Renting and using storage units has become very popular nowadays. And for a good reason. The spectrum of their utility is so wide that the increase in demand for available storage units does not surprise. And while the numbers are impressive, those who rent these units need to be extra careful how to maintain them. One of the most important things is protecting storage against rodents. These can really make a lot of damage to everything you’ve stored inside especially if you’re moving some special items, such as antiques. If that’s so, then choosing antique movers to secure the package might not be a bad idea.

Understand the problem rodents can cause inside storage

As soon as you understand how many problems can arise from the appearance of rodents in a storage unit, the sooner you’ll be able to begin with the necessary preparations. Do not be one of those who will neglect this fact. That can cost you stuff you put in storage. And since we are talking about animals such as a mouse, rats, squirrels, etc., you need to know that they are very much able to find their way inside the unit.
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It is important to be aware of possible issues

Along with the previous information, bear in mind that these little rodents multiply very fast. This means more trouble for you unless you take precautionary measures of protecting storage against rodents.

Big health issue

Once rodents are inside the storage, they will start nibbling anything that comes their way. That includes furniture, anything made of plastic or cardboard. Also, your electronics and beddings are in danger. So, once again, if you own some antique pieces, you will need to protect those antiques in storage. Besides the damage they make, they are also a threat to our health. The problem multiplies as the number of rodents in a storage unit rise. They easily spread bacteria through their droppings which results in diseases such as salmonella.

Begin by examining the space

Just like with anything else you would buy, or rent, it is necessary to inspect a storage unit before you sign the contract. During your inspection, you need to make sure that the unit is clean and in good condition. Look for any visible sign of rodents such as droppings, gnaw marks on some leftover packing container. The most obvious sign is finding their nest.
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Examining storage unit

Therefore, before you hire top-rate local movers NJ, you begin with bringing items in your storage, and you saw some of these signs, you can either decide to leave that storage, and look for another one, or you can do your best and use some of the tricks for protecting storage against rodents.

Clean your storage thoroughly

No matter how good of a condition the previous renter left the premises, it is absolutely necessary to do it before the arrival of your items. You can do this in an agreement with the owner of the unit. He/she can give you access to the unit in advance so that you can get everything ready.

Protecting storage against rodents is possible with smart packing

One of the things that will be of great help is diligent packing. Failing to pack items the right way is actually one of the top storage mistakes. Your items must be protected inside packages. Seal them tightly and the rodents won’t be able to breach through. Therefore, we suggest you invest in some of the following:
  • Heavy plastic containers. While lightweight plastic is a feast to them, heavy plastic is much more difficult to damage.
  • Metal boxes. When it comes to these kinds of boxes, rest assured that all of your delicate items will be absolutely safe inside them. No matter how sharp their teeth are, they are not sharp enough for boxes like this.
  • Peppermint oil, pepper or cayenne pepper and cloves are some of the smells mice and other rodents hate. Take some cotton balls and soak them in oils from any of these and place them in spots rodents could most likely come through.
  • Humane trap. With this trap, you will catch a rodent. However, you will need to let it go otherwise it will die in a day or two.

Avoid packing food

When you decide to start searching for an adequate storage unit, you will probably hear some pieces of advice along the way. For instance, what to pack and how. And, food is most probably on the number one spot of things you should not pack! Food is also on the list of things you shouldn’t bring when moving. Basically, most food is perishable and as such can cause a lot of mess. Decaying food is what attracts rodents the most. So, if you can, do avoid bringing food inside storage. If, on the other hand, you need to, then think about using some of the above-mentioned hard plastic or metal boxes.
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Food attracts rodents

Secure furniture

Protecting storage against rodents also stands with furniture. Wooden furniture is also a ‘’welcome treat’’ to all rodents. It is one of the favorite things for them to bite and chew. Hence, do protect your furniture the best you can. Wrap them in plastic as much as possible.

Keep everything in order

Finally, let us remind you that protecting storage against rodents is easier if your storage unit is tidy. This means that you will make the order within it. That new layout will enable you to spot any unwelcomed guests and deal with them timely. If you leave boxes here and there, you will make a lot of mess, and won’t be able to notice some changes, such as the breaching of the rodents inside.