We have all been here before. Moving with children can add a lot of stress to your already stressful move. The process of moving is not fast and children will get bored easily. Not only do you need to entertain them, but you also need to keep a constant eye out for them. Even if this sounds easy – it most certainly is not! However, we have prepared a short guide to help you with everything you might need! Hope it helps!

Moving with children is hard

You need to understand this before the move so that you can plan accordingly. Moving with children is one of the hardest things when moving is concerned. You can consider this being one of the hidden costs of moving in general. However, in a different way!
  • Prepare well: Before being able to take care of the children during the move, you need to prepare in advance. Plan what you wish to do and stick to it. You have a lot of options, but if you prepare in advance it will make your situation much easier!
  • Understand the situation: Moving with children is not like moving with pet birds or anything else – it is more important than the move itself. You need to understand that your child will most likely not enjoy the move and you need to deal with the situation that might occur.
moving with pet birds

Keep your children occupied while doing the move. Making something interesting is a good start.

  • Make a deal with professional movers: You should let your professional movers know that there will be children together with you. Residential movers NJ deal with situations like this all the time, if you hired them, they might be able to help you with the situation at hand.
  • Prepare even more: You can never be prepared as much as you would like. For example, you need to know the entire situation by heart and you need to predict everything. This is impossible, so to say, but you can predict some things. For example, you can predict that your children will not like the move, so start from there!

Additional information

There are some things you can do to prevent your children from being dissatisfied with the move. You can get a babysitter or you can spend your time with them while the professional movers work on your move. There are some options you can take, and we will write more about them in the following parts of the guide!
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Moving with children is like a game of chess

How to cope with moving with children?

There are some things you can do to make it easier for both you and the children. For example, you can do the following:
  • Get a babysitter: This might be the best option you can do. A babysitter can take care of your children while you plan and organize with the movers. A walk in the park or to a playground of their choice can keep their minds from the move and you can have all the time for yourself to work. Sometimes we never have time for things when we seemingly need it – it will mean a lot to both you and your kids!
  • Take care of the children: This is the second-best option you can do. You can take care of the kids and leave the entire move to the moving company. The only problem here is that if you didn’t hire a moving company like movers Hackensack NJ, you will have to do the move on your own. But chances are you chose a moving company to help you with the move if you are going for this option.

More methods:

  • Think about their needs: Children are, well, children. They have needs and they won’t be happy when their needs are not fulfilled. So, if you want to avoid more stress over a crying child, you can think about their needs and you can make your moving with children easier. Remember, their needs come first, even before the move.
  • Make it easy: There is nothing worse than moving during a difficult time. Thus, make sure that your children are well-prepared for the move before it happens. Talk to them, explain everything to them and ask them if they agree with the plan you made. This is arguably one of the best options there is. Besides, you will make it much easier for yourself if you did that.

General ideas that can help you

Even if you are moving alone or via a moving company, you need to know about some ideas you can use. For example, you know that children are the most important part of the move. You need to base the move in accordance with their schedules and needs. Remember, chances are slim that you will make it to school to pick up your child during the move. You need to think in advance and to prepare for everything. The children should also know everything they can about it, so:
  • Plan, plan and plan: You can never plan enough when things like this are concerned. Always make sure that your children are happy and include them in your plans.
  • Think outside of the box: You need to think outside of the box all the time. You don’t know what your children will need during the move. We were all children and we know that children think outside of the box as well. Make it interesting to them in ways you never thought possible. For example, make them help you with packing of toys or their things. They might like it, even.
  • Get more help if you need: Hire more professional help or ask your friends and family to help you. Remember, this is not easy but you can do something to make it easier. 
moving with pet birds

Moving with children can be a literal burden

Concluding your moving with children

If everything went according to plan, you will now be sitting in your new home with your children and the entire family will be happy. You have probably done some of the aforementioned things and your move has been much easier for you. We hope that this guide helped you with your move!