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If you haven’t seen the beauty of this borough, Google it now! If you’re considering a move to a movie-like setting, Franklin Lakes is the place to be. Moving companies in Franklin Lakes, NJ, have the privilege of relocating people to one of the most picturesque cities in the country. We’ll help you connect with the essence of life in that place and assist in getting the best movers in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Enjoy a seamless and affordable move to this wonderful town.

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What makes Franklin Lakes so special?

In order to begin on the right note, we feel like we need to explain what makes Franklin Lakes so special.

Franklin Lakes, located in Bergen County, New Jersey, is a picturesque borough with a population of slightly over 10,000. It exudes a suburban ambiance and offers a movie-like vibe, resembling postcard-perfect neighborhoods. However, living in such a charming place comes with a cost. The median home price in Franklin Lakes is approximately $900,000, reflecting its premium value. For those considering renting, the average monthly cost is around $2,300. Despite the expenses, the experience of residing here is undoubtedly worth it.

Living in Franklin Lakes New Jersey

When it comes to the quality of life in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, we must say that it, while the neighborhood is picture-perfect, living there may not be. After all, it depends on what you are looking to get from your neighborhood.

Obviously, the major cons to living here are going to be the costs. As we have already seen, housing costs are pretty high. Depending on what you do, Franklin Lakes may prove to be too expensive for you. This is okay. There are many other places in New Jersey or even New York City where local movers NJ can move you to. Give us a call!

Back to the positives.

Firstly, Franklin Lakes is one of the best places for children to grow up on the entire East Coast. It is a very safe place with a diverse neighborhood. It allows for great education opportunities, while nightlife options are also abundant. If you are looking for outdoor activities, you’ve come to the right place! Lastly, let us point out that finding a job when you live in Franklin Lakes is not very difficult. Even if opportunities within the town are scarce, keep in mind that commuting from your new residence will be convenient.

There are numerous alternative places in New Jersey or even New York City that are within the reach of local movers NJ. If you need any assistance related to moving give us a call!

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Our clients love us. We believe you will too

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Simplify your move across Tri-state area with Moving of America?

To ensure a seamless transition to or from New Jersey, it’s important to have a dependable moving company by your side. And Moving of America is exactly that. We are the most recommended moving company in New Jersey. Apart from organizing on the local level, it is important to tell you that we operate within the Tri-State area as well.

No matter where you need to move to or come from, we can serve you. Therefore, it is important to know that we take care of long-distance moves as well. Our track record and the services extended to our clients are sources of great pride for us.

Many times, people lack space for their items. This may not represent an issue in your daily lives. After all, there is always a nook here or there where you can put a few items to keep them out of sight. However, this is not the case during a move. On such occasions, it becomes essential to be aware of the whereabouts of your belongings.

Numerous individuals encounter challenges when attempting to move all their possessions in one go. This is where Moving of America comes to play, offering moving and storage services. If you are unsure what to do with some of your items, or simply know that you cannot fit them in your new home at the moment, leave them with us for safekeeping. You can secure a storage space at Franklin Lakes Storage Facility and retrieve your belongings at your convenience once you’re settled down.

Get Ready to Move with Our Comprehensive Moving Services

Are you ready to prepare for the move? If you are unsure, let us tell you how we can assist you so that you can make a choice:

1. Packing service is one of the basic services that we offer.

2. International shipping. In the case that you are moving abroad, you might want to ship some of your items by boat. You could do this up to a month before your departure date. If this is something that you would be interested in doing, let us know. Your items will probably be waiting for you once you arrive at your destination.

3. Are you relocating with large items like a grand piano or a pool table? In that case, you should consider taking advantage of specialty moving services. Our skilled movers Franklin Lakes, NJ, know how to take care of them.
With our commercial moving services, we guarantee a seamless transition, overseeing every detail from the initial planning to the secure arrival of your company’s assets at the new location.

4. Our moving company specializes in providing exceptional residential moving services for local, in-state, and long-distance moves.

5. The process of relocating and safeguarding precious items demands extra care and attention. We offer top-tier white-glove moving services that encompass careful and secure packing of your belongings.

6. Get access to our secure Franklin Lakes Storage Service, designed to ensure a delightful and stress-free relocation journey. Additionally, we offer a 30 days free storage facility.
You can access these services by selecting the package options under the Move View category that align most effectively with your requirements.

Stress- free Moving is now possible with Movers Franklin Lakes, NJ

Whether you’re relocating within Franklin Lakes or moving across the country, Moving of America, one of the most trusted moving companies in Franklin Lakes, NJ, is here to assist you. As a local moving company, we provide free in-home moving estimates and utilize our exclusive Moveview™ flat price moving service to cater to your moving needs. So, if it’s time to move, we’ve got you covered!

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