Moving is a process that entails so many things! From packing up your possessions in cardboard boxes and looking up interstate movers NJ to transporting all of your items, relocation can truly leave its toll on you. There are simply too many things for a person to do that not feeling stressed out is impossible. One process that people often forget about until they have already moved is the one of changing your address. The first tip we have to give you is not to wait for the last minute to do it as there are a lot of numbers you’ll have to dial on the phone. It’s best to get an early start and avoid being stressed out as much as possible!

The process of changing your address begins with the USPS

The USPS or the United States Postal Service should be your number one stop. Just like finding the best movers NJ has to offer is the first step when preparing for a move, the postal service is the first one you should turn to when trying to change your address. Luckily, in the age we live in, you don’t have to visit the post office in person. The entire process can be done online with a couple of well-placed clicks!
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You can change your address even while sitting on the couch with your phone in hand.

Visit the United States Postal Service website and find the form that deals with the change of address. All you’ll need will be to fill out the required details and have your debit card or credit card at hand. The USPS will charge a one-dollar fee so you’ll need to have your payment information ready. In a matter of minutes, you’ll update your address and can continue to receive mail at your new residence. The first step was easy!

The second step is updating your billing address

An average person pays a huge number of bills every month. As much as we don’t like it, it’s just a necessary part of life. Just because you are moving it doesn’t mean that your duties stop. It just means you’ll have to update your address and transfer the utilities to the new residence. Begin by making a list of all the bills you receive in paper form. Besides the usual ones, like the electricity and gas bills, don’t forget about the phone, cable, or garbage recycling bills. Then proceed to call each company separately and change your billing address. Usually, a lot of these companies also have the option of changing your address online and updating your information this way. Bonus tip: to make your life easier after the move, make sure you pay all of your bills in due time. You don’t want for anything to ruin your brand new start in your perfect neighborhood!

Proceed by changing your address for magazine and catalog subscriptions

Can you imagine your Sunday morning without that sports journal or fashion magazine? Is your favorite past time looking at the new collection of your favorite store in a catalog and planning your next purchase? To continue doing what you love in your new home, make sure you change the address for your magazine and catalog subscriptions.
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If you can’t imagine your weekend without the weekly dose of news, change the address of your subscription.

Visit their websites and use your customer number for an online change-of-address form. Of course, you can always call the publication and change your address this way, but we just believe that it would be easier for anyone to do it online in their free time.

Inform the bank of your change of address

We are sure your bank sends you at least one document every other month and to do so, it needs your address. Otherwise, your bank statements won’t reach you. Besides, the bank also needs to verify your debit card billing address when you shop online so you’ll need to update your address. In case you have online banking, there’s a good chance you will be able to change your address online. And if you don’t, you can either make a call to the bank or visit them in person. Any means you choose will be a good one.

Let your friends and family know that you are changing your address

Now, depending on how you look at it, this can be the hardest part on our list. It’s very easy to call your bank or fill out a form online. But to inform your parents that you will be moving across the country? That’s something that will be very hard emotionally. So what do we suggest?
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Deliver the news over a batch of fresh-baked muffins – everything is easier with some mouth-watering food.

From making personalized cards that inform your loved ones about your new home to organizing a farewell party, there are many ways to give people this notice. However, the only way to do it successfully is by taking into account everyone’s feelings and being careful about how you deliver this news. Some people might take it harder than the others and you need to put a lot of thinking into how you are going to tell them.

Let your employer know about your new address

It really matters not whether you are moving to Garfield which is a thirty-minute drive from your place of work or you are moving to a home that’s a short three-minute walk from it – you should always inform your employer about changing your address. Not only is it common courtesy to let them know, but your employer also might have to send you some important documents from time to time. Once that happens, having the right address is crucial for those papers to land in your hands. Besides, this will only take a few minutes as there is not a lot of paperwork involved. So we are sure everyone can make time for it in their busy schedules.