In our world, we are learning new words like millennials. A lot of people are not actually sure what this means and who can call themselves millennials. Well, individuals born between 1982 and 2004 are the ones that can actually be called millennials. And according to a lot of research, they are very specific. They prefer living in cities rather than small quiet towns. They like the active lifestyle. Millennials are seeking a fast-paced, diverse and urban life with access to bars, restaurants, clubs. And that is why they choose to live in some of the best cities for millennials in NJ. NJ is very active and diverse, and millennials are attracted to many cities in NJ.

Hoboken – a great choice for millennials

If you are thinking about moving to New Jersey Hoboken might be a great choice for you. Hoboken is very attractive to millennials due to diversity and affordability. Also, since millennials are looking for better jobs and affordable living – Hoboken is a great place for them. Hoboken as one of the best cities for millennials offers a wide variety of jobs, and that is what makes it great for young people.
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Hoboken is one of the best cities for millennials in NJ

Residents enjoy exploring the Hoboken Waterfront Walkway. This place enables them to engage in a variety of water activities. For the craft beer lovers, Hoboken is home to Hoboken Brewery. While those seeking a club scene can find a lot of fun at Wicked Wolf. Besides all of these interesting things, one thing is very important as well. Hoboken has very low crime levels and it is very safe for young people with children. So Hoboken offers everything you might need –  restaurants, sports, affordable rent, and a variety of jobs.

North Bergen is one of the best cities for millennials in NJ

Another city that millennials like – North Bergen. Apartments for rent are very affordable, so that is what makes this one of the best cities for millennials in NJ. One of the good sides of North Bergen is also its proximity to New York City. Living in New York City can be pretty expensive, and in North Bergen, you can still be very close to it with an affordable rent.
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There are a lot of young professionals that are commuting from North Bergen

There are a lot of millennials that are commuting to New York City. Believe it or not, it takes only about 30 minutes to reach it via car. Also, one of the perks of North Bergen is its diversity. So, if you are thinking about moving here make sure that you hire good and reliable movers. Here, you can even find professional movers that are very experienced in moving computers and electronic devices. We know that we all love our electronic equipment, so it is completely normal to hire only the best to handle it.

Jersey City is one of the favorite cities!

If you are wondering what makes Jersey City as one of the most favorite cities for millennials in NJ then it is definitely its active lifestyle and proximity to New York City. This city attracts young millennials with families since it has all –  it is very active but at the same time very peaceful. You can enjoy the view from liberty park, jog there and take your family for a walk. If you need storage for all of the things that you do not want in your new home, or you simply want to save some space – you can find a lot of companies that offer storage solutions in NJ.
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Jersey City is very attractive to millennials!

If, on the other side when you want a little more dynamic lifestyle, the downtown in Jersey City offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs. So you can definitely enjoy different types of food and drinks, depending on what you prefer. Here you can find the best jazz music. You will enjoy your time in Jersey City. You will feel the difference since the rent costs are much lower than in New York City.

Saddle River – a quiet little town

So, when we are talking about Saddle River as one of the best cities for millennials in NJ, you might be wondering what makes it so attractive and why it is on the list. When you ask movers Saddle River NJ they will tell you that this little town is very quiet and comfortable. You have a lot of restaurants that are very friendly. This is a city that attracts young millennials with kids since here you will find a very good education for them. This is a friendly, quiet and warm little city that will make you worry free.

Edgewater – a city with great accessibility

The city of Edgewater is a great place if you are just starting out and you want to have accessibility to New York City. Rent is more than affordable here and they have all that you need. They are affordable on one side and on the other side – they are very close to everything you might need. Public transportation is great in Edgewater and it also affects its attractiveness to millennials.
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From this place in Edgewater, you can enjoy a great view of NYC

Also, you will be able to enjoy a great view of New York City. And also, you will be able to find a lot of great restaurants that offer a variety of food. So, don’t hesitate and move here. You will not regret it. You will surely enjoy your time here!

Parsippany-Troy Hills – a city of spa’s

Talking about Parsippany-Troy Hills you should know that it is commonly referred to as Parsippany. This town is quiet and offers a very friendly vibe. As you might already know, Parsippany is home to a lot of day spa’s so it is really making it an ideal place to live in. Also, rent here is very affordable and that makes it a great place in anyone’s standards. So, if you decide to move here be sure to bring enough of comfortable clothes when you are packing. Also, make sure to use only high-quality packing materials or use the packing services NJ movers provide. You will not regret if you move to any of these cities since you will enjoy living, working or commuting! The choice is yours!