Anyone who has ever gone through a relocation knows that packing is the worst part about moving. Sure, throwing your clothes in a suitcase or a big box is easy. You do not even have to have a special system to be able to pull this one off. But, do you know what to do when it comes to breakable items? How will you pack those ceramic plates after all? Do not worry, because that is what we are here for. Let us show you the way to safely pack valuable and fragile items and, thus, avoid imminent financial damage.
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To safely pack valuable and fragile items is a difficult and time-consuming task.

Always start on time

We here at Moving of America have plenty of experience when it comes to dealing with relocations. You should trust us when we say that the worst thing you can do is procrastinate, and leave packing for the last minute. Sure, now it seems to you like an easy task; one that you can do a few days before your moving date. However, are you aware how long it, in reality, takes to pack just one room? And, don`t even get us started on packing fragile and valuable items! That is a task that has no competition in difficulty. Therefore, if you wish to salvage your relocation, you know what to do. Start packing your valuables weeks before the moving date. Unfortunately, no matter how capable, and quick on your feet, you are, if you leave packing for the last minute, you are only setting yourself up for failure.

Tools are all that matter if you want to safely pack valuable and fragile items

In case you have decided against packing and crating services professional movers have to offer, you have a window of opportunity to teach yourself how to safely transport valuable items. And, everything starts with gathering the appropriate supplies for such an endeavor. Whether you decide to buy them or borrow them from your friends and family, it is up to you to choose! So, without further ado, let`s see what it is that you need to pack your valuable and precious possessions.
  • You will need plenty of boxes in all shapes and sizes to safely pack valuable and fragile items. More details about this one coming in a matter of seconds.
  • The protective packaging material is also essential for a relocation of any kind.
  • Finally, once you get all the right tools, you need to make sure you have a table with a large surface. You will need this large space on which to lay your items before packing them.
Pay a visit to the store and stock up on these basic packing materials. Don`t give it a second thought, because the money you spend on these materials will not be wasted.
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All the money you spend on the packing materials will pay off once you settle in after the move, and you have all of your fragile items in one piece.

How to choose the right size of moving boxes?

Like we previously mentioned, choosing the right size and shape of moving boxes is crucial for this task that is in front of you. We won`t dwell on this one for too long but get straight to the point. There is no magic formula for choosing the correct dimension of boxes. However, what you do need to pay attention to is that the boxes are neither too small, nor too big for your designated items. Too much free space inside the box, or too little of it, is how fragile items break. So, what happens after you go to the store and buy plenty of moving boxes that fit the needs of your relocation? Glad you asked!

Wrap all of your valuable and fragile items before placing them inside the box

Wrapping every single cup, plate and glass you own might seem like an extremely boring task to you now. And, our goal is not to lie to you, so we won`t claim that it is any different. However, wrapping all of your valuable and fragile items is of utter importance if you want to pack them safely. Your accomplice in this task will be packing paper or some other type of protective material; it is up to you to decide. When it comes to plates and other items with a flat surface, wrap them in packing paper more than once. This is no time to be frugal, as packing paper is much cheaper than a new set of plates. And, when it comes to tall and round items, such as glasses, roll the item in paper and fold the edges over. Sounds simple enough, doesn`t it?
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Wrapping every glass in your large collection is a tedious, but necessary task!

Pad the boxes in order to safely pack valuable and fragile items

Whether the box in question will go through an international shipping or local one, it needs to be properly padded and secured. Your best ally in this process will be the foam peanuts. They are a simple, yet perfect solution to both protecting the box, and filling up any extra space. Moreover, they will keep your items from giggling inside the box when in a moving vehicle, so they will be less likely to break. Note to self: buy foam peanuts in bulk!

Label the boxes to complete the process

Lastly, once all is said and done, the only thing you have left to do is label the boxes. Make sure that the sign is visible and clear. Otherwise, how else are your residential movers supposed to know that the box in question contains breakable goods? All you need is a marker pen and your boxes are much safer than they were just a minute ago.

What now?

Now that you have learned how to safely pack valuable and fragile items, all you have to do is put theory into practice. And, if this is too big of a task for you, you can always opt for special services moving companies have to offer. There is no shame in asking for help. Good luck and happy moving!