So, the moving day is here. You got everything packed, and you are ready to load a moving truck. But although it might seem easy, because you simply need to get everything into a truck – the truth is a little different. There are certain tips and tricks that will ensure that everything in your moving truck stays intact. You can always look for help and try to find great moving and storage NJ company that will assist you with this process. But if you decide to do this on your own, we got some tips and tricks for you that will ensure you a safe and fast relocation!

What are the main steps to load a moving truck?

Well, first of all, you need to be sure that you have packed everything correctly. For all of your belongings to endure the relocation, you need to be sure to secure them and pack them safely. You can always find packing services NJ if you are not sure will you do it right. Professional packers can help you and besides packing, can give you a lot of useful tips on how to load a moving truck properly. So the first and most important step to load everything for relocation is to be sure that it is packed safely.
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You need to pack your belongings with the utmost care

The next steps depend on the type of relocation, and also on the items you are transferring with the truck. If you are only moving boxes and not some bigger households appliances – you will follow much easier steps.

Large and heavy items go first

Well, when you start loading a moving truck you need to start with the heavy items. For example washing machine, stove and similar should be the things that go first into the truck. Basically, all the items that need more than 2 people to move them into the truck. Also, it is important to load them in an upright position, to avoid any damage. Also, make sure to place heavy objects on the other side to balance the truck.
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You need to load heavy items first

As far as it goes for packing materials, you should use furniture padding to avoid any damage or scratches. It is important to pack all of these items with great care to avoid any damage. After all, you will be using them in your new home so you need them to be in the same condition once you unload them from moving truck.

Make a plan when you load a moving truck

So, once you have loaded heavy items you should proceed to the next phase. It is good to make a plan and write everything down to be sure what goes next. Also, if you write down how did you load the truck, it will be easier to unload it. You will know exactly where your items are going, and which room will be unpacked first. The next items that should be loaded into a moving truck are your belongings that are longer. For example, this is the moment when you should load mattresses, long mirrors, sofas. You should place them against the longest walls of the moving truck and that way you will ensure to keep them upright and save space in your moving truck. Loading a moving truck is like solving a puzzle, you need to place your belongings perfectly. That way you will avoid any damage and regardless of all the pros and cons for renting a moving truck, you will be proud of yourself! You accomplished to place all of your belongings by yourself!

Furniture goes next into a moving truck

Well, the next thing you should load into a moving truck is furniture. You should know that there are moving companies that can offer you special services like moving your furniture. Simply, before the relocation, you will need to disassemble all of your furniture. Tables, closets, desks, bed frames- all of this needs to be disassembled and assembled once you move into your new home. And that is why a lot of people decide to hire specialty moving companies, to avoid any possible damage to their furniture.

Be careful with the boxes

When it comes to boxes – there is a great chance that you will have a lot of boxes. We would like to remind you that one of the first boxes to pack should be a box of essentials you will need on a moving day. Also, that should be the last box you are going to load into a moving truck. But, when it comes to boxes you need to deal with heavy boxes first.
box of essentials

You need to be careful with moving boxes, and pack them in a safe manner

You should place heavy boxes on top of your appliances, furniture. Also, you should place heavy boxes in empty space beneath your desks, chairs and similar. That way, you will avoid any possible damage, and you will save a lot of space. But, also, make sure that heavy boxes do not have any fragile items. Lighter boxes should go on top of the heavy boxes. Also, a great option is to stack them until you reach the top of the moving truck. That way you will avoid any damage. Since you are loading a moving truck on your own you need to be extra careful. One of the great things, when you hire a moving company, is the fact that you can ensure all of your belongings. Moving insurance can save you a lot of nerves and save you from any possible problems.

Last things to load into a moving truck

Well, as you probably got it by now when you load a moving truck – the last items are bags of clothes and fragile items. Bags with clothes you can use to fill any empty space in the moving truck. Also, you can secure your fragile belongings by surrounding them with your clothes and other fabrics. Make sure to label everything correctly, and to pack your essentials box last. You will need that box once you have reached your new home. And do not be afraid, you are just solving a big puzzle when you load a moving truck on your own!