You’ve found your perfect new home. And you’ve hired the perfect moving company with great moving and storage New Jersey. Now, all that’s left is to pack up and move. Compared to the hell of planning the move, this will be easy as pie, right? Unfortunately, we’re going to have to correct you on that. You’ll find that packing isn’t easy in the slightest. All the while, you’ll feel the constant pressure to use every inch of space you can while packing. And that’s because saying you’re dealing with limited packing space is an understatement. Don’t worry though – we’ve got some hot tips on packing for storage right here!

Get rid of stuff you don’t need

Okay, so you’ve officially started packing. Congrats! This is one of the final steps on the journey to your new home. But that’s still quite a rocky road you’ve got ahead of you and a lot of moving questions to learn the answers to. So, let’s talk about how you can save space while packing for storage. First of all, you’ll have to face a hard truth. While all of us are prone to some light hoarding, here’s a simple fact – all of us have a lot of stuff we don’t need. Yeah, that half-torn shirt that reminds you of your first relationship that you’ve been lugging around for the past decade? We’re just being honest here – you really, really don’t need it.
moving and storage New Jersey

At some point, you just have to get rid of some stuff while you’re packing for storage

What to do with the extra items

We realize everyone attaches memories and feelings to their possessions – all of us do it all the time, really. But when the time to move comes around, there are simply some things you have to get rid of. Really, decluttering is essential to an easy move. We’re not saying you should throw away all the stuff you don’t need anymore. If there’s something that’s still usable but you don’t need, you can simply donate it. Not only will you save space while packing for storage, but you will be making someone’s life a little bit easier.
moving and storage New Jersey

Maybe you can donate some of your old books?

Pick the right containers when packing for storage

Now that you’ve definitely whittled down your mountains of stuff to only the things you’ll actually need in your new home, we can move on. Let’s talk about some of the most practical ways you can save space while packing for storage, without much of a hassle at all. So, if you’ve been buying packing materials or looking for packing services, you’ve realized one thing. And that’s the fact that moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes. This isn’t a coincidence, mind you. Really, one of the key ways to save space is actually to pick the right space for the right things. First of all, you should definitely put heavier stuff like books in smaller boxes. Yeah, they will be easier to carry around like that, but that’s not the only benefit. Grouping the heavier things together will lessen the risk of other more fragile stuff breaking during the move. Also, you should make sure you don’t waste space in your boxes on the wrong things. For example, most clothes don’t really need to go folded into boxes. You can use those big garbage bags and just stuff piles of clothes in there. Also, that way those bags will take up less space and be more flexible in the moving van or in the storage unit later on.

Other tips on saving space

As you’ve probably gathered by now, there are tons of ways to save space while packing for storage. There’s really no end to the myriad packing hacks we could present you with. So, before we leave you to your packing, here are some of the more important ones:
  • Roll your clothes – Yeah, trust us on this one. We can’t even begin to tell you how much less space your clothes will take up if you just roll them before packing. You’ll literally have room for one more household in your boxes and suitcases if you use this tip.
  • The Russian doll method – What we mean by this is, well – put stuff into other stuff. Yeah, this isn’t exactly a wisdom out of Aristotle’s book we’re giving you here. Simply, you should make sure you use every bit of space you can. Your pots, pans, small plastic kitchen containers – don’t transport any of that empty! If there’s a nook or cranny you can fill with some smaller stuff you’d otherwise put in a larger box, make sure you use it!
  • Use clothes as packing protection – Instead of packing foam or other means of packing protection, you can also use your very own clothes! Really, if you pack your boxes with fragile items tightly enough, you’ll be able to use clothes as protection. Not only will this save you space elsewhere, but you’ll also save a bit of money as well.

Finding the right storage options

While you’re moving, you’ll clearly need some assistance. Really, we get it. No matter how hard you try to save on space, at the end of the day there’s simply too much stuff. And if you’re moving with your family, or you’ve got roommates, there’s simply no avoiding it. You’ll be needing some storage options during the move. After all, that’s why you’re interested in how to save space while packing for storage, right? That’s why it’s important you find the right company, with the best storage units. Make sure you find professionals you can trust with your important possessions. If you make the right choice, you’ll find yourself with some much-needed breathing room during the move.
moving and storage New Jersey

Finding the right storage units is important!

And yes, we realize how stressful packing can be – it’s one of the most difficult parts of any relocation. Really, it’s true – it’s the only time in your life when you have to actively think about every single item you own, and how to move it. But don’t worry, everything will be just fine! Simply follow our tips, and try to relax and keep a cool head. All of this will be done in no time at all, and you’ll be enjoying your new home!