For a long time, Bergen County has been considered as the most desirable county in New Jersey. Given the fact that it is also the most populated one, it is easy to see why Bergen County represents such an attraction. Bergen County movers won`t lie to you and tell you that your life here will be perfect. Just like any other thing in life, living in this county also has its disadvantages. However, the advantages are far greater than all the bad things put together, which is why we think moving to Bergen County is always a good choice! 
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You will love life after moving to Bergen County.

Just 20 miles away, a new world awaits

If you do not like being stuck in a rut, you should definitely give living in Bergen County a go. Even though small in size, New Jersey has a lot of counties, all of them unique in their own way. If you go 20 miles away in any direction from Bergen County, you will find a whole new world. We as local movers in New Jersey have had our fair share of trips. Trust us when we tell you that every county in New Jersey is completely different. Therefore, if you are a family person who likes to have family picnics, or simply an adventuristic person, moving to Bergen County is a logical choice.

Bergen County is a wealthy county

Life in Bergen County is grand. In fact, this New Jersey county has been named as one of the wealthiest counties in the entire US, which should tell you a lot. Moving of America is sure that this is one of Bergen County`s biggest benefits. Namely, median household income in 2014 was 84, 677 dollars. As you can imagine, this is much above the national average, meaning that you will have a very comfortable life in Bergen County. If you are tired of scraping by, while still working full-time, seriously take into consideration moving to this New Jersey county. We have a feeling you won`t regret it.
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One of the best things about Bergen County is its high median household income, which is truly impressive.

After moving to Bergen County, you could fulfill your dream of owning a house

Of course, it goes without saying that you could own a house anywhere in the world. However, Bergen County is, in fact, one of the best counties for becoming a homeowner in New Jersey. Whether this title comes from the high median household income, or something else, it does not matter. The fact is that Bergen County is a great place for owning a home and fulfilling your American Dream. If you are still unsure whether buying a house is the right thing for you, you should know that this venture comes with a lot of benefits:
  • After moving to Bergen County and buying a house, you get to pay fixed and stable monthly payments.
  • A house is always a good investment, as its value can rarely decrease enormously.
  • You can renovate your house without having to ask for anyone`s permission.
  • Even though it might not seem like it, in the long run, owning a house is cheaper than renting it. 
  • Finally, homeowners pay smaller taxes, as they get certain deductions at the end of the fiscal year.
Without a doubt, anyone who has an opportunity should become a homeowner. Owning a house is much more beneficial than renting it, and there is no better place for home buying than in Bergen County.
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They say that there is no better place for owning a house than Bergen County. You be the judge of that.

By living in Bergen County, you get to experience all four seasons

No one can say that life in New Jersey is boring! A state that has such a sharp transition between the four seasons can never be dull. Namely, the weather in Bergen County can get very extreme. During the winter months, you can experience piles and meters of snow, which is picture perfect for the Christmas season. Is there anything more festive? On the other hand, the summer months are extremely hot and humid. During those scorching hot days, all you`ll want will be to rest on the beach or by the pool. Therefore, when moving to Bergen County, you do not have to limit yourself to one type of activity. You get to enjoy the full specter, which is especially important if you are moving with kids. You already know they will want to get out there and have some fun!

There are plenty of small suburbs with a low cost of living

Finally, you should know a very fun fact about Bergen County. Even though this county has almost one million residents, there are no big cities inside its borders. All of the towns here are small towns, which come with plenty of advantages on their own. Choosing the right neighborhood is never easy, however, this choice is much simpler when you know that you can`t go wrong. All of the towns in Bergen County are tight-knit, diverse, and affordable. Even though New York is just on the other side of the Hudson River, these two places seem worlds apart. When you pair an affordable life with friendly people, you get an average town in Bergen County, which cannot be said for NYC.
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People in Bergen County are always willing to lend a helping hand.

So, should you move to Bergen County?

We are in no position to tell you what to do, of course. Moving of America respects your opinion and all of your decisions. However, in our book, moving to Bergen County can be a right choice for any type of person. Even for those people who are moving from the Big Apple, Bergen County should be a logical choice. It is still close enough that you can keep your job there (if you have one), but far enough to get all the benefits of living in Bergen County. What more could a person possibly want? We wish you happy moving!