School is the foremost fountain of knowledge where children get the chance to learn and explore various fields of education. Along with highly qualified teachers and basic amenities, school furniture also play a vital role in creating an effective learning environment. school moving services If you too are planning to upgrade school furniture and renovate older buildings instead of building entirely new facilities, then you might require movers and packers to shift old school furniture, library books and other equipment of the classrooms from one place to another. Moving of America specializes in providing professional school moving services. We have experienced packers and movers and latest equipment to complete every move. Our moving professionals have decades of experience in all kinds of moves, including schools. Below are enlisted the factors that are currently being given top priority when it comes to considering the upgrade of furniture and equipment in the classroom.
  • ERGONOMICS – Ergonomics means the science of work. It has been a key criteria in creating learning environment that keeps students focused and comfortable. Earlier people used to think that too much of physical movement in classrooms results in the loss of focus. However, later it was revealed that providing flexible furniture supports the body’s natural inclination to shift and vary postures. So, it’s highly recommended to equip school classrooms with ergonomically beneficial furniture to allow physical movement of students while sitting on their desks and tables.
  • FLEXIBLE FURNITURE TO ACCOMMODATE DIFFERENT TEACHING AND LEARNING STYLES – With each passing day, new pedagogies are emerging up thus making the classrooms look more dynamic. School furniture also needs to be responsive in order to support dynamic classrooms. Furniture should be easily reconfigured to support a variety of group sizes and enable better interaction and collaboration. Use furniture which can easily accommodate different teaching and learning styles. Easily movable and adjustable furniture provides a variety of configurations for group learning.
  • STUDENT COMFORT AND NEEDS – With a wide range of ages, the furniture used in the classrooms must have the flexibility to adapt to different comfort levels of students. This is because more than one-third of children and teens studying in schools are overweight or obese, and it becomes difficult for them to fit into traditional school desks. If schools equip their classrooms with adjustable tables and chairs, students are able to adjust easily and pay more attention to their studies.
  • FORMS OF FURNITURE – There are many education programs that require real world learning environment. Nowadays, hands-on-learning classrooms are very much popular as they help students develop the practical skills needed for their career. For instance, a student role-playing in a clinical situation optimally should have furniture and equipment that is similar to what they will be using in universities. School library should also have flexible furniture to support multiple learning styles. You can read our blog “How to Create the 21st-Century Library Before You Move” to get an idea about how library furnishings can turn it into an interactive learning space.
In tough economic times, renovating a facility might not be an option, but upgrading school furniture can be a feasible option to recreate classroom space. So, if you are planning to upgrade school infrastructure to give your school classrooms an all new look, you will surely require professional school moving services from a reputable company that can carry out the process to pack, shift and unpack the school furniture in a hassle-free way. Moving of America is the most trusted school mover in New York and New Jersey. We have highly-skilled professionals who can disassemble, move, and assemble school furniture in the most professional manner. Moving of America also provides safe and secure, climate controlled storage facility if in case you need to store the furniture or library books for short-term basis.