Best NJ boroughs for seniors

    When most people think of finishing their career, they immediately think of moving to Florida. But not everyone wants to spend their retirement in Sunshine State. Some of them want to stay close to friends and family, as well as in the beautiful state of New Jersey. Or hire movers Elmwood Park NJ and come to this state. But what are the best NJ boroughs for seniors? Well, there is only one place to find an answer – data.

    Senior couple walking
    It takes time to explore the best NJ boroughs for seniors

    To this end, we tried to identify places in New Jersey that are safe and affordable. And there are many things to keep you occupied during retirement. What did we find after comparing all the data?

    Here are our top eight NJ boroughs for seniors:

    1. Ringwood
    2. Roselle Park
    3. Haddonfield
    4. New Providence
    5. Phillipsburg
    6. Rutherford
    7. Little Ferry
    8. Summit

    How we determined the best NJ boroughs for seniors

    To create our list of the best NJ boroughs for seniors, we first used the Census data to find all the places in Garden State with a population of at least 5,000 people that are not campuses.

    For these areas we considered the following criteria:

    • Low cost of living, as measured by rent
    • Low crime rate
    • Interesting things to do (museums, colleges, and libraries in the town)
    • Good weather
    • Distance to the nearest international airport
    • Other senior citizens (high average age)

    Finally, we took the average rating for these criteria. The place, with the lowest middle rank, in this case, Ringwood, is the best of the best. The place for you to start your new life after retirement. Consequentially, you might end up hiring pro residential movers NJ and moving there.

    We know that plain data can be a bit boring. Therefore, we will tell you something about the origins of all of those boroughs.

    1. Ringwood

    The Lenape, an Algonquian-speaking tribe of Native Americans who occupied most of the mid-Atlantic coastal areas and inland mountains, including along the Delaware River, lived in the area of the modern Ringwood when Europeans first entered the area. Some retreated to the mountains to escape the colonial invasion.

    2. Roselle Park

    The first known settlement on the territory of the present district was built by Samuel Williams in 1700. Galloping Hill Road was constantly used by the revolutionary scouts of war, passing messages to General George Washington and Governor Livingstone. It was also the route by which British columns headed for the Battle of Connecticut Farms, fighting the New Jersey militia all the way. The son of American General William Crane was stabbed and killed by the British near what is now called Galloping Hill Road and Colonial Road.

    3. Haddonfield

    Lenni Lenape Native Americans were the first to occupy the Haddonfield area. Lenape disappeared from the area when the settlers arrived. On the banks of the Cooper River, residents found arrowheads and ceramic shards, hinting that at some point in Haddonfield there was a settlement of Native Americans.

    4. New Providence

    The written history of New Providence begins in 1664, when James, Duke of York and brother of King Charles II, acquired the land, which the natives of Lenape called the Elizabethtown Road. Its first European settlers were members of the Puritan colony, which was the first permanent settlement of this type. Initially, the settlement’s name was “Turkey” or “Turkey Town” due to the presence of wild turkeys in the area.

    5. Phillipsburg

    The city grew from a sleepy agricultural village and became a transportation hub and transportation center as the final destination of the Delaware Morris Canal. The first transport infrastructure project that gave the Community a direct connection to New York. The New Jersey Central Railway was soon to be connected. But the growth of the community was that it reached the terminals of both the Delaware Canal and the Lehigh Canal through its ferry cable ferry system in Easton, PA. In 1853, the Lehigh Valley railway connected across the river to CNJ and the passenger short railway. And all within Phillipsburg. Rapid growth followed quickly.

    6. Rutherford

    The mountain range above the New Jersey Meadowlands, on which Rutherford sits, was settled by the Native Americans Lenape long before the arrival of Walling Van Winkle in 1687. Union Avenue, which runs from Meadowland to the Passaic River, may have been an Indian path, or a property boundary. This was in 1668 the gift of the land by Governor Philip Carteret to John Berry. If you are into history, then this borough is perfect for you. So, wait no more, hire Rutherford movers now.

    7. Summit

    The region in which the Summit is located was acquired from Native Americans in 1664. The very first European settlers of the Summit arrived in the area around 1710. The original title of the Summit was “Turkey Hill” to distinguish it from the area known as “Turkey”. During the American War of Independence, the Summit was known as “Beacon Hill” because on the east ridge in the Summit there were bonfire beacons to warn New Jersey militants about the approach of British troops.

    8. Little Ferry

    Little Ferry was formed by an act of the New Jersey state legislature on September 18, 1894. It was from parts of the cities of Lodi and New Barbados because of the results of the referendum. The borough exists thanks to the Boroughitis phenomenon, which then spread to the whole Bergen district. And, among other things, this is one of the best NJ boroughs for seniors. So, hiring Little Ferry movers and moving there would not be such a bad idea.


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