We often have those old but valuable items when moving. And we often wonder – should I keep it? Well, yes, why not! Even though that old pretty dresser doesn’t go well with your modern furniture – it doesn’t mean you should throw it away or sell. We have the right tips on how to preserve antique belongings when keeping them in a storage unit just for you. If you do this right, you will be sure that your valuable items will be safe, even when storing them for a long time.
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Storing antique items is not the same as storing any other items, so be sure to learn how to preserve antique belongings properly

Prepare the storage unit

To preserve antique belongings the right way, you need to have the right storage unit. Firstly, be sure to pick the right size storage units NJ, suitable for your needs. It is important not to take one that is too big (why waste money?) but also the one that is not too small, since you need enough space so your items don’t damage. Learn how to use the most out of your storage space. Next, clean the storage unit thoroughly and check if there are any leakages. Water is very dangerous for valuable items. Make sure everything is clean and dry before you bring your valuable items. Also, it is a good idea to cover the floors with plastic sheets for extra protection and making it easier to slide the heavy items across the storage unit.

Prepare your antique items for storage

It’s not just about placing the items in a room and expecting them to stay safe for a long time. If you want to preserve antique belongings, it is important to prepare them for storage. Be sure to:
  • Disassemble everything you can. Most of the furniture is possible to disassemble very easily. Not only it will be easier and safer to store these items, carrying them will be a piece of cake, as well. However, be careful with screws, keys, locks, bolts and other small pieces. Put them in a special box or a bar, so you don’t lose them. If necessary, write down what goes where, so you can assemble them easily after long-term storage.
  • Make sure everything is clean. Give your items a thorough clean session and make them ready for storage. If necessary, use a special cleaner with polish effect to give them extra protection. You can also protect your leather items with leather conditioner or oil for metals. However, be sure to find out how to protect particular items correctly, to avoid damage.
  • remove the items from drawers – clean the drawers and remove any unnecessary things you find.
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To preserve antique belongings you need to make sure everything is clean and ready to be put in storage

Pack well to preserve antique belongings in storage

Packing is the key step in protection and storing valuable and fragile items. If everything is packed well, it will be safe in storage, but also during transport. Let’s got through the most important packing tips :
  • First of all, you need to have the right packing supplies. For smaller items, sturdy cardboard boxes )or even plastic containers) are a must. You will also need a lot of bubble wrap to protect the items. However, keep the plastic away from the wood since it can damage it.
  • use cardboard/silicone corners on pointy items, since those items are easily damaged and can damage other items, doors or walls.
  • label everything – use a marker to write down the contents of each box. If items inside are fragile, be sure to write that on the box, too. It will be easier for you to find certain things after a while, and it will keep them safe.
  • pack efficiently – learn how to pack for storage and save space. Smart packing is the key to an organized storage unit.

How to preserve antique belongings in storage

When storing fragile, antique items inside a storage unit, the organization is the key. It is important to know where and how to store the items, so you keep the storage organized and clean and make it a safe place for your valuables.

Keep the items raised off the floor

Even if you do everything to clean your storage space and check for leakages, it is always the best to keep the items away from the floor. This is especially important if you take a unit without climate control. You can easily find cheap pallets and put the boxes on those.

Put the bigger, heavier items closer to a wall

Organization in storing the items is very important. Keep the bigger items away from the door, and make some space between them so you can reach those items if necessary.

Check the storage security

When you preserve antique belongings in a storage unit you need to think about the security system. Check the alarm or camera security system, and make sure all the locks are working.

Moving antique items

If you need to relocate your valuables, be sure to do it right. The safest way is to hire professional antique movers who are experienced and skilled in relocating this kind of items. Even though it is possible to do everything by yourself, sometimes it can be risky and even more costly. That’s why letting the professional do the work is the best decision you can make.
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Moving antique items require professional help since it is a tricky business where experience and skill are necessary

When storing items, there are a lot of things you need to think about. However, we advise you to be careful and never hurry the moving and packing process. Especially when trying to preserve antique belongings, the damage is easy to happen and can cost a lot. That’s why you should plan everything and if possible, hire professionals to help you out. Nevertheless, be sure to pick the trustworthy, efficient moving company. Since the moving business is growing so quickly, there are many good, but also many fraudulent companies. That’s why you should double check who you hire, to avoid unnecessary costs and stress.