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In alignment with the changing global landscape and the growing awareness of environmental consciousness, Moving of America actively supports the planet’s well-being. The Going Green program reflects an ongoing commitment to reducing environmental footprints. Through this initiative, we aim to raise awareness both internally and externally regarding environmental impacts. By focusing on key areas of environmental impact, we have established a framework for action and are dedicated to making a positive difference as green movers. In the coming years, Moving of America plans to implement various changes, including waste reduction, energy conservation, and recycling, among other sustainable practices. We believe in fostering innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. Moving of America not only alleviates environmental concerns but also simplifies the moving process, potentially saves money, and allows you to actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our Eco- Conscious Approach

1. Usage of Fuel-efficient Fleet

In our commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, our environmental movers prioritize the use of fuel-efficient vehicles within our fleet. Recognizing the detrimental effects of diesel fuel emissions on air quality and respiratory health, we have taken proactive measures to adopt greener alternatives. By transitioning to fuel-efficient vehicles, we proudly contribute to a greener environment and strive to reduce the negative impacts associated with traditional diesel fuel usage.

2. Recycling and Reusing Moving Boxes

Here at Moving of America, we prioritize the use of moving boxes that are exclusively made from 100% recycled materials. We actively encourage our clients to participate in the recycling process by returning the moving boxes after use. Ensuring their proper recycling, allowing them to be transformed into new, environmentally friendly moving boxes or other stationary items. This comprehensive approach highlights our dedication to minimizing waste and promoting the circular economy.

3. Prioritizing Biodegradable Packaging

As a moving and storage company, we prefer using biodegradable packaging material over normal packaging as an environmentally conscious choice. Unlike conventional materials that can take several centuries to decompose, they have actively sought out greener alternatives. After your moving day, you can discard this eco-friendly material with the assurance that it will naturally degrade over time. This approach allows for a more sustainable and responsible disposal process, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

How are we making a difference?

Our team of Green Movers is dedicated to ongoing enhancements in efficiency, waste reduction, and the utilization of sustainable materials as part of their commitment to environmental conservation. Here are some ways we are making a positive impact:


  • Switching to Electronics to save paper– As environmental movers, we have embraced a paperless workplace by transitioning to an electronic billing system, thereby reducing our reliance on paper-based documentation.
  • Employees receive financial incentives for purchasing hybrid cars– Offering financial incentives to employees who choose to purchase hybrid cars, promotes sustainable transportation and reduces carbon emissions.
  • Incentive for car pool– We incentivize carpooling among our employees, encouraging shared transportation to reduce emissions and promote sustainable commuting practices for a greener future.
  • Going Green employee commitment– At Moving of America, we foster a strong commitment to “Going Green” among our employees. We encourage sustainable practices and empower our staff to contribute to a greener future.

Our excellence emanates from exceeding customer expectations.

Our excellence emanates from exceeding customer expectations.

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Choose Moving of America as Your Top Green Movers in NJ!

Moving of America is not just a professional moving company; we are movers that care. We deeply value and understand the importance of sustainability, which is why we have implemented a range of eco-friendly measures in our daily operations. When you select our services, you are not just planning a move; you are making a conscious choice for a greener future. Get in touch with us today and experience the benefits of a green moving process!

Best Moving Services – No Matter Your Destination

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