Whether you’ve decided to give that old house a complete makeover, or you’ve simply realized you may have gone over the top a bit with furniture and knick-knack shopping over the years (and there it was, the glorious mountain of everything I’ve ever owned before me!), you find yourself in a pickle. Luckily for you, this world offers a plethora of private storage. Well, problem solved, then! But, is it, now? Finding the right storage is only the tip of the iceberg; and as we all know (from “Titanic”, of course), it’s what’s under the surface that counts. So, in order to keep you afloat, and bruise-free, we are here to provide some of the best tips to get the most out of your storage unit. Onward we go!

Think inside the box

Well, this is new. Indeed, we’re talking pure efficiency and good strategies. Thinking inside your storage unit is where you need to be when moving your precious belongings. Think it through before actually acting on it. Will it be spacious enough to accommodate everything you’re planning on bringing? Should you decide on a climate-controlled unit? If you’re in it for the long run, what are your best options from a financial perspective? Will your property be safe? How does one even evaluate a storage unit?
private storage

Ask the right questions.

To get the most out of your storage unit, come prepared

Packing is a bland task, there’s no way around it. Whatever you do to try and ease the monotony – it’s still there, being admirably persistent. You should be too. Preparation steps are crucial when packing for your storage unit.

Declutter time

First things first. If you’re packing your entire home, consider parting with things you will never, ever use again. Why go through all the trouble of wrapping, padding, labeling, when all you’ll be doing is consuming precious space? The less you bring, the more you will get out of your storage unit. There is an exception, though – If you find something of irreplaceable sentimental value, may it be a life-size stuffed elephant, you have every right to bring it along, as we all need our memories from time to time.

 Efficiency is the word of the day

Now that you have gathered everything you see fit, it’s time to pack your darlings. Here are some tips on how to stay on top of your storage unit planning:
  • pack with same size boxes
  • be sure to seal your boxes with duct tape in order to avoid dust and potential moisture from penetrating
  • plastic bins are a great alternative; they are solid and see-through, making it easier to find anything you need
  • use stretch wrap to protect your furniture
  • insure your items through your chosen self-storage company

Relying on your memory is a rookie mistake

“It’s just for a couple of months. I’ll remember where to dig out my —- ” Wrong. You won’t. Label, label, label. Write haiku poems, draw unicorns on your boxes, just be sure the message is clear. If you have multiple boxes per room, don’t label them all the same. “office no.1”, “office no.2”, “office no.3” will not be of any help if you’re in need of a specific folder. If you have packed your entire kitchen, try categorizing per drawer, it will also save you a lot of time when returning items to where they belonged before the renovation.
private storage

Being meticulous when labeling boxes is of utmost importance.

Floor first

Since you won’t be spending that much time in your storage unit, it’s important to ensure your belongings won’t suffer any damage. Avoid putting your boxes directly on the floor, get wooden palettes instead, as they may protect your belongings from moisture, or even possible pests.

To get the most out of  your storage unit, get creative

Let’s get those boxes in. Take a moment to think about the layout. Categorize things by “I might be needing this sooner than later” and “It can wait”. When moving in furniture or anything of larger proportions, put it in the back. (try the upright position, you will be surprised by how much space it can save!)

Storage master

Don’t forget the golden rule: heavy boxes first, lighter ones on top – by stacking same size boxes, you don’t get micro labyrinths of pure, unused space. Every inch counts! When it comes to your furniture, consider disassembling it – table legs, bed frames, even taking off lampshades and stacking them together as a whole; that’s how you’ll definitely get the most out of your storage unit.
private storage

Disassembling your furniture is the way to go when in need of more space.

Modest Moses

“And, just like Moses, They parted the sea!” Well, nobody’s actually making you part seas.  Be a modest Moses; an isle in your storage unit would suffice. You will get immediate access to every box, any piece of furniture, without having to empty half of your unit just to get that KitchenAid in your hands. You lose some, but you win a lot more. Keeping your storage clean is also a big part of finding your way around your belongings.

Bonus Tricks

You might be pretty content with how you’re handling your layout, but, there’s more to it than meets the eye.
  • Walls – with all that potential space, it would be wrong not to take advantage of it; you just need to get some shelves rolling in.
  • Drawers and unused space – use your refrigerator, cabinets, desks, washing machine to put smaller items inside
  • Tape – use it to tie together Ziplocs to save up as much space as possible
  • Blueprint it – try drawing out your layout along with your inventory; it might sound a bit tedious, but it is worth the effort
Trying to get the most out of your storage unit is no task for faint-hearted, as it requires a lot of planning and actual physical work. When in doubt, hire your local moving company to help you with their knowledge and experience.