Getting ready to place your home on the vast market is not something that needs to be expensive.  On the contrary, it should be project that should not be forgotten.  When the time comes to selling your home there should always be a plan that needs to be put into practice as soon as you decide to sell your home. The first step that should be taken is always the building block to set a successful project.  Always keep in mind that your plan should be centered around a budget and the advice given to you from your real estate professional who should have experience in knowing what improvements need to be made in order to make your house as appealing as possible for potential buyers. One of the most important aspects of selling a home is the work you put into cleaning it up. Think of the house as though it’s going out on a date with a new customer every single time one arises.  You wouldn’t go out on a date looking dirty and smelling used.  Odds are, you will be well dressed and putting on your best smile.  Well in this case the home needs to be well dressed and given a fresh smile. A clean home is appealing to a potential buyer.  In your budget if you are able to afford it, you should add a professional cleaning service to come and clean your home.  Most times. people tend to try and clean their homes themselves and because of its familiarity they forget certain places that need to be cleaned.  Paying attention to details is one of the most important parts of being a great real estate agent and home seller. Making sure that you recognize the response to the first impression is key.  When dealing with buyers being aware of the first impression is one of the most important statistical facts you can acquire.  Positive first impressions will eventually lead to potential buys more times than not.  Whenever you get a customer that is not very positive at first and seems to be uninterested be sure to ask him or her what they didn’t like or what can be improved to attract more customers. Using your checklist be sure to mark down all the things that you feel need to be repaired and things that need to be changed/modified, repaired or moved.  Perhaps you want to paint a room, or change the tile, be sure to add those costs into your budget and become very accurate when dealing with your numbers. When dealing with where you should start cleaning up and fixing we advise everyone to always start on the outside.  First impression is key, and if the outside of the house is appealing the chances of them buying the home skyrockets.  If you think that something on the house is too expensive to fix odds are the buyer will too.  Make sure that while working on your budget you fix the most important things first. Customers are less likely to pay for something expensive then a few things that don’t cost much at all. Always keep in mind, when dealing with a house the first thing people will see is your lawn.  Put yourself in the position of the buyer.  Does the house look appealing to you? Does it give you a sense of security and stability for you and your family. Always ask yourself:
  1. Is the lawn in good condition and is it trimmed?
  2. Are the passage ways to front door clear and clean?
  3. Do I have any evidence of prior pets laying around?
  4. Are there any shrubs or tress that may cause potential damage to the house?
  5. Is the front door painted, doorbell working and brass lock polished?
  6. Are all the windows clean?
  7. Are the lights working?
  8. Would I pay the asking price for this home?