, such as some pieces of furniture, then you must know how big they are so that you could be certain it would fit inside. Too big a storage for little content inside also doesn’t make any sense. You will only end up paying so much more whereas you could have used that money for something more useful. That’s why it’s a good idea to get more information about renting a storage unit before you decide on one.

Not packing items in the right way

Wrong way of packing items also counts as one of the most common top storage mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you are renting storage for a couple of days or more, it is equally important to pack them right. After all, how will you know what size of a storage unit is necessary if you don’t pack everything the way you are supposed to? We agree, it is not easy to handle packing tasks, but you don’t even have to. Think about the option to get packing services NJ and bypass this issue. Tip: Make a complete list of items and keep it in one place. We are sure that you will pay a visit to your storage unit once in a while. If you do business with a reputable company, there will probably not be any problems. However, keep a record of the things you have stored.

Have a storage unit organized

After you have packed all the items, the time for moving them inside storage has come. You are just a few steps away to finishing this storage-hunting episode successfully. Which is why we also want to remind you that you need to keep your storage unit organized. We already mentioned how important is to choose the right size storage unit when choosing among many storage facilities in NJ. Well, that size won’t mean much if you don’t organize the space inside properly. Keep it tidy and you will lose less time finding something you need the next time you need something from it. Make sure not to:
  • Place bigger and heavier boxes on top of smaller and less reinforced ones
  • Put the pallets for the floor to prevent damages to your items especially if you have some wooden furniture
  • Scattering items from the same collection or room instead of keeping them close to each other
  • Having taller items in front of smaller items

Label boxes

Another thing to keep in mind when packing boxes for the storage unit is to label each and every box. Time is money, so you can’t let yourself such luxury to lose hours finding a particular item from the unit. This step takes you literally a couple of seconds per box, but it saves a tremendous amount of time later on. Failing to do this step has shown to be one of the top storage mistakes people make in lack of enough information.
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Don’t forget to label boxes

Storing forbidden items

One of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to packing storage unit is placing items which are on the list of forbidden or dangerous items such as weapons, stolen goods, acid, perishable food, animals, etc. That is why we kindly ask you to directly communicate this with the owner of a storage facility. You will avoid many inconveniences. We hope that reading this article will help you avoid making top storage mistakes and help you prepare a lot better.