That moving is a process riddled with obstacles is no secret. And one of the biggest obstacles people and movers encounter are big and bulky items. While all that it takes is a gentle touch when moving fragile items, heavyweight items are not so easy to handle. In fact, handling robust furniture is not only complicated but also dangerous. Do you know the damage you could cause if you were to drop a couch while carrying it? And we are not referring just to financial damage. No, the worst thing that could happen is if you were to obtain one of many moving injuries, and that can easily happen while in the process of moving a heavy dresser. For that reason, let Moving of America – NJ Movers give you a few tips on the subject. If we manage to prevent just one moving injury we’ll consider ourselves successful.

Are you absolutely obliged to do it?

It goes without saying that you can’t pick and choose what you relocate. Well, you can, but that mostly goes for smaller items, like clothes and miscellaneous items. Since robust furniture includes large pieces of furniture, you won’t exactly be throwing them away simply because it’s more convenient. While you can’t decide to ignore them and leave them behind, you could opt for the second best option – professional help. If you decide to get packing services NJ movers can offer, you get to avoid packing and carrying altogether. How perfect would that be?
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Always seek professional help for handling robust furniture.

Besides, with packing services, you don’t just solve the problem of handling heavy furniture. You also get professionals who will pack all of your items, from valuables to fragile ones. That means that all you would have to do is sit back and relax; maybe point every once in a while at what needs to be done. But, if you can’t afford to get professional help, which is totally normal, all you need are our tips for moving heavy items. It’s not as difficult and complicated as it sounds!

Before anything else, learn the right lifting technique!

Plenty of people wait for their moving day to come around the corner to start dealing with the most burning question in this process – the right technique for lifting and carrying heavy furniture. Don’t make one of the worst moving mistakes and start educating yourself on the subject on time. For that, we’ll be more than glad to help! The right lifting technique goes as follows, so make sure you take notes. You will need it memorized before you know it! And it goes without saying that you will need at least one other person for this task.
  • Start by standing in front of the object with your feet wide apart.
  • Get a good grip on the object and make sure that the other person has done the same.
  • In coordination with him or her, slowly start lifting the object.
  • Keep your back STRAIGHT the entire time, as we can’t stress how important this is.
  • Lift with your legs and never with your back when handling robust furniture.
  • Take slow steps as you are in no rush.
  • Once you start feeling tired or the other person does, stop immediately.
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Even though you might feel like it, you are not Superman – you will need some help!

You can never go wrong when listening to your body, as they are our good friends, warning us when danger lurks. To thank your body for a job well-done, stretch your muscles before and after the lifting process. It will save you from a lot of soreness in the next couple of days! And you should not feel any pain after relocating to New Jersey, quite the contrary. You should be filled with energy, ready to go out and explore the city.

Be smart when handling robust furniture, and use the right equipment

Today, there is no task that can’t be carried out by machines or at least made easier by it. Moving robust furniture is no different than all the other task. Now, whether you are preparing for a nationwide move or a local one, you will have some shopping for packing materials to do. While moving boxes, protective materials, and tape will be a must, there is also one other type of materials to buy – furniture sliders. The name itself suggests how to use it and which benefits it will bring you, doesn’t it?
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Why would you lift when you can simply slide?

Besides furniture sliders, you could also buy moving straps. They will allow you to take some pressure off of your body and be smart about lifting and carrying. You know what they say – work smart, not hard, and there is no better time to put the saying into practice than when moving. And moving is no exception, quite the contrary – it’s when you need your wit the most!

Have a clear path

Imagine the following scenario – you and your friend finally manage to lift that heavy table, you start carrying it, get halfway, only to find out there is a huge moving box standing in the doorway. Now you will have to put down the object, remove the obstacle, and lift it all over again. Why would you go through all of this trouble when you can simply clear out the path on time? Make sure there are no obstacles between the object and the moving truck. And this goes whether you are having a DIY move or you decide to entrust top-notch residential NJ movers to do it. Handling robust furniture is simply much easier when the path is clear. Also, make sure you take further measures of precaution and measure your doorways and hallways. There is a chance the object will be wider than what your doors can fit, and then you’ll have to come up with a different solution. Just prepare on time, and there is no way anything will go wrong! Even when handling robust furniture, which is infamous for its complexity.