The beauty of art is appreciated by one and all. Lots of people like purchasing it and getting it framed for their homes. However, moving art is no easy task. Oil paintings, in particular, can be quite fragile and prone to damage. For their safe move, it is recommended to get assistance from professional movers.  With moving also comes the issue of storage. In case your oil painting cannot be taken to the new destination directly, it needs to be kept in a proper storage unit. Oil paintings are quite sensitive and easily prone to damage. Hence, precautions need to be taken while storing them. Worry not! We have come up with a number of storage tips that would ensure your fragile paintings get stored safely.

Where to begin when storing oil paintings?

The very first thing you need to do is to locate a safe and secure storage unit. Since you are storing oil paintings, you need to research and solve all your queries before finalizing a space. Don’t hold back on asking questions related to the facilities the storage service offers. How would the oil painting be packed? Is the storage unit moisture-proof? Are there ample security measures taken? Gathering all essential information will help you easily decide which storage unit is suitable for your art storage.
storage tips

you can freely ask all the question regarding your storage unit

Prep Your Oil Paintings This Way

To ensure that your art remains damage-free while in storage, there are a few storage tips you have to follow for preparing your paintings. By considering the following points, you would easily get your paintings ready for the long haul: – 
  1. Take a brush or soft cloth and gently wipe off all the dust and grime from your oil painting
  2. Take a good look at your painting for any previously sustained damage – be it scratches or flaking.
  3. Put on a layer of varnish over the painting for added protection from any corrosion.
  4. If the painting is not framed, get it done. Ensure that any material coming in contact with the painting is free from acid.
  5. If the painting is an expensive one, best to get it insured as well!

Ensure the usage of high-quality packing materials

Especially in the case of oil paintings, the quality of packing materials is important. Oil paintings are fragile and can easily show signs of damage. To preserve them, it is best to consider purchasing polystyrene. This material is safe for packing paintings and provides a protective layer against scratches or dents. Apart from that, keep a good stack of moving blankets, tapes, and plastic wraps for added protection to your art.
storage tips

Polystyrene is very important when storing paintings

Storing oil paintings  – the best way

One of the most popular storage tips suggests that plastic bins are the way to go for storing. However, avoid it in the case of paintings. They require secure packing and storage in a cool, dry place where they don’t get flaky or have mold growing over it. Professional storage units are ideal for storing delicate pieces of art like this.

What to look for while choosing a storage unit?

Oil paintings are quite sensitive to temperature and cannot withstand too many variations in it. The best storage tip for storing it is to rent a climate-controlled facility. Other than temperature, there is the pressing issue of pests causing damage to stored items. For this, it is ideal to get the storage area treated by pest control to avoid any insect contamination.

What is the best way to store oil paintings?

Oil paintings demand a little extra care and attention when it comes to their storage. It is ideal to store them in an upright position. Getting acid-free products like tissues or archival boxes would keep your paintings safe for quite long. Keep them away from anything too sharp. You also wouldn’t want your paintings to get deformed, so best to avoid putting anything above them. Last, but not least, the storage unit where the painting is kept should be sunlight-proof, so as to avoid the painting from getting discolored over time.
storage tips

Stable and constant temperature is very important

Things To Avoid When Storing Oil Paintings

Sometimes, the most important storage tips don’t just include ‘to-do’s’, they also include a number of things you have to avoid. Oil paintings are unique items that cannot be stored haphazardly. Else, they would be forever scarred and lose their sheen. Here are some of the things you must not do while storing an oil painting: – 
  1. Do not place them in areas of extreme temperatures.
  2. Keep them away from cheap packing materials like newspapers if you are storing them for a long time.
  3. Storage units without climate-control facilities should be avoided.
  4. Using packing materials with acid should be completely avoided to keep your painting safe for a long time.