Review the scratched zone of the floor to focus the profundity of the scratch
  • Scratches are damages to the surface layer of the floor. Some of the time scratches are just in the surface. If by chance a scratch goes into the wood, it should just go to the surface level or marginally beneath.
  • Damage to a wood floor that is bigger that a scratch or goes deeper than the surface of the wood is a gouge. A gouge may oblige uprooting and supplanting the harmed board or procuring an expert to make repairs.
Clean the scratched area using warm water or a rag dampened with mineral spirits. Allow the area to dry fully before trying to fix the scratch. Disguise the scratch until the time to resurface the floor. There are various approaches to make hardwood floor scratches less perceptible.
  • Place a general indelible marker that is near the shade of your floor. A wide mixture of colors are accessible at specialty stores. Shade scratches with the marker.