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In the sea of the things you should think about when relocating your home, there are some you would definitely like not to miss. One of the best ways to cover everything and avoid omitting any of the important steps on the way is to make a moving checklist. Below we will try to give you some useful tips on how this is best done.

Preparation for a Relocation

Moving to another part of the town, country or even abroad is a significant event in one’s life. The whole process can be stressful. But remember that the final product is what counts. You are looking for a fresh start and a beginning of a new life. But before starting this adventure there are things that you should know about moving preparation. Good organization of resources is key to avoiding unexpected problems on the way. This, in particular, means planning, finding as much information as you can in advance, and starting your efforts on time.

Arguably, the most important part of this process is making a solid moving checklist. Your checklist should include some of the mandatory tasks. We will try to help you here with identifying and keeping track of them.

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Our clients love us. We believe you will too

Moving Checklist- Week by Week

Are you wondering how to start your to-do list and what are the things that you should prioritize? We recommend you to make a weekly plan. By doing this you will avoid all uncertainties that might happen just a few days before your move. You will also ensure everything is done on time. Moving is a process that cannot be done overnight.

The very start of making a moving checklist
You’ve found your new home and it time to start with preparing your schedule. Things that you should do about 4-6 weeks before your move are the following:

    • Do the research – Start collecting information about the place where you will be moving to. Search for the banks, schools, and doctors in order to be prepared for the new neighborhood. In this period you should start finding the most suitable moving company. Invest your time in checking the available options. Compare moving quotes from at least 3 companies, so you can find the most affordable one.
    • Set your moving budget – Plan how much money you can afford to spend on moving and start calculating all potential costs. Make sure you have a notebook or a documents binder handy where you can write down everything. From dates and costs to important numbers. Monitoring all the expenses will ensure you do not go over the budget limit.
    • De-clutter your home – Getting rid of the unnecessary things will save your money on moving. Go through your things and see which items you do not need or use. You can donate them to charity or sell them, it is up to you.
    • Insurance – Check if the insurance policy will cover your move. If not, you can find moving companies that can provide cover.
    • School records – If you are moving with kids, do not forget to organize the transfer of their records to a new school.
    • Order things for a new house – Beside the things and furniture that you will move with you, there are definitely some items that you will need to buy. Order them so that they can arrive at your new destination at the same time as you.

The middle phase
You have less than a month before moving day. In this period of time your to-do list should include these subsequent steps:

    • Choose your moving company- the big task on your moving checklist –After researching the market, you should choose a reliable company. Arrange the dates of moving with them and get written confirmation of costs and all the details.
    • Start packing things – Probably the most stressful and annoying part in preparing for relocation is packing things. Start doing that at least 4 weeks before your move, by sorting groups of items that you should pack. If you need moving supplies such as boxes, tapes, labels, you can order them. There is also another way of finding the moving material. Ask your friends or nearby shops for some of these things they were intending on disposing of. You will save a lot of money by finding reused boxes. You can always find a moving company that can provide services for packing, and do the job instead of you.
    • Booking the flights and accommodation – When moving to a long distance destination you will need to have a break if going by car. In that case, you should book a hotel for a night. In case you’ve decided to go by plane, buy your flight tickets.
    • Inform important parties – Notify your bank, post office, insurance company, newspapers you are subscribed to, about changing your home address. Contact utility providers- electricity, water, the cable company. Inform them of the fact that you will be relocating.
    • Checking the car – If you are driving on a moving day, make sure to take your car to a mechanic for a general checkup. Avoid doing long trips without making sure your long drive will be a safe one.
    • Valuable things packing – Pack jewelry, important items, and documents in a dedicated box that you will transfer with you, personally.

The final phase
In the final phase of setting up the checklist give special attention to your new home. Check with your real estate agent and arrange that utilities in your new home are set prior to your arrival. In the last week before moving, things that you should have on your to-do list are:

    • Packing suitcase – Pack essential thing that you will need in your new home for the first night. Those are a bed linen, a few plates and silverware, mobile charger and basic things for personal hygiene.
    • First aid and prescriptions – Make sure that you have with you prescriptions for the next couple of days. Just in case keep a first aid kit handy.
    • Clean your house – Before going out of your home, leave everything in a good shape. Clean the house on your own, or hire a cleaning company to clean the whole house. Not only the old but also the new one.
    • Defrost your fridge – If you are moving your fridge with you, make sure that it is clean and dry before moving.
    • Final walk through the house – Take your time by going through your old house for the last time. We all know that changing our living space is a hard thing. Say goodbye to your old home and habits. Get ready for the trip to your new chapter in life.
You are ready to move As you can see a lot of tasks are in front of you. Making a good moving checklist and following all of the steps will decrease the stress level in facing the big moving day. Time is passing, so start planning and packing things for moving

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