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Employee Relocation
Employee Relocation

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Employee Relocation
Employee Relocation

New Jersey Employee Relocation Services

Many cities boast prime locations for running a business. That’s why numerous companies decide to move their offices (and even their whole headquarters) to an urban area of the country. However, the employee relocation in NJ process can be tricky and complicated; moving can take a lot of time and energy and is often a hassle for employers and staff members alike.

Fortunately, a professional moving and storage company such as Moving of America can help you along the way. No matter where your office relocation is taking place, we can make the employee relocation process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Why Choose Our Staff Relocation Services?

Well, yes. Moving an office is a complicated process and takes up a lot of energy and time. You should definitely think about many details regarding the move, so hiring professional employee movers NJ is a great idea.

What Capabilities do Employee Relocation Services NJ have?

Our capabilities include a range of professional moving services for any type of relocation. However, when it comes to office and employee moving, we are high-level commercial movers in NJ. This means our licensed team is ready to handle any size and type of office you may have, with one goal in mind — making our customers satisfied. Our employee relocation NJ services are tailored to meet the needs of your move and budget.

It’s also important to have trustworthy and qualified movers who can handle your relocation. At Moving of America, our movers are highly trained professionals who are equipped with the right tools, equipment and expertise to get the job done.

Corporate Relocation Services

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Our clients love us. We believe you will too

Corporate Relocation Services
Corporate Relocation Services

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Corporate Relocation

Employee Relocation Tips

As experienced  employee relocation New Jersey and corporate relocation services in NJ, we have extensive expertise when it comes to office relocation. Here are some tips you may want to consider when moving your employees and offices:

1. Plan ahead and let everybody know

Planning is an essential step in the office relocation process, which is often stressful and complicated. That’s why you need to organize the office move in advance. However, you should also let your workers know about the move as early as possible. They need to be ready for the relocation and adjust to the fact that they are moving, too.

Additionally, if you plan in advance, you can easily find reputable employee movers with affordable services. Moreover, you will have more time to learn about how to lower commercial moving expenses and save some money in the process.

2. Talk About the Time Frame

All office moves are different, and it’s important to stay on track with all the tasks that need to be completed for the relocation. Speak to your employees and be clear about the moving time frame. Let them know what you expect from the moving process and when they need to go back to work. It’s important to be clear about this information, so staff members can know their responsibilities and plan accordingly.

3. Clearly state the details of the  Employee Relocation

Personnel should be informed about all the details of the relocation, including the relocation policy. The goal of this policy is to provide financial and administrative relocation assistance to staff members. Make sure to prepare a relocation policy and include the following details:

  • Any receipts that are necessary for reimbursement
  • Travel costs
  • If the company pays the expenses in advance
  • If there is a limit for moving costs
  • If there is an option for temporary housing until employees find a permanent residence

4. Find Reliable Relocating and Employee Moving Partners

Since moving can be a nerve-wracking venture, it is important to have reliable Employee Moving partners by your side. Only the best movers know how to make even the most difficult corporate relocation in NJ easy and smooth. This is why you shouldn’t compromise when this kind of relocation is in question, so you can prevent losses. Moreover, a reputable, professional company shouldn’t give you any legal issues to worry about.

5. Hire experienced and skilled Employee Movers

Since your business is going well, you mustn’t make a mistake and have a faulty Employee relocation in New Jersey. Everything needs to be organized and quick. There’s no better way to do it than hiring a professional, reputable employee movers NJ. If you are moving to New Jersey, we have the best options for you. Experienced and skilled movers will do everything to make your corporate relocation NJ quick and easy, without you spending all the money you have.
If you are moving to New Jersey, our professional and skillful movers can provide a successful office relocation. We will be with you every step of the way and ensure the process is simple and stress free. Just set the date with us and let us know the details regarding the employee relocation in NJ.
If you need to put away some of your office equipment — such as electronics or furniture — while you make the move, consider renting a storage unit. A storage unit can keep your items safe and secure until you need to use them again

6. Make Your Employees Comfortable in the New Space

If your staff members are moving along with your offices, let them adjust and get familiar with the new environment. Show them around the new office space and their new workstations. If you are moving the office far away, you might want to organize a fun day or weekend visiting the new area. This can help workers bond and feel more comfortable in the new space. It’s also important to inform employees about nearby schools, doctors, vets and other resources in the vicinity.

Corporate Relocation
Corporate Relocation
Corporate Relocation

Entrust Us for Corporate Relocation Services

We understand corporate relocation in NJ can be tricky and may leave you feeling overwhelmed, which is why we offer an extensive list of moving services which includes corporate relocation services New Jersey to help you during your journey. Moving of America offers local and long-distance moving and storage services. We serve all 50 states and can move you from New Jersey to any one of them, or vice versa.
Aside from our corporate employee relocation NJ solutions, we also offer packing services and a comprehensive move package called MoveView™. This package allows us to be as transparent as possible while avoiding hidden fees that other moving companies typically apply on moving day. Moreover, we can help you relocate specialty items such as antiques, fine art, wine collections and more.
Best of all, you can get a free moving quote on our website. Be sure to enter all your details and you should get a moving estimate in no time. However, if you’re looking for a more detailed moving quote, our team will be happy to assist you. Simply get in touch with us to benefit from corporate relocation services in New Jersey. Our skilled and trustworthy movers in NJ will handle your commercial move professionally, so you and your employees can have peace of mind.

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Employee Relocation
Employee Relocation