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Specialty Moving

Just about everyone has used the services of a residential or commercial moving company in the past. Your movers almost certainly loaded, transported and unloaded your pre-packed boxes, cartons, office equipment and other typical possessions. Perhaps your movers also helped you pack your belongings or stored your possessions for you in a warehouse until you were ready for them. We hope they did a great job. However, what if the items that you need to be moved aren’t typical? What if those items are oversized, fragile, need to be disassembled and then reassembled, or they just need special attention? It takes more than two movers with a big truck for moving companies to be respected as specialty movers. Depending on the complexity of the items to be relocated and their ultimate destination, your mover’s specialty services might require that they have employees with the finesse to carefully handle delicate items and antiques; craftsmen-quality crate-building abilities; and disassembly and assembly skills for office and trade show equipment, to name just a few qualifications. If any of those scenarios describe your upcoming relocation, Moving of America are the movers for you.
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Antiques are more than just ancient treasures. For many families, antiques are also delicate links to past generations that need to be preserved. Our antiques handlers are trained in proper packing and crating procedures. Furthermore, we never skimp or short-change on packing and crating materials. The types of antiques we’ve packed and moved include fragile desks, chairs and other fine furniture pieces; heavy books, certificates and record albums; one-of-a-kind trophies and sports memorabilia; and irreplaceable historical items for museums. Rest assured your priceless family heirlooms will reach their destination in the same condition in which they began their journey with us.


Our fine art moving specialists have extensive experience packing and moving irreplaceable works of art for museums and galleries. That means we have the training and knowledge to properly pack your fine art investments. Whether your pieces are glass, crystal or porcelain; wall-hung paintings, table-top figurines or free-standing statues; antique or contemporary, we will ensure they are protected, packed and delivered safely and securely.


Crating any item — from fragile antiques to heavy, oversized office or garage equipment — is a carpentry skill that most people do not possess. Our carpenters and craftsmen custom-build wooden crates designed especially for each unique item that the crates will house. Our crates safely contain and transport your valuable, one-of-a-kind possessions during moving, storage and delivery.

Decluttering Assistance

One of the rules of moving is to declutter as you pack, but for some people, that can be an overwhelming challenge, especially when they are handling a loved one’s estate. Our moving specialists have helped many individuals and families relocate from one location to another: We’ve learned the best destinations for unwanted or unneeded belongings. For example, we know that many charities don’t have the staff to handle — or the space to house — unsolicited or unwanted items, so we can offer advice as to which local nonprofit organizations have the resources to benefit from your unneeded belongings. Before you start packing, phone our office for help and advice determining your decluttering needs.
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Our excellence emanates from exceeding customer expectations.

Our excellence emanates from exceeding customer expectations.

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Disposal and Cleaning

You can rely on our professional relocation experience, especially if you are helping a family member clean out a home in which he or she might have lived for decades. We can recognize which of their unwanted belongings can be recycled, which items should go to a household hazardous waste (HHW) site and which possessions — although possibly appearing perfectly useable to you and your loved one — might be ready for disposal. We’ll even put you in touch with professional cleaners who will make sure the house you are leaving looks its best. Before you begin packing, contact our office for assistance determining your cleaning and disposal requirements.


Today’s electronics are not the sturdy consoles of the 1980s and earlier. Television and computer monitor screens are delicate and their wired connections to your home entertainment systems can be complicated. Let our tech-savvy professionals dissemble your electronics, remove monitors from walls and pack them safely and securely for your trip across town or across the country.


Moving your home or office is only half the battle. The first half of any relocation project — the packing — is usually the most back-breaking and time-consuming. If you don’t have the time, energy or personnel to pack your belongings — or the estate of a loved one — get in touch with us. Your relocation manager will perform a personal survey of the move’s requirements and provide you with a quote.

Piano Moving

Pianos are heavy and delicate, which means not every moving company is qualified to handle them. Just like playing a piano requires talent and expertise, so does crating that instrument. First, your relocation manager will design a detailed estimate and moving plan for your piano-moving project to ensure customer satisfaction. Then, our carpenters and craftsmen will design and build a custom crate for your piano. We can even provide climate-controlled storage for your piano and deliver it to you when you are ready. We have crated and moved pianos of every weight, size and style, including:
  • Acoustic pianos
  • Antique pianos
  • Baby grand pianos
  • Ballroom semi-brand pianos
  • Concert grand pianos
  • Console pianos
  • Electric pianos
  • Grand pianos
  • Petite grand pianos
  • Player pianos
  • Upright pianos
  • Spinet pianos
  • Studio pianos
  • Square grand pianos
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Pool Tables

Few people know how to disassemble, crate, transport and reassemble pool and billiard tables, including maneuvering the heavy pieces up and down narrow staircases. For these reasons, game tables often get left behind when people relocate, and that’s a shame. Moving expensive pool tables made of wood and slate stone is a skill that requires finesse and strength. We provide the experience, specialized equipment and required manpower to move your heavy pool and billiards tables. Furthermore, our specialty pool table movers are licensed by:
  • The New York State Department of Transportation for moves within New York state (License No. T-38444)
  • The New Jersey Board of Movers and Warehousemen for moves within the state of New Jersey (License No. 39 PC 000966)
  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for long-distance, interstate moves (US DOT license No. 1601312, MC 592337)
Moving of America can help you with all the challenging items on your to-move list. Call us for a free consultation and quote. Let’s get started!

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