So you have already started with your moving preparation as the moving day approaches. First of all, congratulations on being responsible and starting on time. Since moving is a very serious project, there are still so many things to take care of and details to pay attention to. We are sure that you have come across some unusual moving terms in the process of preparing and that some might have confused you. We don’t blame you. There are so many important moving terms that you need to know in order to be fully able to understand the world of the moving industry. That is why we have prepared a short guide of some useful and common moving terms that will make your life while moving a lot easier.
mentally preparing to leave your home

Get yourself familiar with important moving terms.

Why is it important to be familiar with moving terminology?

If you are among those whose first question would be this one, we completely understand you. However, while those terms may not be of a particular help or need on daily basis, that is, in your everyday life, these terms are quite common and are largely present in every moving project. And since you are reading this article, we assume that you are either preparing or already in the relocation process. Sometimes the movers or someone from the moving company will use a word you are not very familiar with. And so, to keep up with everything, you will need to raise your game. This is almost as equally important as mentally preparing to leave your home, as knowing these terms will make the relocation go smooth.

What are important terms you need to learn?


Although it’s an often used word, it is still one of the important moving terms. These are people who help you on different levels as there may be more than one agent you will work with during your relocation. They represent other companies and are there to help you out with your moving. Some agents provide useful information and can answer some of the moving questions you may have.

Bill of Landing

This is probably one of the first things you will come across while having a conversation with a company’s representative. The Bill of Landing is a very important document. It serves as the proof that a customer and a company have commenced collaboration. In other words, this document is a valid contract. Also, it is a receipt and before you sign it you need to be absolutely sure that you understand each and every item from the contract. Make sure to read it thoroughly especially if you are planning to move precious antique items. See what the company offers in that case. By signing it, you accept your items to be loaded on the moving vehicle.
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Bill of Landing is one of the most important documents when moving


Your contract will contain this term which actually stands for the moving company you have chosen to provide you with the moving and packing services. A moving company that is worth doing business with has to be registered by the U.S. Department of Transportation which will assign them with a unique registration number. This is why you should not forget to ask for this piece of information.


This abbreviation stands for “Cash on Delivery” which is actually an agreement between the carrier and the customer to complete the payment after the belongings have been delivered. If you wish to make such an agreement, make sure to specifically state the details with your moving company.


In case any of your items are damaged, it is your right to file a claim. Just make sure to do it timely, otherwise, you may lose your right to get compensated.


This is one of the most important parts of every moving project. When you are exploring moving services NJ that can be useful for your moving project, it is important to know how much each will cost. It is important to be aware that there are two types of estimates – binding and non-binding, and how different they are from each other. Binding estimate implies that you are in no obligation to pay for anything additional, above the estimate. As for non-binding, it gives you an approximate estimation and the amount you will eventually have to pay will depend on the final weight of the belongings you are moving. So, you can pay either more or less.
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Make sure to have a precise estimation


If you, as an owner, wish to disassemble a certain piece of furniture on your own, this is referred to as DBO – disassembled by owner. These items will carry a special label and will be listed as such in an inventory register.


Packed by Owner is also among important moving terms you need to learn. In case you require to pack something without the help of the moving crew, those items will be denoted as PBO.

Flight charge

Many moving companies will provide an estimate. It is based on the overall number of items, location distance as well as other aggravating factors. For instance, the more stairs the movers need to go up or down, the more you will have to pay for the moving service.

Local moving

Typically local moving includes relocating up to 40 miles from the original destination. Even though this type of moving is generally less complicated than long-distance, you should still do everything to prepare well. Moreover, a moving company should provide you with the best local moving tips to help you out.

Non-allowable list

Before you sign the contract with the moving company, it is important to learn which items are absolutely prohibited by the company’s policy. The general rule is that no company will allow the shipment of items which can cause damage to other items. Also, items which can contaminate the carrier’s property are also off the list. Therefore, examine this matter fully in order to avoid any inconveniences.
Moving of America

Find out which items are not allowed


If it happens that certain items are left behind due to the lack of space on a moving vehicle, then the moving company will include additional vehicles. Now, even though there are many other important moving terms, we have listed some which are the most common and that usually confuse the most people who are preparing for relocation. However, with a reliable and experienced moving company, which Moving of America certainly is, you don’t have to worry about anything and your relocation will go smooth and stress-free.