Trust Fine Arts Movers Who Know the ART of Packing and Moving

Pictures, statues, figurines, chandeliers, sculptures, paintings, collectors’ items, and other such pieces of fine arts form the vast collection of arts and artifacts at home, art galleries, museums, or your own art studio. All these precious commodities require specialized packaging and handling when you move them across the state, country, or internationally across the world. It is during transit that a work of art is most vulnerable. So, moving fine art pieces should be handled with care and precision. Though moving art pieces seems to be a nerve-racking process, it doesn’t have to be. Moving of America, one of the most reliable and trustworthy fine arts movers will cater to your specific needs of fine arts moving, no matter what kind of art collections you have at your home, art gallery, museum, or exhibition space.


Fine Arts Movers - Moving of America

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when planning the fine arts moving process, whether within the state or country, or to another country. To understand in detail, read further:

THINK ABOUT SAFETY & EFFECTIVENESS – When you want to move your valuable artwork, make sure your pieces are safe and protected while they are moved from one location to another. Small damage to your valuable item could cost you big in the value of the art piece.  Make sure you hire professional fine arts movers who can pack and move it safely, efficiently, and effectively. This is because they know the best ways to pack the item to ensure it arrives at the new destination unharmed, without any damage.

THEY ARE THE GENTLE EXPERTS – These fine arts movers are professional experts who make sure to carry out all packing and shipping in the most precise and careful manner. Moving of America uses the best quality packing materials to ensure the highest level of protection of your antiques, statues, valuables, specialty furniture, historical items, and irreplaceable artworks. They send a project manager to your site to survey your items in order to determine the work required and estimated cost. These specialists, combined with art handling tools and equipment, make up a team of movers who are experts in the field of logistics and also show appreciation and care for your artworks.

TYPES OF SERVICES OFFERED – There are many types of services that are needed to accommodate the shipping and storage needs of a wide range of artworks encountered.  These generally include loading and shipping (local and long distance), freight forwarding (domestic and international), wrapping and packing, crating, installation, and storage (regular and climatized). Moving of America’s moving specialists can assist you in finding what specific services are required for your move and offer a fair and competitive price.

BROAD CAPABILITY & FLEXIBLE SERVICE – No move is too large or too small for these experienced and professional fine arts movers. They have experience in moving everything from single paintings to entire exhibitions. They understand that different customers have different needs; Moving of America’s specialists can create a solution that meets your individual needs – from expedited services to extended services such as: de-installation, storage, and uncrating.


  • High Quality Packing and Crating – Professional packers and movers of Moving of America use high-quality, reasonably-priced custom wooden crates for packing fine art pieces.. They will coordinate customized crate production and packing of any collection or piece. So whether you have a one-time shipment, travel from show to show, or need to properly store your item, our fine arts movers can provide you with custom crating and packaging solutions to meet your needs.
  • Secure Climate Controlled Transit – The goal of professional movers is to exceed the customers’ expectations and deliver your pieces safely and efficiently. Whether you are moving a single painting or an exhibition, our team is well experienced to meet your shipping needs with care and confidence expedience.
  • Climate Controlled Storage – Moving of America has a secure climate-controlled storage facility and state-of-the-art HVAC system to ensure the highest standard in climate-controlled environments. Our storage facilities can accommodate established collections, traveling exhibitions, and even your home art collection.

Moving fine art isn’t as easy as moving a few boxes from your kitchen. It requires special attention, special packing, and special consideration. If you want to get it done right, hire professional fine arts movers to pack and move your fine art collection.

How to Create the 21st-Century Library Before You Move

A library is a storehouse of knowledge. Libraries provide free education and entertainment as per the interest to the masses, be it a student, lawyer, a working professional or a common society person. If you’re planning to move your library to an altogether new location, you will surely be in need of professional library movers. You can rely on the professional team of experts of your local mover to shift thousands or millions of books, plus shelving and furniture, without a single damage. In case you are getting your library renovated to create an atmosphere where the readers can concentrate more and get distracted less, then you need temporary storage solution. You can ask your local library mover to provide state-of-the-art storage solution for your need. However, before moving your library to a new location or renovating it to make it suitable for today’s rapidly changing digital world, look for the latest trends in the library setting (mentioned below) that are very much in demand nowadays.


Library movers

  • SPACE SHOULD BE FLEXIBLE – Nowadays, students need to learn how to formulate meaningful questions, lawyers require a wide variety of resources in their research to win a particular case, and working professionals need to demonstrate their understanding in new ways. This is the reason why every library should have a flexible learning space that can support multiple learning styles. Learning models are changing, and libraries need to take the lead. They need to embrace the same logic and change their setting to reflect the way learners prefer to learn. Flexibility is vital; traditional library furniture can be cumbersome and make multiple seating configurations impossible. When planning a new library or renovating an existing one, be sure it is coupled with new technology and tools that can spark innovative ideas for interactive learning spaces.
  • DONT TURN IT INTO A WAREHOUSE – Printed books are still an essential reading tool. Traditional books are a valuable resource that can enrich every reader’s learning experience. However, you must put an end to warehousing books and start merchandising them. This can be done by making the books and magazines visible to students by taking advantage of displays, mobile fixtures, signage, and lighting.
    While you’re breathing new life into your library, don’t shy away from adding eBooks and digital reading devices. Today’s digital natives have become used to reading virtually everything online, so libraries must provide digital reading materials/eBooks for them, otherwise they will just stop using the library altogether.
  • DONT SACRIFICE WITH LIVABILITY – While making sure that the interior is eye-captivating, you have to also ensure that your library space is energetic. An inviting space helps readers gather information more efficiently and exchange ideas with others. You can make the new library space as attractive as you can, but it will be of no value if it doesn’t meet the taste and preferences of the readers. If it is a public library, then add coffee tables and scores of lounge chairs. School libraries can integrate technology to better engage students. Incorporate iPads, Nooks, e-readers, flat screens, even some video games into your school library to enrich students’ reading, thinking and research skills. Even at home, a pristine living room isn’t used for studying; it’s a nice spot to relax and entertain guests. A library is altogether a different working environment for avid readers, so make your home library a wonderful place where you can gather a lot of information, and at the same time, make it beautiful that encourages you to work.

If you are moving to a new space or constructing a new one, do keep these things in mind and plan your library space by listing and prioritizing important activities and desired outcomes. You need to articulate the culture you want people to see when they walk into your library. Whatever you do, don’t let the furniture become the main topic of conversation or dictate the space’s culture.

Moving a library requires great skill and experience, and Moving of America is proud to be one of the leading library movers in New Jersey and New York. Working with us, library administrators can focus solely on their vision for a new space, because they know that we will handle the gritty details. Most importantly, we will care for their books as much as they do, whether they want to move their library or need temporary storage solution during library renovation.


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