Once and for all, let`s set the record straight! Moving short distance is just as hard as moving to a distant location, if not even more so. People often underestimate short distance moves, simply because they feel like their new location is close, and they do not have to struggle too much to relocate their possessions. However, as experts, all of the movers in New Jersey will tell you the same thing – it is always a good idea to hire movers for a short distance move! Of course, you can attempt to do it by yourself, but no one can guarantee you will have a successful move.
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Should you hire movers for a short distance move is one of the most frequently asked questions we get.

Why is a short distance move so difficult?

As it often goes, we are our own worst enemies. By its nature, a short distance move is not complicated. You have simple transportation of your items to a location which could be at a walking distance from your home. At least, that is what you see in your mind`s eye, right? Well, all of the residential movers will agree with this one – people usually have a distorted image of short distance moves. Due to the proximity of their new residence, people think they will have no trouble making a couple of trips, and transporting their furniture in that manner. This brings us to our first point of order.

The transportation of your items requires moving professionals

Ask anyone who has experience in the matter, and they will tell you that long-distance moves often turn out to be simpler. Why is this the case? People have no misconceptions about interstate moving. They know that this endeavor requires professional help, so they always call movers to the rescue. Thus, the movers load all of their belongings at once, and off they go. However, for a short distance move, no one usually thinks about hiring movers. The majority of the population chooses to use their car and their own hands for the transportation of their belongings. But, not too far into the process, they realize the error of their ways. All of a sudden, your car turns out to be much smaller than you thought, and you realize it cannot carry as many things as you have planned. This is a mistake number one, after which people usually realize that hiring local movers NJ would have been a smart choice.
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Your car is not equipped to accommodate all of your belongings.

You will not waste your time if you hire movers for a short distance move

Making a lot of short trips to your new residence will result in you losing precious time. Just think how long it will take you to load everything into your vehicle, drive to the new destination, and then unload everything upon your arrival. Now, imagine repeating this process for many, many times. Should you hire a moving company is a question that has plagued the human population for decades, ever since the foundation of relocation professionals. The answer is never simple, and it depends on a multitude of factors. However, one thing is for sure. By hiring movers for a short distance move, you get to save precious time.

Short distance movers know how to pack your belongings

Here is something you might not have thought about – your fragile items will break as easily during a short distance trip as they would during a long distance one. Moreover, the distance itself is not important. It is the packing and loading process that counts. To safely pack valuable and fragile items is no easy thing. As a layman, you probably have no idea where to even begin. On the other hand, movers are relocation professionals with years of experience, and they will have no trouble securing all of your possessions. If you decide against hiring professional movers, we still have your back! Following is what you should do if you decide to pack your items without any help.
  • If you decide not to hire movers for a short distance move, you need to gather the necessary packing supplies for yourself. Think big, and make sure to get plenty of moving boxes.
  • Wrap every item before placing it in a box.
  • Fill the empty spaces inside the box by using foam peanuts, for example.
  • Secure the boxes, and make sure to label them accordingly.
Bear in mind that this is the most important part of your relocation. If you don`t pack and secure your items in the right way, you could cause a lot of financial damage. This is precisely why it is advisable to hire short distance movers.
movers in New Jersey

You must be careful if you don`t want your fragile items to break during your relocation.

If you hire movers for a short distance move, you will avoid moving-related injuries

Finally, we come to the most important point on our list. Your health should always be your number one priority. Are you interested to know how you will save your health if you hire short distance movers? The most moving-related injuries occur when you are carrying moving boxes and loading them into the vehicle. All of that heavy lifting is not easy on your joints and limbs. During a relocation, people will usually experience back problems, as well as pain in their joints. Why would you go through something like that if there is a simple way to avoid it?

So, should you hire movers for a short distance move?

We can`t give you an exact answer, as everything depends on your particular situation. However, if you want to avoid all of the unpleasant things we have just mentioned, there is only one right answer. If you want to have a successful relocation, the best thing is to hire movers for a short distance move. Think about it. This will be an economically wise decision in the long run. Everything you own will be safe in the hands of your movers, so there will be no damage there. Good luck and happy moving!