Are you one of those people who come back from a holiday and leave their suitcase lying around for weeks because they don’t feel like unpacking? Well, imagine what it’s going to be like unpacking your whole life’s worth of moving boxes! There’s really no two ways about it: packing and unpacking is boring. Furthermore, without professional movers and packers NJ it takes forever. And you don’t want your first days in your new home to be boring, do you? So let’s talk about the ways to make your unpacking process fun! It might not lessen the amount of things you need to do, but it’ll make the work easier and more pleasant.

Unpacking after a move – how to make it easier

Here’s a little secret: packing and unpacking is often the hardest part of the relocation. Unless you pay your movers Tenafly NJ for this particular service, it will be the most time-consuming and exhausting part of the move that you will have to do by yourself. So don’t underestimate these steps!
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Unpacking after a move is hard work.

First, understand why it’s hard

There are many reasons why unpacking after a move is so difficult, and it’s not all about how complicated reassembling furniture can be:
  • it’s physically exhausting to drag all your boxes around, unpack them and set things up in your new home
  • it takes a lot of time to properly move into a place and make it feel like home
  • it’s overwhelming to think about everything you need to do
  • post-relocation depression can make everything harder
  • you’ll probably get frustrated over not being able to just continue your life comfortably as soon as you walk into your new home

Plan ahead to avoid getting overwhelmed

There’s a reason why all international moving companies NJ say that organization is key to a successful relocation. Planning in advance works. So take the time to loosely plan out the unpacking process before you move. Consider what needs to be unpacked first, where you can stow away boxes you won’t need until later and how you’re going to design the place before jumping into the deep end.

Unpacking will be easy if you pack right

When you use professional packing and unpacking services NJ, experienced movers deal with the whole process and you don’t have to worry about what goes in which box and which box goes where in the moving truck. If you’re doing all this by yourself, then packing properly is the key to unpacking easily. Use small boxes and don’t overpack them, prepare an overnight bag or box, and make sure that the most important boxes are the ones you get to unpack first.

Finally, make the unpacking process fun!

Every task, no matter how big, is easier when you enjoy it. So don’t give in to the temptation to put everything away in NJ storage as soon as your movers leave. Instead, make unpacking something you can look forward to! That way, it won’t feel like such a chore and you’ll find it much easier to deal with.
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Everything is easier when you’re having fun.

What are some of the ways to make your unpacking process fun?

 Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your unpacking process fun. Let’s take a look at some of the simplest yet most effective tips to take into consideration!

Everything is better with music – make a packing and unpacking playlist!

Good music can get your blood pumping, lift your mood, make you smile and inspire you to keep going. That’s why so many of us listen to upbeat tunes while working out. And that’s why you should listen to music while unpacking! Find a playlist on Spotify or create your own. Either way, pick something that makes you happy and puts you in the mood to get things done. This is one of the easiest ways by far to make your unpacking process fun.

Focus on the easy parts first

One of the lowest points during the moving process is when your local movers NJ leave and find yourself in the middle of a messy house that doesn’t feel like home yet, surrounded by dozens of boxes filled to the brim with all your stuff and disassembled furniture, not knowing where to begin. Well, here’s some advice: start with the easy things! Unpack the smallest box or put together one chair. You’ll feel accomplished enough to keep going.

Make your unpacking process fun by turning it into a game

A great way to make your unpacking process fun, especially if you’re competitive, is to treat it like a game. Go on a treasure hunt in all your boxes, compete with other family members over who can unpack a room faster, pretend to be filming an instructional YouTube video or come up with something else entirely. The only limitation is your imagination.

Invite friends over to help you out

Everything is easier when you’re not doing it alone. So make unpacking a group activity! Unpack with the help of family and friends – not only will their help take things off your plate but it will also make the work more fun. Treat them to some takeout, listen to your favorite music and sit down for a chat during the breaks between boxes. The whole thing will feel like a hang-out!
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Unpacking will be easy with the help of friends.

Food and drinks – prepare some tasty snacks to enjoy

When you’re working, you need to keep your energy up. So you’ll need to prepare something to snack on and drink while working. This can also be a great opportunity to make unpacking more fun! Buy some of your favorite junk food to munch on, order in for lunch or dinner and enjoy some cool lemonade or hot chocolate depending on the season. You’ll definitely feel better about unpacking if you get to eat and drink some of your favorite things!

Reward yourself for the little successes to make your unpacking process fun

Is there anything better than instant gratification? Probably not! So reward yourself for the little victories. Have a break when you’re done with a box. Or drink a beer when you finish with one room. Maybe you can see an episode of your favorite show when you bore of unpacking. Or take a few minutes to try on some silly outfits while unpacking clothes. All of these can be simple but effective awards for a job well done that make your unpacking process fun.