Winter it a tricky weather season for many reasons, one of which is the safe state of your belongings. Hence, before you start searching for local movers New Jersey to help you relocate your valuables, you might want to consider how to best protect that property. And this requires storing belongings in winter in a safe and protected manner. So, today we explore some of the best ways to achieve this. We hope this will help your valuables survive the cold winter months.

11 protective tips when storing belongings in winter

The fact is that there is a very limited number of things that can potentially damage your items as much as cold. And this especially goes when you combine cold temperatures with lack of use. Hence, if you are using reputable storage facilities in NJ during these cold winter months, you need to prepare. What this means is learning the best ways in which to protect your valuables in storage. So, to start off – you have to start planning early on, thus giving yourself more time to ensure you have everything you need. Now come the eleven key tips to storing your belongings in winter:

#1: Use wool or cotton covers

Packing belongings is a must when you plan on placing them in storage. Proper packing will help protect belongings from any type of harm such as bugs, moisture, dust, mold etc. However, depending on the time frame for which you plan to store belongings, you will want to practice different types of packing materials. For example, wool and cotton covers will work better than plastic ones when you wish to save valuables from condensed moisture. Another option here is to pay for packing services NJ and avoid the entire effort.
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Wool or cotton can often help protect your belongings in winter.

#2: Make sure to clean your items before storing them

Before storing belongings in winter, you need to make sure that they are clean. You never know how long they will stay in storage and the last thing you want is to attract pests and rodents. So, before heading for the storage facility, give all your belongings a thorough wipe, rinse and dry. When you clean everything, it preserves the life of your property.

#3: Repair any faults before storing belongings in winter

The fact is that most of us store belongings for two important reasons:
  1. To declutter our home from extra belongings we won’t need in the winter time.
  2. To preserve property we don’t use from any damage/harm during the cold winter months.
And to ensure that those same belongings are ready to use once winter passes, you have to ensure that they are in good condition when you put them in storage. So, make sure to check all items for any dents, malfunctions etc.

#4: Keep electronics off the ground

Handling electronics is always a sensitive task. And details such as keeping electronic devices on a cold concrete floor can easily lead to unwanted damage. This can result in expenses of buying new electronics, which no one really wants nor needs. The solution – make sure to avoid setting any electronics on the ground.

#5: Make sure to swap out your summer wardrobe with winter attire

Somehow, winter is always most problematic in terms of closet space. After all, winter wardrobe takes up more space, so it is normal for your closet to fill up. Hence, why not free up some room and put your summer clothes away? After all, you won’t have need of them for the next couple of months definitely, so you really don’t need them in the closet.
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Storing belongings in the winter can refer to anything you won’t need for the months to come.

#6: Store your lawn equipment

There are certain household chores you won’t need to do during winter. So, instead of having that lawnmower clog your garage for no reason, why not store it away and swap it for a snow shovel? Storing belongings in winter usually refers to all those gardening tools that you won’t need when everything is covered with snow. Just remember to clean it all before storing it away. Local storage units NJ will handle the rest.

#7: Hiding Christmas gifts is something storage units are great for

If you are a winter holidays enthusiast, you will want your family to have the best Christmas experience. This means plenty of presents and surprises, but ones that they can’t see before the time comes. So, what is your best course of action? Hide them in storage, of course! That way, all gifts and wrapping materials will remain safe and you will be able to give your loved ones the best Christmas surprise when the time comes. And this will also keep your household clean.

#8: Put in packing material

Packing supplies can do more than simply protect your belongings during long distance moving projects. You can also use them to ensure the protection and safety of your property while in storage during winter. So, consider using polystyrene peanuts, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, newspaper etc. to protect what you store for years to come

#9: Be careful with canned goods

Be extra careful with canned goods, soda, or any other sealed items. The contents of those containers can be hazardous after exposed to different temperatures. The temperature difference can also cause containers to burst and spill. Inspect any cans closely before use and look for any ruptures.

#10: Storing belongings in winter such as your vehicle requires special care

As most of us are well aware, winters can be really hard on vehicles, especially in terms of battery, tires, brakes etc. So, if you don’t have a winter-friendly car, this would be the perfect time to store it away. What does this involve? You can go through the following steps to prepare your car for storage:
  • Empty the gas to avoid damaging the inner working.
  • Make sure to inflate the tires before storage
  • Storing your belongings in winter means finding the right storage size, which goes double when you store a car.

#11: Choose climate-controlled units

Always save the best piece of advice for last. Any additional effort you would need to go through when storing belongings in winter can be solved with climate-controlled storage units. So, if you have extremely fragile or sensitive items to store, this could be a smart investment. Additionally, climate-controlled storage units can be used year-long to ensure the safety of stored items.
finding the right storage size

Climate-controlled storage units can save you from a lot of hardship.

Hopefully, by following these tips, you will find storing belongings in winter an easier task which won’t take you much of your free time. Remember, just make sure to protect them properly and you will have nothing to worry about.