Relocating your home to another place is a big thing and a pretty complex process. In the preparation for this process it is not only important how to move, but also when is the best time to move home. This seemingly smaller aspect can give you some additional stress, but it can also be a money saver if you choose the right time for your move. If you’ve been wondering how to decide when to move, and what are the things that should be taken into consideration in making this decision, this article might help you to set your thoughts.

What to consider when making the decision

Probably the best way to start organizing your relocation is setting the priorities and putting everything in writing. Making a good plan, which will include all possible aspects of moving, is the key to success here. Finding a reliable moving company is one of the most important things in organizing your move. If you find a moving company that can provide the services of packing and storing your belongings as well. Then half of the job is done.  There are many things which you should be mindful of when choosing the best time to move home. The most important are:
  • Work– A busy period at work might make it difficult for you to dedicate time to the move. If you are not able to set your moving for a less busy time in the office, then moving during the weekend could be the best option. You need to, however, be aware that it might cost you a bit more.
  • Holidays– Holidays are the time of the year for family gatherings and for staying at home with your beloved ones. You should avoid moving before big religious and state holidays. Allow for some time to meet new friends after relocation, and before the holiday season begins.
  • School– If you are moving with kids, you should consider moving during the school break. This means that summer is probably the best time. Adapting to a new environment might be difficult for your kids. Try to make space for them to meet new friends and the neighborhood before the start of a new school year. Kids can take the whole process very emotionally, as settling in a new place and a new home can be a big thing for them.
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Move your home when your kids finish the school year

  • The weather – one of the most important aspects of choosing the best time to move home– Depending on the weather conditions and the given time of the year, a lot of people make a decision when to move. In the text below we will try to help you make a wise decision.

Best of the best

If you have a flexible schedule and the luxury of choosing when to move, you are lucky. The costs and convenience of moving depend on many factors. You can achieve them buy knowing which day, week and month are the best for your move.  Let us start from the beginning.

Time of the day

Not all the people are early birds, but morning is the time of the day for moving. Starting in the early morning will give you more time for checking if everything is packed and saying goodbye to your old home. If moving during the summer, this will save you from high temperatures during the day. Mornings can provide cooler conditions during the warmest months. If you simply cannot have a morning moving, the other option is an evening move. It can be cost-effective, especially if you are on a budget. An advantage of an evening move is that you can finish your packing during daylight.
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Early morning moving

Time of the week

For picking the move date, it is best to choose a day during the week. Relocating between Monday and Thursday is the best deal. That way you will avoid the busiest moving days like Friday and Sunday. People tend to move during the weekend the most when they are free and off from work. Moving during the weekend may increase the costs of your move, due to higher demand for movers. The other advantage of this moving is that you will have more time to unpack and organize. The whole upcoming weekend is in front of you.

The best week of the month

‘Mid-month’ moving is what should be your priority. Most people are moving at the beginning or at the end of the month, so try to avoid that. Most leases begin as of the first of the month, so movers have a lot more job. ‘Mid-month, mid-week’ move is when demand is lower, so your costs will be lower too. You can have better prices and more services from moving companies. Think about it when deciding what is the best time to move home.

Time of year- the best month of the year to move

There are two main seasons for moving – peak and non-peak season. Summertime is the most common period for a relocation of home. People tend to move in that period due to different factors. Weather is almost perfect, children are out of school and friends are free, so they can help. If you also decide to move during this period be prepared that moving companies can give you a price which is higher than average. Moving companies have a bigger workload, so you should schedule the moving date on time. If defining the ‘best’ by cost, then the best time for moving your home is for sure non-peak season. This means in the period from September to April. Winter moving might be more difficult due to weather conditions. Consider packing of your belongings in this period. Moisture, snow and slippery roads present a danger for them. On the other hand, moving in this period is much affordable. Prices of moving services can be up to 30% lower. You can easily choose a moving company which means more flexibility in setting your moving date.
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Moving prices during the winter time are up to 30% lower

By choosing the best time to move home, not only you can save money, but also the level of stress. Also, one of the most important things when moving is choosing an appropriate neighborhood. Set up your priorities and start making your plan. We wish you the best of luck.