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Planning a move to North Bergen? We’ve got you covered! At Moving of America, we’re your trusted North Bergen movers, making your transition seamless and stress-free. Our experienced movers handle your moving and storage needs in this New Jersey area.

What sets us apart is our commitment to eco-friendly moving, ensuring a sustainable relocation. Whether it’s your home or office, we have the experience and expertise for a stress-free move. From packing to transportation and storage solutions in North Bergen, we have you covered.

Discovering North Bergen

Nestled near the bustling metropolis of New York City, North Bergen, New Jersey, offers a welcoming haven for those seeking a change of scenery. Its convenience to the dynamic energy of the city, coupled with its unique charm, positions North Bergen as an ideal destination for a fresh start.

Now that we’ve established why North Bergen is a remarkable destination, let’s delve into the essential aspect of your journey—relocating to this welcoming community with the assistance of Moving of America.

Reliable Cross-Country Movers for Your Move to NYC

Preparing for a move to New York City for your home or business? Long-distance moves involve tasks like packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, and you want everything to reach your new place on time without issues.

As one of the best moving companies North Bergen, we understand that moving over a long distance can be complicated. That’s why we offer customizable Moveview packages, whether it’s for your home or business, ensuring a smooth and efficient process to meet all your specific requirements.

Our clients love us.
We believe you will too

Our clients love us. We believe you will too

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Expert Furniture Moving Services in North Bergen, NJ, for Residential and Commercial

Trust the expert North Bergen movers at Moving of America to make your furniture move easily. We cover everything from packing to disassembling and reassembling. Our goal is your satisfaction, providing top-quality service for moving and storage solutions in North Bergen. Our professional appliance, chandelier, and professional furniture movers are always here to provide affordable, efficient services.

Specialty Moving Services

At Moving of America, we know special items need extra care when moving. Our expert team makes sure delicate things like antiques, artwork, pianos, and unique stuff stay safe. We use special packing and handling to keep them perfect during the move. Trust us for careful specialty moving.

Packing and Unpacking

Our North Bergen movers are experts at packing and unpacking. We take extra care with delicate items, wrapping and securing them for transportation. Your possessions are protected the whole move.

Fine Art and Antiques Moving

Moving fine art and antiques demands precision and care. Our skilled North Bergen movers are trained specifically for this. They ensure your precious items reach your new home unblemished. We take necessary precautions to preserve their integrity throughout the transportation process. Trust us to treat your treasures with the reverence they deserve.

Piano Movers

Moving a piano might sound like a challenging task, but our expert piano movers are here to make it easy for you. When you trust us with your piano, you can rest assured that it will be protected from any potential damage during the entire moving process.

Appliance Movers

Moving your appliances can be tough, but our dedicated team of appliance movers makes it smooth and stress-free. We know how important your appliances are, so we specialize in safely disconnecting, transporting, and reconnecting them in your new home.

Chandeliers Movers

Moving chandeliers is a big job, but we make it easy for you. Chandeliers add a fancy touch to your home, and we value that. Our specialized chandelier movers go the extra mile to handle them carefully during the whole move.

Computers and Electronics Moving

Moving computers and electronics can be hard, but our skilled professionals make it easy. We depend on these devices for work and fun. Our North Bergen movers specialize in safely moving and setting up your electronic equipment in your new home.

North Bergen 07047 Moving & Storage Company

North Bergen, with its strategic location, offers the best moving services in New Jersey. Moving of America has been serving families in North Bergen for 8 years. As a family-owned business, we take pride in providing the best moving services at competitive prices. We ensure your move is stress-free and guide you every step of the way. With our 8 years of experience, we offer the best moving service at the best moving prices in North Bergen, 07047.

Best Moving Services – No Matter Your Destination

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