The fact is that people take storage units and the safety of their items in those same units for granted. Just because you stored your memorabilia or antiques in perfect condition doesn’t mean that that’s the condition you’ll find them in six months from now. Lots of things can happen between the moment you store your items and the moment you take them out of storage – and mold is one of them! When it comes to the safety of your items, preventing mold in your storage should be high up on your priority list. No, the process is not difficult nor time-consuming, and it all starts with choosing the right type of private storage.

The best way to approach preventing mold in your storage unit is by choosing the one with climate control

Do you have any idea what the mechanism behind climate-controlled storage units is? Clearly, you understand that it works by regulating the temperature inside the unit. You don’t need moving companies Clifton NJ to tell you that – you can draw your own conclusions. But what you may need us to tell you is how the regulated temperature will help you keep mold at bay.
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Is the weather becoming too hot? Not a problem with a climate-controlled storage unit!

Mold is created in areas with high humidity. The more the humidity level rises, the easier it is for mold to form. With a climate-controlled storage unit, however, you don’t have to even give humidity a second thought. These facilities also keep the humidity at an optimal level, and that doesn’t change once the weather changes. And that’s what makes climate-controlled storage so appealing – that fact that your items stay safe during all seasons. Whether storing archives, books, or holiday decorations, you can rest easy at night knowing they remain safe and comfortable right where you left them.

Make sure all of your items are dry before putting them in storage

All it takes is one damp item for all the items in your storage unit to be at risk. Dampness, humidity, and mold work hand in hand and one leads to another. It might not seem like too big of a deal if mold forms on just one item – you would be sad, but you’d live. But one item will lead to another and, before you know it, your entire unit will be contaminated by mold. While you should check every item for dampness before storing it, pay special attention to summer gear. All it takes are a few drops of water for everything to be ruined. Also, pay special attention to the weather on that day you decide to transport your belongings in storage. You might have packed them well but if you are transporting your items during a rainstorm or even a light drizzle, all of your efforts could be in vain. After all, cardboard is not water-proof.

Make it your task to inspect your storage for leaks from time to time

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to stop by your storage unit and check how everything is going. Not only will you manage to prevent mold this way, but you’ll also inspect the entire storage unit. If there is any problem, you’ll be able to notice it in due time, which will help you deal with the problem when it’s at its starting stages. And when it comes to preventing mold in your storage unit, there’s one thing you should look for – any leaks and holes in the wall.
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You will have to put in some effort if you want to be all smiles, all the time.

Even a small hole in the wall can counteract the benefits of climate control inside the unit. That hole can let hot air in, as well as pests and water when it rains. Since we are guessing the last thing you want to see when you walk into your unit is mold and pests all over your cardboard boxes, you know what to do. And don’t delude yourself thinking that if you pack your cardboard boxes well, nothing will be able to get inside them (or on them.) You will be in for a world of trouble if that happens.

Check the humidity level inside your unit on a regular basis

If you were paying attention so far, you arrived at a conclusion that increased humidity is the number one reason why mold forms inside storage units. And if for some reason you weren’t able to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, you’ll need to regularly check the humidity level by yourself. It really is the only way to succeed in preventing mold in your storage, so there is no way of getting around it. What we here at Moving of America – NJ Movers recommend you do is install a humidity gauge inside your unit. Every reading that shows that humidity is above 50% is cause for concern. In that situation, you’ll either have to switch to another unit or find a different solution.
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Set a date when you plan to visit your unit and mark that date in your calendar.

Preventing mold in your storage unit is something you should work on from time to time

Far be it from us to say that you should work on preventing mold in your storage unit every week, or even every month. No one really has any time for that, neither is it necessary. But what you should do is address this problem every couple of months. Of course, if you did get a climate-controlled storage unit, 90% of your work is done. All you have to do now is make a quick stop when you have the time. But if you weren’t able to afford a climate-controlled unit, then you do have some more work in front of you. Although, that work is still not as difficult as seeing all of your items ruined would be. There’s something to think about on your way to your storage unit.