Garage Sale Tips Or give it all to charity…whatever you prefer. Garage Sales are not always easy, but a little extra money never hurt anyone.  If you’d prefer a charitable donation, make sure to get a receipt for a tax deduction. Tip #1 Advertise Using Pictures When dealing with online marketing you want to make sure the customers have an idea of what it is you are selling.  When advertising on craigslist or other websites make sure you add a few pictures that will show what exactly you have for sale.  Make sure that you structure the pictures correctly so that it looks appealing to the viewer. Tip #2 Price-Tag Everything Make sure that all your items are priced with a sticker or perhaps a cost section.  You may want to buy a few color coded stickers that you can easily assist your customers in identifying a price. Organization is Key Making sure that all your belongings are in categories is very important for the customers.  You would much rather have customers who have some direction, than have them looking around aimlessly placing things where they can be overlooked.  Making sections for blankets, books, toys, etc is a great way to stay organized and keep the consumers focused on the areas they are looking for. Tip #4  What’s The Goal Know what you are trying to do with the items being sold during your garage sale. There are two kinds of garage sales, those that want to get ride of items and those that want to make money from what they have. If you are trying to get ride of things don’t be afraid to negotiate with the customers and give away free things in the process.