The need for cold chain shipping and storage dates back to 1797. Ever since then, technology has advanced so much that now you can safely transport delicate goods. No matter whether you need it for your personal needs or for your business needs, cold chain shipping is the perfect solution when you want to preserve your goods. We can gladly recommend moving services NJ as one of the lead experts in cold chain shipping these days.

What does cold chain mean?

The cold chain represents the entire process of packing, storing, shipping and unpacking items that require special temperatures. This is why it contains a chain in its name since everything is connected and every part of the process has to be handled equally. There is certainly no room for mistakes and unprofessional behavior. Dealing with cold chain shipping, moving companies have had to enhance all of their equipment. And it is with pride that they now offer solutions that will suit your needs best. For example, storages now have climate control, and climate-controlled storage NJ is one of the best in the field.
climate-controlled storage NJ

Items that require cold chain shipping can safely be stored in climate-controlled storage units

What can you use cold chain shipping for?

Cold chain shipping is used mostly for the transport of perishable goods. This includes fruit, vegetables, meat, and other food. However, it can be much more than that, it can be used for pharmaceuticals and beverages. These days the world is seemingly getting smaller and smaller by the minute. Now, you can transport a certain medicine from a long distance country, without worrying it will go bad. It is very popular with business firms, but also with people who are simply shipping items that need climate control. If you are wondering, for example, how to preserve antique belongings in storage, then the cold chain is perfect for you. The right temperatures often mean your goods will be protected and you will not have to repair them afterward. Let us put it this way if you place your motorcycle in storage which has sub-zero temperatures, how do you think it will work after 6 months? If being stored in bad conditions, the items no matter what are they will most likely go bad, or will not work properly. It is also very important that you pack your belongings properly for storage.
pack your belongings properly for storage

You can ship fruits and vegetables, as well as any other items that require a certain temperature level

Decide if your items require cold chain shipping

Before you ship your items, it is really important that you recognize if they need cold chain services. Ask yourself a series of questions and then make a decision.
  • Temperature – If the product that you are transporting requires a special temperature, for example -2 degrees to +8 degrees, then you should definitely seek out for cold chain services. Avoid any chance for your items to go bad due to inadequate temperature.
  • Time of the year – If you are moving your items in the warm summer, the chances are that you require these services. Autumn and spring have much milder weather conditions, so you should have this in mind when moving your items.
  • Destination country – What will be the conditions in the country that you are moving to? If you are moving somewhere east, expect hotter temperatures. In the same way, if the country you are going to is colder than usual, bear in mind that some of the products may go bad in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Transit time – Perhaps the items will not go bad if it takes 2 hours to transport them, but if the journey takes 24 hours, then the temperatures must be just right.
  • Pick up times – Cold chain shipping is an entire process of handling perishable items, as we already mentioned. This is why you have to be prepared for such circumstances when there are delays in pick times or transit times. Do you require additional cooling systems?

Import – Export

What kind of goods are you transporting? It is very important to know whether the items are allowed for import in the destination country. In this way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises, and save yourself time and money. You should be careful especially with food and pharmaceuticals, as they are most prone to regulations. Also, you should be aware of the regulations concerning export, as some items, you may not be able to take out of the country as well. Careful planning and good organization will definitely help you to stay on top of your game when it comes to importing and exporting goods.
pack your belongings properly for storage

Cold chain shipping can be done via plane as well as via trucks

The ways to ship cold chain

The two most common ways for the cold chain shipping are trucks and air shipping. This may seem easy, but serious equipment is necessary for the truck in order to be able to carry cold chain products. Specially designed cooling systems have been implemented in moving trucks so that they can sustain all the conditions. Furthermore, if you are moving your items somewhere by plane, know that your goods are perfectly safe in the air. The professional staff will pack the items in the air cargo. There are climate controlled boxes where the items are kept, so you will receive a great service.

Plan everything on time

When transporting delicate goods, you should be even more careful until the task is over. Starting your preparation on time will give you plenty of room for unexpected changes. We know that transporting goods cannot always be flawless. But when you know your options then suddenly everything becomes much easier. Be on top of the game, do a little bit of research. Write everything down so that you do not forget. Cold chain shipping is an excellent way to transport perishable products, and you can enjoy the benefits of it.