During a move, lots of packing and moving takes place. While most items you move are taken to the destination, there are always a bunch of outliers that don’t. They are important, but for a number of reasons, they are not immediately moved. Instead, the owners look for the best storage service nearby to safeguard these items until they are ready to be taken back. 

Many moving services provide storage facilities these days. Not only that, but a lot of these spaces also come with a number of bonus features which, more often than not, carry an additional charge that could make things hefty. Initially, you might think you need all of them, but if you take a moment, you would realize it is not the case. The features you require depend on the items you want to store. And we are here to help you make the right choices in this regard!

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You need to do a proper research before you decide what bonus storage features you need!

Bonus Storage Features: An Overview

It is already quite a tough task to go around searching for the ideal storage unit. There are too many options in the market and all of them may provide a number of features, leaving you confused. These features may seem very tempting and attractive.

However, if you look closer you will realize a lot of these features are not actually bonuses but are quintessential to proper storage. Bonus storage features refer to facilities that are meant to enhance the storage experience. They are additions to the basic storage infrastructure and help improve its functionality. 

Let us take a look at some of the most common features that are available at any of the best storage facilities in the marketplace.

Customized Storage Units

Storage units are chosen on the basis of what number, size, and type of items you are planning to leave there. If the need arises, you can actually get your storage unit customized on the basis of your specialized requirement. The best moving companies offer it as a bonus feature with an additional fee. They provide a much greater storage space than average. It is of great utility if you need to store items that are way bigger than the capacity of the average storage unit. 

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A customized storage unit is something that you will pay additionally

Professional Storage Unit Packers

Another bonus storage feature that can be of great value to you are experts who specialize in storage packing. They take little to no time to pack or unpack all your belongings. With them, you can rest assured that your belongings will remain in the exact same condition as you left them.

Access To Storage

This feature is hard to put in a category. Some storage units only allow access on the day the items have to be removed from there. However, a lot of them also allow access at any point in time, which comes as a bonus feature. This feature may affect the overall charge of your storage service. It is most beneficial if the items you have stored are either documents or expensive heirlooms. 

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You can hire professional packers that can help you with storage

Storage Security Measures

Security measures are a key component of any storage service. Without security measures in place, your items can be prone to theft or external damage among other things. Certain security measures like 24/7 surveillance can keep you stress-free while your item is in storage. Security guard patrols are also quite effective. These bonus features are very useful and can save you a lot of trouble.

Are All These Features Essential For A Successful Storage?

The answer is no. Successful storage depends on the type, amount, and value of belongings that you plan to store. If you are storing household items, you don’t require storage access for every item. On the other hand, if you’re storing antiques or heirlooms, you require multiple storage features to ensure that they remain in good condition throughout. The best storage experience is, ultimately, one where you choose the features in accordance with your specific needs. Only security measures are essential. It’s better to be safe here than sorry.

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Security of your storage unit is very important!