It’s not hidden from anyone that relocations are hard on the pocket. There are a number of things that make it so pricey. It’s quite tempting to think of taking a chance with part-time movers. They do charge a lot less after all. However, one must note that this comes with many downsides. Keep on reading our informative guide about part-time movers. Make sure you know everything about them and the moving services they provide before involving them in your move.

Part-Time Movers: Who Are They?

Considering a residential move and heard of part-time movers from a neighbor? Great! Don’t rush to any decision though. First, let’s take a look at who they are and what exactly they offer you. Then you may decide whether they are worthy of being hired instead of full-time movers or not.  Part-time movers, as the name suggests, do moving work as a side job. They work on another job side-by-side. Their intention for working as movers is simply to earn more bucks. They charge a much lesser amount for their moving services, which mostly just include moving boxes from point A to B. Unfortunately for them, moving is not merely taking boxes around. It requires a strong sense of planning, organization, and experience. Part-time movers usually are not cut out for it.
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Make sure to learn about part-time movers before hiring them.

What are the risks of hiring part-time movers?

The moving process is not simple and straightforward. It comprises many tasks, which in turn have sub-tasks. Lots of things need to be monitored simultaneously. Part-time movers are very often, not up to the task. They can do the basic jobs but beyond a point, their lack of experience shows. They could even put your relocation in grave problems. Here are a few reasons why it is extremely risky to hire them for your move: –

Lack of experience and skills

Your move would involve lots of items and their transportation. Many of these items would be valuable to you. Moving them haphazardly could be disastrous and cause great inconvenience. The person, or team, that you hire for your relocation is responsible for the safety of your belongings. If they lack the know-how on moving, you cannot expect them to make your relocation successful. Experience is essential for moving staff to become experts. Part-time movers simply don’t have that experience most of the time.

They don’t prioritize damage prevention

Related to the previous point, if your movers lack the experience and skills, they cannot guarantee the safety of your items at all. So, if your favorite vase gets damaged during a move with part-time movers, they alone would not take the blame. You were well aware of what you were getting yourself into! You must ensure that the moving company you hire for your move is operating legally and has a proper license. Such companies are obligated to furnish their license number to you which you can verify online within seconds! 
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Letting part-time movers to handle your expensive belongings is a big risk

Do check if your part-time movers have a proper license. We’re guaranteeing that most of the time, they would not. 

Organization? Out of question

Good organization and time management are the two most important parts of a successful move. Every moving expert knows this and follows it to a T. Expert moving companies provide services that include the planning and organization of your relocation process. Be it offices, libraries, or your residences, expert moving services will always come to your aid. However, part-time movers leave much to be desired in this regard.

Pay Less, Get Less

Ultimately, the reason why part-time movers are popular is also the reason for their inefficiency. Moving costs are certainly lower when hiring them, but are they worth the low quality of moving services they provide? It must be kept in mind that cheaper is not necessarily better. If one of your valuables incurs damage during the move, it might prove to be even more expensive than you expected.
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You might spend more money on part-time movers than on a reliable moving company.

Also; not all moving companies that are licensed and have the expertise are expensive. There are some which offer high-quality services at very affordable rates. Get a free estimate prior to hiring a moving company. This would help with estimating your expenses upfront.

What’s The Alternative To Part-Time Movers?

Hopefully, after going through our guide, you must have gotten a better understanding of how part-time movers work. We hope you make a wiser decision than to hire them for the sake of paying less. Without a doubt, your move cannot be guaranteed to be a success without the involvement of a reliable moving company, with expert moving services. And if you are living in New Jersey or nearby, then no need of hiring part-time movers at all. Give Moving of America a call instead! We will ensure a move that is both smooth and light in your pocket. Trust us, and we will make your move a breeze.