Working and living in New York City is the desire of many people. However, that dream is hardly reachable due to very expensive living costs of this city. With high rent prices and even higher home buying costs, it is a big financial burden to live in the Big Apple. It is the main reason why many are living outside the city and commute to work every single day. Living in a quieter town with a little less hustle and bustle and working in the business hub has lots of perks, so take a look at some of the best NJ areas for NYC workers.

Benefits of living in NJ while working in NYC

New Jersey is a great place to live in, while NYC is full of job opportunities. Think about combining those two worlds before you start to look for employee relocation services. Just across the Hudson River, New Jersey is the much cheaper home base when you have a job in NYC. Affordable and easy to commute, living in NJ while working in the Big Apple is very beneficial. Here are some of those benefits:
  • Housing is much cheaper – NYC has some of the highest housing costs in the USA, with prices continue to rise. Heading to New Jersey will allow you to get more house or apartment space for a much lower price. Even the storage facilities NJ are cheaper, so you don’t have to think about the storage space.
  • The commute is very fast – work is only 30 minutes to an hour away via public transportation
  • All taxes are much lower in New Jersey
  • New Jersey has an excellent school system, with the second-highest high school graduation rate
  • Plenty of scenery and open space
Coffee and a 100 dollars

You can save a lot of money by living in New Jersey and commuting to work in Big Apple.

Union City is one of the best NJ areas for NYC workers

With the location in the Hudson County, NJ, this area is basically directly across the Hudson River from New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Union City itself has a nice restaurant scene, with the focus on Latin food. It is a quite charming and quiet place to live in, with a relatively affordable price tag. For those who enjoy a bustling bar scene and nightlife, vibrant Hoboken is just a short drive away. A quick walk down to the Weehawken’s Hamilton Park is providing a magnificent view of the New York City skyline. With a commute time of 15-30 minutes by car or by NJ Transit bus, and $2,139 apartment median rent, it is easy to see why this is one of the best NJ areas for NYC workers.

Jersey City

Jersey City is also a part of Hudson County, but it is much larger than its borderline Union City and Hoboken. Actually, it is the second-most populous city in the state. So it’s no wonder why some of its amenities include the Liberty Science Center, the Liberty National Golf Course, and Liberty State Park with astonishing panorama on Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. There is a saying in NJ – if you want the best Italian cuisine, take a train to Jersey City. The commute from this area to NYC is approximately 25-45 minutes by car or 30-40 minutes by PATH train with $2,053 median rent.
Jersey city

Jersey City is a beautiful place to live in, with many interesting features.


If you’ve ever been to Metlife Stadium to catch a football game, you’ve passed by Carlstadt, which borders East Rutherford in Bergen County. This area offers mostly Italian and American food and is also home to the Hackensack Meadowlands Conservation and Wildlife Area. It is a trust that protects over 800 acres of lands within the Hackensack Watershed—right next to the Meadowlands Sports Complex. The median home value is on the high side here at $401,300, but median rent of $2,082 is quite affordable. Especially considering that it only takes about 30-40 minutes by car or by NJ Transit bus to reach New York. Besides being one of the best NJ areas for NYC workers, it is also an ideal place for young couples.
Carlstadt - one of the best NJ areas for NYC workers

Imagine enjoying this view every day on your way to work.


Also in Bergen County, Teaneck lays between Hackensack and very appealing Elmwood Park. The food scene is very diverse, like the rest of this urban area. It is home to an eco-art park by the name Teaneck Creek Conservancy which is perfect for spending relaxing afternoon in nature. Just a short drive away is Leonia with its interesting prehistoric-inspired theme park Field Station: Dinosaurs and Engelwood, where the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center is. The medium rent is $2,304, while the commute to NYC is approximately  35 – 45 minutes by car or 40 – 50 minutes by NJ Transit bus.

Hackensack – last, but not the least of the best NJ areas for NYC workers

West of Teaneck, but near the Teterboro airport, lays the city of Hackensack,  in Bergen County. It is home to the New Jersey Naval Museum, the Foschini Park baseball fields, and the Hackensack River County Park, with abundant of hiking trails and fishing ponds. Much like in Teaneck, this area also offers a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines. The commute is around 30 – 50 minutes by car or 50 – 1 hour by NJ Transit bus. While the median rent of this green paradise town is $2,145 it is still very popular and one of the best NJ areas for NYC workers. As you can see, if you wish to choose from one of the best NJ areas for NYC workers, there’s plenty to pick from. Just make sure you take enough time to think before making your final decision. There are many factors to consider, so this should not be an overnight decision!