Nobody knows moving like military families. Yes, most of us have had the experience one way or the other, but military moving is something much more complex; it even has its own term – PCS  “permanent change of station”. Any living soul from a military family will tell you it’s no easy business. Why? Well, try moving every 2 and a half, 3 years. It surely gets the best of you after a couple of rounds. It takes stamina and nerves of steel to maneuver every moving process while remaining on top of things throughout. We’re here to give a helping hand by providing information and useful moving tips for military families.


We can all easily fall off the wagon and go bat crazy as the moving day approaches. But, it can wait. The new duty station also awaits, yes, but until you actually receive your orders, why would you make unnecessary havoc and turn your life into something unsettling and uneasy? There is time. If you don’t know where you’re going – you’re a bit too early! There are very few things you can actually get done that far ahead. Once the orders arrive, you will get organized, plan everything and act accordingly. Until then – enjoy where you are right now.
hourglass taking time to prepare

Don’t force yourself into pre-planning. Wait for your orders before packing and organizing.

Moving tips for military families 101

Being efficient and keeping your cortisone levels to a minimum is really the goal here. Whether you’re moving within the continental United States (CONUS) or outside of the continental United States (OCONUS), you could really use some help from experienced military moving companies, as to alleviate the situation.

Don’t be Rick Astley

Being Rick Astley could be considered a compliment and, indeed, quite a virtue if we’re talking about love. “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna say goodbye and desert you” – these are all good examples of someone’s love and devotion. This attitude is not something we’re looking for when it comes to packing. This isn’t your first rodeo, so don’t act like it is. Do you by any chance still have unopened boxes lying around from your previous location? Well, if you do, it’s probably time to lose them. 3 years in, and still, you can’t think of anything you actually need from that box? Why move it again and again? Break the sad and sealed box cycle today.


Well, think of it this way. You and your family have a chance for a fresh start every couple of years. When you put it that way, it’s one good reason for rejoicing and being positive. Changes are good. So is downsizing. Prior to your new duty station and the big moving day, organize a garage sale. Chipped coffee mug? Throw it away! All things broken or used up should be headed the other way. Parting time. Get in touch with your local charities, see if they are in need of any items you were to throw away. Get your things on Craigslist. The less you move, the more room you will have for shiny, new things!
old furniture

Organize a garage sale, donate to charities, sell it on Craigslist.


Having friends and family help with packing and organizing could be just the thing you need. It could also save you some money. Then again, is it worth it? Having to obtain everything from moving supplies to renting a truck – let’s not forget about dollies and safety gear – you might regret it, as it will most definitely lead to unnecessary stress. And you already have plenty. Good news though, there are people like expert movers and packers NJ out there that can take care of all of your moving needs for an affordable price. It’s absolutely worth considering. You can’t put a price tag on your peace of mind – one of the most important moving tips for military families out there.

Driving to your new duty station

Whether you opt for moving services or not, there is always a question of your own transportation. So, how do you get your vehicle from A to B? You could get a professional driver to do it for you, or use other services of the sort. But, it comes with quite a price tag, so be prepared. That leaves us with option number 2 – driving your car to your new destination. It goes without saying, you do need to service your vehicle before the moving day, especially if it’s a long-distance move. You wouldn’t want to leave anything to chance and spend the night on that dusty mesa without oil or with flat tires.

One of the best moving tips for military families – binders

If you already don’t have one – please, off you go to an office supply store! Having all your most important, important and so-so important documents when moving frequently should be your no.1 priority. Hence, binders. Dividers, labels, the whole nine yards. You have a lot of paperwork to take care of.
  • Birth certificates
  • Immunizations
  • Passports
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Military ID cards
  • Military PCS orders
  • Pet passports

Cleaning, the smart kind

There are a couple of things you can really do a month or so in advance. Transferring your utilities, for instance. It’s always good to have a head start. Using your spare time to get that washing machine going and preparing you linen, drapes, curtains – heavier items is something you should definitely take care of prior to moving. Carpets? Why not. Get your bulky stuff clean and shiny for your new home. It’s only important to pack them almost airtight afterward, as the whole transportation thing may get them dirty again.
moving tips for military families - cleaning your carpets before moving

Get those carpets and curtains clean for your move-in day!

Get that bag ready

You’ve already been through this. Don’t forget your emergency bag with all the bare necessities. From toothbrushes to toilet paper to PJ’s. People say everything gets easier if it becomes a routine. Is it true for moving, though? Hm. It never gets easier, but we learn how not to get frustrated and scared as much. For our best moving tips for military families – stick together. Share everything. Enjoy each other’s company, even when it’s difficult. That’s what families are built to do. It’s okay to be Rick Astley for your family.