These days, it seems like Americans are in a dire need of more space. But we are not ready to give up or precious items and throw them away for good, which is why we so wisely opt for different storage solutions. Besides, there are many occasions in life when one might need to resort to getting a unit or renting a storage container, and only one such event is related to switching homes. And if you want to have a clean home and an accurate visual of what you want to keep and relocate before your movers and packers NJ arrive at the scene, you’ll have to find a safe place where you can put your belongings. Whatever they are. Today, we deal with storage containers and the process of obtaining one!

Know that you might need a permit for renting a storage container

This is especially true if you are planning on keeping your container on your property which is in a residential area. Or anywhere near it. People really don’t want to have a family breakfast with a complimentary view of your backyard that has a massive steel box in it. And the rules are perhaps even more complicated when office moving NJ based is in question. However, there are exceptions to the rule.
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Your storage container can’t be an eyesore that’s bothering other people.

In case the property on which you plan to keep your container is in a rural area that has little to no traffic, then you might not need a permit to rent a storage container. But if the circumstances don’t apply to your situation, you will have to follow a whole different set of rules. For starters, if you are planning on keeping the container on your property for a shorter period of time, you will be able to apply for and get a temporary permit. But enough about the rules. What else is there to know about renting one such container?

The cost of delivery can be much higher than you currently think

In fact, the overall cost related to renting a storage container can be significantly increased once you get charged for delivery. And this is one of those fees no one ever talks about. Just like you would ask for a moving quote NJ when moving, you should do the same when renting a container. You can choose to rely on the estimate, but you can also ask additional questions. A lot of the companies actually charge by mileage, meaning the farther the distance between your property and the container, the bigger the delivery fee will be. As a rule of thumb, many suppliers charge a flat fee for a delivery that’s within a 60-mile radius, after which every mile will cost a pretty penny. For that reason alone, finding a supplier that’s closer to your location might not be a bad idea.
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Not interested in spending all of your savings on storage container rental? Then be aware of the hidden fees!

The important aspects of renting a storage container

Before you can seal the deal with any company, you first need to know what you are looking for. When signing a deal with movers no one really decides which moving services NJ they need after they put down their signature. These things are usually done beforehand, and this is no exception. In this situation, there are three aspects that are of importance:
  • The rental length
  • The size of the container
  • Important features

How long do you plan to keep the container on your property?

Any period of time you need to rent the container for is fine – as long as you make sure your supplier offers month-to-month contracts if you are not sure for how long you will need it. Also, have in mind that a lot of companies offer better rates for long-term contracts. You obviously don’t need one if you are just storing items for moving purposes. But if you plan to store items for some time regardless of your local or long-distance move, a long-term option might be more beneficial.
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Long-term or short-term storage container rental? What’s the verdict?

What is the size of the container you need?

Usually, storage containers come in two sizes – 20 footers and 40 footers. There is an option for you to opt for a customized size where they would cut and then put together different containers. But you should know that this option usually costs more. There is also an option of adding extra width to a storage container so that you can store machinery, equipment, office furniture, etc. These days, it seems like the possibilities are endless and they are yours to grab!

Which features do you need?

Alas, we arrived at the last point – deciding which features you want your storage container to have. Usually, when they have special demands, people demand a container with special locking mechanism. These containers have a mechanism that opens and closes like a vault, providing complete safety of your belongings. If you plan on storing valuables or office equipment, this feature is definitely a necessity for you! When renting a storage container, you can also choose what type of door you want. Yes, you read that correctly. You can have single doors or double-entry doors. The latter one is particularly great for those people who plan on taking things in and out of the container. This way, you can store those items you know you’ll need to take out every other week on one side, and those that you won’t need on another. It will create no confusion and it will make it a lot easier for you to find what you are looking for. How great would it be not to have to spend hours rummaging through your storage container just to find one item? You don’t have to wonder – you can experience it for yourself. All you have to do is make a well thought out decision.