So, you’ve decided to move your home or you’ve just realized that you have too many things and too little space in your home. Now you are wondering what to do with all the stuff that you have. Some of which you would still like to keep and not throw away. There are several options for resolving this important issue. One of the best ways is to store your possessions. If you do not really know how to best do this, this article will help you find out how to pick the right storage unit.

Unavoidable parts in organizing the move

Moving and organizing the move is supposedly ranked as one of the most stressful things in one’s life. Most of us would like to avoid doing it. Nevertheless, making moving an easy thing is not an impossibility. The key lies in good organization and in setting the priorities. A to-do list is the most important part which will for sure save your time and nerves. There are many things that should be done before the moving day. Choosing a reliable moving company, a good real estate agent and/or setting the budget are just a few of them. Packing and storing your belongings can be fun, but will probably take the most of your time. Paying special attention to this part is a necessity, so let us get to the core of things.

Possessions, possessions, possessions

It is such a common thing that every house has a lot of things that are not in use for a long time and are just taking space. When planning a move this might cause you a headache. At a certain point in the process, you might discover some of the old possessions that you completely forgot about having. Perhaps you can get rid of. This would be helpful in case you would like to decrease the costs of packing and storing. It goes without saying that the fewer things you have, the less money you will have to spend. Finding a convenient and trustworthy storage facility will save you from worries. But before you start hunting for the right storage unit, you should specify your requirements and needs.

Selling things and giving away to charities

In order to decrease the number of possessions that you should store, we recommend you take into consideration one of the following two options. Organizing garage sale and selling things that you do not need can bring you some extra money. The other option is giving things to charities. That way you will have greater satisfaction as not only did you get rid of things, but you also made someone else happy.
Organizing garage sale

                         Packing boxes

Types of storage units and finding out which is the right storage unit for you

By specifying your requirements, you will be able to pick the right storage unit easier. Two factors are the most important and we are introducing you with them in the part of the article below.
Organizing garage sale

                              Storage unit

Climate and length of time

The units which are climate-controlled might be more expensive than others. If you are living in extreme temperature areas or you are having delicate items in your possession, this should be a priority. Spending some extra money on this will provide safety to your possessions. Depending on the time that your belongings will be stored, you should consider a space with good ventilation. The length of time is one crucial factor in deciding if your storage unit should be indoor or outdoor.

The size of the storage unit

Choosing the storage unit size is not an easy thing. The price of them depends on the size, so try to make list first of all the things that you need to store. This detailed list of items will determine if you need a smaller or a bigger storage. And you can always ask for advice and quotes from several storage companies.

Location and accessibility

Storage units that are located near the city usually show bigger prices. Having a storage unit near your home is a good thing only if you know that you will need regular access to them. Most of the storage items are stored for a reason, and you do not need to have quick access to them. So taking the one that is located in a more affordable area is a good idea. It can be a very cost-effective choice. Be well informed about the working hours of the storage unites area because some of them are not working 24/7. Research the accessibility conditions from a few different companies before making a decision.

Security as one of the most important things in choosing the right storage unit

It is a normal thing that safety of your belongings is of great importance. In preventing possible accidents, damages of any kind as well as theft, each storage unit should have certain security features.
  • PackingSafety packing valuable and fragile items, is almost a half job done. If you need help in doing it there are companies that are professional packers.
  • Gate and fence– Security of the complex where the unit is located – is a must. Fences around the units and personal code for opening the unit gate is just one of the precautions.
  • Fire equipment– The best way of reducing the risk of fire is by installing fire alarms and smoke detectors.
  • Alarm system– Cameras and alarm systems are necessary so that every unusual action can be recorded.
Safety packing valuable and fragile items

                          Fire equipment

Visiting and checking the storage unit

Knowing in advance what you are looking for, go and visit the different storing facilities. Ask the property manager to see the actual unit, check if it is clean and disinfected. It is important to have a picture of the place where you beloved possessions will be placed. Check if there is a possibility for any discount and all the details about paying and services that the company provides. Do not leave anything to chance. We are hoping this article will be of help when dealing with the dilemma on how to pick the right storage unit.