Are you moving out soon? If yes, then it’s about time, to begin with, serious preparations. People are often misled by thinking that moving begins from the moment you hire movers. The physical part of relocation may start from then, but you will need to do many other things prior to hiring people who’ll help you deal with moving tasks. One of them is to pack clothes for moving. And if you are a military member then opting for some of military moving companies NJ is what you might need. But if you opt for doing this alone, then, let us give you some hints on how to pull this off.

Closet check

First things first, packing your clothes for moving begins by going through all the closets and drawers you have in your house. If you are moving with your family, the job multiplies. However, if your kids are old enough to help, then organize them and make them sort their clothes. Make a system and have an agreement on what clothes to pack and what to leave.
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Go through the closets

If, on the other hand, you’re moving on your own, but you still have a lot of work to do, then maybe you can ask your friends to help you with these tasks. The same rules apply to them. Tell them what you hand on mind taking with you. The rest should be put away. Later, you can decide what to do with the leftover pieces of clothes.

Be ready to say goodbye to your clothes

If you’re like most people, then this part of the task will probably come as very difficult. We get it, it’s not so easy to imagine not wearing that cute pink sweater you wore the first time you went to college. But if it’s already worn out, or it doesn’t fit you anymore, then there’s no reason to keep it. Therefore, be honest to yourself, and get rid of every piece of a garment that doesn’t suit you anymore. On the other hand, you can even earn some money on those clothes by organizing a garage sale. Note: Do not put on sale any piece of clothing that’s torn. Nobody desires damaged clothes, so you might want to throw them away instead. If they are still in good condition, then bring them over by all means.

Consider donating some clothes as well

You can also do a good deed and donate some of your clothes and shoes to a charity. If you know someone who would need those clothes more than you make sure to gather everything you had in mind and kindly offer them. This way you won’t just make it easier for you to pack clothes for moving, because you’ll have less of those to think about, but you’ll also do a good deed.

Organize packing like a pro

Once again let’s draw a line by acknowledging that packing your wardrobe isn’t quite the easiest part of the relocation. Ok, it may not be physically demanding like when you need to transfer a pool table, for which you would definitely need professional pool table movers NJ, but there are still lots of things to think about. For starters, it is very time-consuming for a very fact that there are so many pieces of clothes to sort, decide what to do with it and pack. As we said, the job piles up if more members of the family are involved. Therefore, you’ll need to develop a system.
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Make a selection of clothes

What you can do is:
  • Separate clothes by seasons
  • Pack them separately
  • Match similar items and see if all of them should be packed
  • Put away in a separate box any piece of clothes you won’t be wearing anymore
  • Separate the clothes you will wear on the day of moving.

Ready, set, box!

Now that you have made a system that will work for you, boxing up is up next. You’ll need to obtain enough number of moving boxes in order to pack clothes for moving. The only way to know what number will be enough is to do your homework beforehand. This means that everything we mentioned so far will need to be done before you begin with collecting boxes. So, make sure you are completely certain how much you will be packing.

Get boxes in different sizes to pack clothes for moving easier

The next step is to have boxes in various sizes. That will help you with a better organization of your clothes. But don’t worry. This won’t have to cost you too much since there are many places where you can get free moving boxes. So, start looking for those on time, so that later you won’t have to think much about it.
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Get enough boxes

Once you have all the boxes you need, careful packing is what you need to pay attention to. Careful fold each garment and place it in, one by one. However, if you think you’re not up to this task, we suggest you not lose too much time on this, and hire packing services. Let the professionals do their magic and see them finish this task in no time!

Use a vacuum for bulky clothes

There are certain pieces of clothes that are simply a nightmare for packing. Mostly that stands for winter clothes. All those bulky jackets, coats, skiing pants, etc., can really make it difficult. No matter how large boxes you have, or how many of these are at your disposal, it would be so much easier if you would just vacuum seal them. Clothes that are being treated this way, won’t take a lot of space inside boxes. That is, you will have enough space for everything you wanted to pack. And there you go, once you go through these steps, it will be easier to pack clothes for moving. Besides, it will take you a lot less time for completing this task. This means that you can move on to doing other very important moving-related tasks.