Sometimes you might wonder whether installing a storage alarm system is worth it or not. There are some pros and cons to it, but we think that you should do it nevertheless. Storage places are generally secure, but one can never be too safe nowadays. Fortunately for you, we will talk in more detail about this issue. We hope that it will help you decide whether or not you should make your storage even more secure.

Pros of installing a storage alarm system

There are several pros of installing a storage alarm system and they might seem obvious at first, but that is not everything there is to it. Let’s check some of them out:
  • More security: This goes without saying. While storage places and locations are secured (depending on the type of storage), you can never be secure enough. Don’t make any of the common storage mistakes and you will find that having a security system is not that necessary. However, you should always be safe than sorry, so adding a bit of extra protective measures might not be such a bad idea.
common storage mistakes

installing a storage alarm system is not necessary at the dock – plenty of security around

  • You will rest easier: There is always something in the backs of our heads which does not give us peace when we are worried about something. If you store all your belongings or a lot of inventory in storage, it is normal to be worried about your things. However, if you install an alarm system, you won’t have to worry until you hear it go off. Then, after evaluating the situation, you can either check it out or call the police. Your choice, although we advise safety first!
  • Sometimes it comes together with storage: You can consult your commercial movers NJ and they will confirm this. Sometimes you get an alarm system along with your storage, or you will find one already existing there. For example, bigger storage areas are more secure than smaller ones, but that is not always the case. Check the details with your storage provider.

Keep in mind:

Chances are that you will never need an alarm system for your storage. It is locked and sealed shut and only you can open it. However, there have been some storage robbery cases, so if you have anything to worry about, it is always better being safe than sorry. Moreover, you can also decide on the type of alarm you can use. If you think it is worth it, then go for it. You won’t lose anything if you decide for a safer option, pretty much.
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A locked storage unit at home

Also, keep in mind that some storage facilities NJ are well protected even without an alarm. There are security guards everywhere in warehouses or docks. So, the chances of someone breaking and entering into your storage are quite slim, we would say. However, you can never be too certain!

Cons of installing a storage alarm system

There are some cons to this, however, but they seem minor in comparison with the pros. Let’s check them out:
  • It is not cheap: Installing an alarm system is not cheap, especially in storage. Moreover, you won’t be using that storage forever, so you might have only tossed aside a few hundred dollars. However, you can never be sure, and if you think that it is worth it to invest in extra protection, by all means, go for it! Remember, you know the best when things like this are concerned.
  • It might be redundant: Usually, the only thing you should worry about is keeping rodents out of your storage. Breaking and entering are not usually committed in storage spaces unless you are storing really valuable items. Most of the times you will be storing materials and other mundane things, so there are not many people who would be interested to steal something they can’t safely carry away. This is why most storage units have their own security – sometimes it is simply enough.
  • False alarm: There have been dozens of cases when someone accidentally triggered an alarm and someone called the police without a real reason. This can also happen to you. Kids might trigger it, your neighbor might trigger it and even some animals might trigger it. Depending on your location and circumstances, your alarm might be going off 2-3 times in the middle of the night without any good reason. Think about this.

Additional information:

While it might not be necessary to get an alarm, you can never be too safe. We think that you should secure your personal storage, when it is, for example, your garage or next to your house. Professional storage areas are really hard to break into, so you should keep this in mind before deciding to install a security system in your storage. If you are insecure about your storage, you should check out some benefits of portable storage containers and start using them. Only the owner can gain access into them and you won’t need to worry about extra security measures.
benefits of portable storage containers

A warehouse

Sometimes, you should contact professionals when you are in doubt. For example, contact your moving company NJ and ask them anything you need about your storage security. They are professional and they have been doing their job for many years and they can help you for sure. Moreover, you can also ask them about tips and tricks for storage security. They can also offer ideas, or even recommend a place for your possessions. The only thing you need to do is to call them and to make a deal. It might be worth considering this as well.


Overall, installing a storage alarm system might be the best idea, even though chances are you won’t need it. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so you can get it over with by installing a storage alarm system in your storage. It is as simple as that. While there might be no problems, you can never be certain. Moreover, the safety of your storage is the most important thing – going an extra step every now and then might be advisable. In any case, no matter what you decide, we hope that your storage always remains safe!