Whether in state or out of state, moving involves a lot of comprehensive and detailed planning. Out of state moves are especially difficult not only because of the distance, but also because there is so much more to it than packing up and moving out. When you begin calling a new state your home, things like updating your voter registration, updating your address on billed accounts, and getting a new driver’s license become necessary. For help with comprehensive and difficult moves, you can rest assured you will be in safe hands with Moving of America. We provide highly customized and professional services within your budget. We also offer safe and secured climate-controlled residential storage units for our customers when needed to complete your move. Our movers are trained, professional, and experienced in all in state and out of state moves. Moving of America is guaranteed to provide you with the highest quality service throughout your whole move process. Moving of America To help make your move less stressful, Moving of America has prepared this comprehensive checklist for you to check off as you complete each step! UPDATE YOUR NEW ADDRESS WITH BANKS, BILLS AND CREDIT CARDS – The bank is one main entity that needs to be informed about your upcoming move on a first priority basis. Due to many people having paperless accounts, this task is often overlooked. If you have online banking, you may be able to update your address through your online account. Otherwise, you can visit the bank in person or call its customer service line. Making sure your bank has an updated address will ensure that the next occupant of your current residence won’t receive that shiny new replacement debit card instead of you. Be sure to keep a list of all accounts that use your current residence as the billing address, this will help when it comes time to update your address and help to avoid possible complications. GET YOUR NEW, IN-STATE DRIVER’S LICENSE/REGISTRATION OR ID – Don’t forget to order a new driver’s license or state identification card with your new address. When you move to a new state, you are given 30 days to update your ID and change your address. However, this rule varies depending upon the state you are moving from and to. This will help you with many of the other necessary tasks that need to be completed when moving, being that you need a valid and up-to-date ID to register to vote and update insurance coverage. Moving of America recommends that you do this within the first week of arriving at your new location to help you transition to the new state. GET YOURSELF REGISTERED TO VOTE – Unfortunately, each state has its own specific regulations, so voter registrations are ineligible to be transferred. Although, most states allow a 60-day grace period for you to be able to vote using your old address. Some states allow consumers to update their voter registration when they update their ID. If your state does not allow this, it is recommended that you register to vote within two weeks of moving to your new location. This will help to ensure your voice is heard in the next upcoming general, primary, or special election! Most states allow consumers to register to vote via mail, in person, or online. However, your options may be limited depending on the state you’re registering in. GET INSURANCE COVERAGE IN YOUR NEW STATE – After changing your driver’s license, it’s time to deal with your insurance providers. This is another important, yet time-consuming task that should be completed within a week of moving to your new state. To begin, have all related documents to your health, auto, etc., insurance in hand and get ready to make some calls! It is best to call each insurance provider in the same day so you have all documents already gathered and it’s one less detail to worry about. Most insurance providers can update information over the phone, but be prepared to make a trip to their nearest office if absolutely necessary. You will also be required to update your license plate, vehicle registration, and possibly pass an emissions test depending on your state. CHANGE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER WITH A LOCAL PROVIDER – Based on your location, you may be required to change your phone number or service provider. It is best to get this task done prior to moving, so you’re sure to have service when you reach your new location in case of emergencies. It’s best to research service providers in your area and determine which is best for your needs, service level, and budget. You may be able to schedule a cut-off date for your old provider and an activation date for your new provider, so there are no gaps between your services. If your location does not require you to sign up with a new provider, still make sure your current phone number does not need to be changed and everything will run smoothly during your transition to the new state. Your service provider will be able to walk you through the whole process of transferring you electronic services from your current residence to your new state. Once these tasks are finished, it helps to sit down and make a list tailored specifically to your needs. Kids, pets, and elders all require special accommodations that may require more inclusive planning. Moving of America is here to help you every with every step of your move, and we are able to adjust to all special accommodations needed from customers. It helps to make a list of things to do to prepare so you are sure nothing is forgotten in the move process. If necessary, Moving of America is able to store any furniture, box, or possession in our climate-controlled storage units for any amount of time. This can happen when customers have closing dates that don’t align, are moving from a large space to a smaller space, or to clear space in your home when packing. We always offer cost-conscience residential storage units to all customers. When planning, packing, storing, or transporting, Moving of America is here to help! After all of this has been completed, you are done! Happy Moving!! 🙂