Advantages of moving to suburban neighborhoods

Ten years ago, cities focused on revitalizing the central regions and increasing their viability. This made a lot of sense, given that the young millennials had few family responsibilities and wanted to be closer to the city center. Construction of apartments in the city center worked for cities during the recession, because the increase in housing options required a small investment in infrastructure. In addition, more people rented than bought because loans were harder to obtain. And this reduced moving to suburban neighborhoods.

But in the last few years, the suburbs have been revived. Even millennials are now moving to suburban neighborhoods – and they affect future development outside of cities. The renewed interest in the suburbs is mainly due to the fact that the millennials are getting older and creating families. But there are many reasons why more and more people hire moving companies Bergen County NJ and move to the suburbs.

Here are nine benefits of moving to suburban neighborhoods that encourage people to return there

1. More space

New Home Source notes that the popularity of the suburbs is growing because they offer more space for distribution. The closer you get to the center of the city, the smaller the size of the dwelling is. This can be doable for individual professionals or couples, but for families, this can be a problem.

Man and woman walking the dog
Dog owners and car enthusiasts also believe that life in the city center has limitations

2. Best price per square foot

As homes become less accessible in urban centers, people are moving to suburban neighborhoods. Although houses are bigger, they are often cheaper in the suburbs. For example, in August 2018, the average price of a single-family home was around $295,000. When you want to get the most out of your house for your money, the suburb is the place to hunt the house.

3. Less crowded area

When moving to New Jersey, it’s hard not to be in the center of the crowd. But when moving to suburban neighborhoods, it is possible. Of course, you may have to travel a little further when you live in the suburbs, but this is the only time that you have to deal with the crowds of the city. A suburb almost always has fewer people per square mile, which means less congestion. For example, in 2017 in Hackensack, the population density was 10,563 people per square mile. That same year, Upper Montclair had 4,561 people per square mile. One of the key areas in which less population density is a big deal is in schools. In the suburbs, as a rule, the ratio of students and teachers is better.

4. A better general school system

One of the main advantages of living in suburbs for families is the school system. Although charter schools are beginning to change the landscape everywhere, suburbs, as a rule, have schools with higher ratings. In New Jersey, this is certainly the case when suburban school districts, such as Millburn and Princeton, are among the highest rated in the state.

 5. More privacy

Due to fewer people and wider, open spaces, suburbs can offer people more privacy than city life. This is especially true when comparing suburban home with a downtown apartment.

House in suburb
After moving to suburban neighborhoods, you will surely have much more privacy

6. Convenience is closer than ever in suburban areas

This is just one of the ways in which millennial migration to the suburbs changes development. As the suburban population grew and changed, so did the choice of amenities. Design movement “New urbanism” brings more diversity and opportunities for suburban residents, from green markets to entertainment.

And all these amenities are closer than ever. Many new communities are designed to be suitable for walking. Today, even in the suburbs, mixed spaces begin to develop. More and more suburbs are starting to feel like small cities without a higher price.

7. More nature to enjoy

Although in some cities, such as Jersey City and Newark, there is a lot of green space, that is not always the case in every big city. However, more greenery and nature exist in the suburbs. For outdoor enthusiasts, the best NJ suburbs offer much more nature, trails, and parks. Many communities even have their own hiking and cycling routes for local residents.

8. Safety

A few years ago many people were moving to suburban neighborhoods mainly due to security concerns. Cities are safer today than decades ago, but in most of them, the crime rate is still higher than in the suburbs. It is also more common to see gated communities in the suburbs.

Police car
For many people, safety is a major concern, especially for those who have children

9. More voice in local government and community development

To be fair, no matter where you live, you can always somehow participate in the local community. However, in a small suburban community, it is much easier to be heard and assume a role in the local government, your children’s schools, etc., because there are fewer people with whom you have to fight.

10. Enjoy the quality of life

When you live in the suburbs, you are close enough to get to the city for work and cultural events, but you can also use shops, restaurants, medical services, and emergency services right in your own society. If you are in the center of the city or are surrounded by farms or rolling hills, which you most want, you may find that the suburbs are too big a compromise. But if you are looking for a taste of both worlds, the suburb is probably for you.

Tips for keeping your home clean while moving

Moving can be a complex and difficult task to fulfill. This is why most people find it so stressful that they decide to turn to expert movers East Rutherford NJ. However, what most people fail to understand is just how messy moving can get. And this is not something you want to waste time on afterwards. But once again, Moving of America is here for you. We are here to provide you with the best tips for keeping your home clean while moving. Bear with us and save yourself time and energy that you would spend cleaning. Continue reading “Tips for keeping your home clean while moving”

How to relocate an aquarium properly

As you probably already know, there is a lot of stress that comes with moving your home. This is because there are so many things you need to take care of. You need to think about packing all your items and about your family members’ needs. Then, you need to be looking into the best moving companies NJ for your move, and finally, need to decide on a home (if you haven’t already). In all this chaos, people often forget about their best friends – their pets. Just imagine being a cat or a dog and dealing with the moving. Your owner is stressed, then there are strange people packing up your home and suddenly – you’re surrounded by new smells and sounds. Fish go through this stress, too! This is why in this article we give you some helpful tips on how to relocate an aquarium properly.

Things to remember when you want to relocate an aquarium

When you want to move an aquarium, there are certain things you always need to keep in mind. Even though they might not be showing it clearly, fish go through a lot of stress. It doesn’t really matter if you are transporting the aquarium to another side of the home, or if it is across the country, really! So, you need to make sure that the move will go as smoothly as it can for them.

A cat and an aquarium.
Think about the fish’s safety.

First, you should try to make the relocation as short as possible. If you need to transport the fish and the tank separately, try to make the transport tank as similar to their previous one as possible. This will help them ease into the move. Using the water in their first tank will help with this. Then, add a couple of plants so it will not be too bare.

When you want to relocate an aquarium, you need to worry about its integrity as well. First, you need tips on how to pack liquids for moving. Then, you need to decide whether you need to empty your aquarium or not. Helpful tip – if it’s more than a gallon, you will need to empty it. Moving a full aquarium is not just heavy, but it can also compromise the integrity of the bonds that tie the walls together. Finally, since the walls are usually made of glass, you will need to worry about them not breaking as well.

Prepare to transport an aquarium

Now, you might already know all the steps you need to take in order to relocate an aquarium, right? You need to remove the fish, empty it, transport it, fill it up and put the fish back in. However, before you start doing this, there are a couple of things that you need to think through first.

Fish, getting ready for you to relocate an aquarium.
Make sure your fish don’t go through a lot of stress during the move.

Did you already plan a layout of your home? This is an important step when you want to relocate an aquarium. You need to clear up space and prepare it for the tank to arrive. It needs to be flat and firm, and you should already have styrofoam matting. Also, don’t forget to check if there are power outlets nearby for all your equipment. Then, you should also prepare a holding container for your fish. This should have some sort of top, so they don’t jump out. If you can, you should get an opaque one, because they will be less active in the dark. Make sure there are no toxins in it, and that you can transport it with ease.

Finally, you should prepare rags and newspaper so that you can clean up any splashes that might happen. Remember, you are transporting liquid, which is never an easy task. It might get a bit messy, so be ready to clean it up. You will also want to leave your fishnet in the water for ten minutes. This will make it softer, so you will not hurt the fish when grabbing them.

How to transport your fish

So now that you have prepared to relocate an aquarium, it’s time to actually do it. The first thing to keep in mind is that, if you are not comfortable with any of the steps, you should call residential movers NJ to do it for you. So, first, you should siphon most of the water out into the fish’s temporary container. Then, pick up a couple of plants from the aquarium and transport those too. This will encourage fish not to jump out during the transport. Only then can you catch the fish and transport them into the container which you cover afterward. However, make sure they have enough oxygen, especially for a long-distance trip.

A fish bowl.
The size of the fish tank will matter.

Then, remove all cables and electrical items you have. These will only be in the way when you want to relocate an aquarium. Continue siphoning the water until only a small amount remains. We are leaving this water in so that we do not disturb the bottom of the tank. However, if the tank is too big, then you might want to remove the gravel as well. Otherwise, it will be too heavy to lift. After transporting the tank, siphon the water back in. Be careful to do it slowly so you don’t lift up the gravel from the bottom. Then test the water for pH, temperature and similar, and slowly reintroduce the fish back.

Buying your first home – a short guide

Now that you have decided on moving to New Jersey, let’s consider what you can expect from the process of buying your first home. This is a chaotic time with proposals and counter-proposals flying around. But if you are ready for the hassle, you can go through this process more or less safely and securely. Here is the main progression you can expect:

1. Find a home

Before hiring movers and packers NJ, you must first find a home. Make sure to take advantage of all the available options to search for houses on the market. Including the help of a real estate agent, and searching for ads on the Internet. Also, travel around the neighborhoods that interest you in the search for signs for sale. Also put some feelers there with your friends, family and business contacts.

House for sale
You never know where a good recommendation or home guide can come from

If you seriously want to buy a house, do not enter the open house without an agent. You can see how this may not work in your interest if you begin to communicate with the seller’s agent before contacting your own.

If you have a limited budget, look for homes whose potential has not yet been realized. Even if you cannot afford to replace the disgusting wallpaper in the bathroom, it may be worth spending some time there in exchange for access to a home that you can afford. If the house meets your needs in terms of big things that are difficult to change, such as location and size, do not allow details to distract you. The most important thing when buying your first home is to choose the right neighborhood.

2. Consider your financing options and secure financing when buying your first home

Those who buy first housing have a wide range of options to help them get into the house. Both those are available to any buyer, including mortgage loans from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and mortgages specifically designed for first-buyers. Many programs for home buyers for the first time offer minimum down payments from 3% to 5%. And some do not require a down payment.

When buying your first home you should, in particular:

Use the HUD resource list. FHA and its loan program is part of the HUD.

Do not bind loyalty to your current financial institution when seeking prior approval or looking for a mortgage. Take a look, even if you are eligible for only one type of loan. Tariffs can be unexpectedly different, as well as interest rates on mortgage loans. Which, of course, have a significant impact on the total price you pay for your home.

Some authorities also recommend having a backup lender. Eligibility for a loan does not guarantee that your loan will ultimately be financed. Changes in the guidelines for underwriting, changes in the analysis of the risks of lenders and investor markets may happen. There may be cases when clients sign credit and conditional documents. And then, 24-48 hours before closing, they receive a notification that the lender has frozen financing under his credit program. Having a second lender who has already qualified you for a mortgage gives you an alternative way to save the process, or get close to the schedule.

3. Make an offer

Your real estate agent will help you decide how much money you want to offer for your home, along with any conditions you want to ask for. Your agent will then submit the offer to the seller’s agent. The seller will then accept your offer or issue a counteroffer.

People shaking hands
Then you can take it or keep going back and forth until you reach a deal or decide to cancel it

Before sending your proposal, look at your budget again. This time take into account the estimated costs of closing, the cost of travel and any immediate repairs and mandatory devices that you may need before you can proceed. Be careful: it is easy to be ambushed due to higher or unexpected utility costs in your new big house. You can request electricity bills for the past 12 months to get an idea of the average monthly cost.

If you reach an agreement, you will make a bona fide deposit, and the process will go to escrow. An escrow is a short period of time (often around 30 days) when the seller removes the house from the market with a contractual expectation that you buy the house. Provided that you do not find any serious problems with it when you inspect it.

4. Get a home inspection before buying your first home

Do it even if the house you are planning to purchase seems flawless. Nothing replaces a qualified specialist who will inspect the property for quality, safety and the general condition of your potential new home. You do not want to lose your money or have a headache from performing a lot of unexpected repairs. When inspecting the house revealed serious shortcomings that the seller does not disclose, as a rule, you will be able to cancel your offer and return your deposit. Negotiations for the seller to repair or depreciate the sale price are other options.

5. Close or move on

If you can negotiate with the seller or, even better, if the check did not reveal any significant problems, you should be ready to close. Closing basically means signing a ton of documents in a very short period of time. And praying for nothing to fail at the last minute. After you do all of that, buying your first home is finished. And now you can plan the layout of your new home and start enjoying it.

Signing the contract
Don’t forget to read the contract carefully before buying your first home

We hope that these tips for buying your first home will be of use to you to handle this task as successful as possible and that soon you will move in your new home with a smile on your face.

Moving to Bergenfield NJ on a budget

It was certainly not easy to finally make a decision to move. Such a decision brings many changes and setting part with the familiar. On the other hand, you are stepping into a new world, opening doors to some different and new opportunities. And this is why a great number of people is truly excited about this new chapter in life. However, there are certain issues one needs to overcome in order to have everything settled just right. One of the issues we would like to draw your attention to in this article is regarding the budget. For some, it is a great challenge to handle everything and not fall under the budget. But with our help, you’ll manage the moving budget without any problems especially if you’re planning moving to Bergenfield NJ.

Be prepared for Moving to Bergenfield NJ on a budget

Since you already know that you will be moving to Bergenfield, there is no reason why you shouldn’t begin preparing for this relocation on time. You are in a position now to really plan the steps up to the smallest details and make this operation a lot easier for you and everyone involved in it. Should you need any kind of help from packing and finding the perfect home for you and your family, to transporting your cargo and unpacking your boxes, make sure to contact Bergenfield NJ Movers.

Contact the right people when moving to Bergenfield NJ

Ask all the questions you find important and see what they can offer you. We are sure that you will be able to easier focus and keep your eyes on the prize with the help of someone who’s done this hundreds of times before. Make sure to have these things defined:

  • How much money you are willing to spend?
  • What are all the items you want to pack?
  • What kind of accommodation are you looking for – decide whether you want to buy or rent
  • Which part of a town suits you the most?
  • Decide what will you sell what will you donate, as well as what you decided not to pack?

Of course, add to the list everything else you’ve been thinking about. Furthermore, make sure you have all the answers ready before the moving day comes. That will avoid unnecessary stress and tensions.

Know your budget limits

It would not really be wise to go into something without being completely clear with it. That is, in this case, you really ought to know what is the ultimate limit of your budget. Now, let us just have this straight. When we say the word ‘budget’ we mean the moving budget, not everything you have saved up to this day or that you have stacked in a bank. Here, it is very much important to determine the limits above which you can’t and won’t go. After that, you can start looking for the solution for your moving project according to the budget and get ready for moving.

moving budget
Budgeting is important

Start saving on time

If your relocation is something inevitable, and you know will happen in the next period, perhaps it would be a good idea to start saving. Make a saving plan, and see what is something that drains your budget the most. If it is possible, get rid of it. You will see how much you will disburden yourself and your budget as well. The truth is, costs pile up so quickly which is why this is not a time to be reckless with your money and it is important to detain a spender in you and lay low for a while. When moving day approaches there will be so many things to think about and services to pay. So, be smart and think in advance. The future you will thank you for it! Furthermore, you will be able to distribute the money much better that way when you know how much exactly you have at your disposal.

Have the right people to help you

If you are trying to save as much money as possible and moving to Bergenfield NJ on a budget is your ultimate goal, then look for reliable local movers NJ to give you a hand with your upcoming relocation. There is no one better than experienced local movers who can provide you assistance and guide you through the process. So, do yourself a favor, cut the worry, and let the professionals do their best job. You can dedicate your time to dealing with other, equally important tasks regarding your relocation.

Move off the season

In the moving industry, there are periods of a year with high demand. During those days, you are likely to have more problems to find available moving services, if you opt for their help. And even if you find some which is available during those peak days, the chances that they have increased their fees are high. So, if you can, always choose some other days which are not during the biggest holidays such as Labour Day, Christmas, or weekends. Instead, hire a moving company during the mid-days of a month. Or simply, make an appointment with the chosen moving company so that you can have information directly from them. And that should remove all doubts!

Pack smart before moving to Bergenfield NJ

One of the keys to moving on a budget is packing fewer items. The more things you decide to pack, the more packing materials you will need to use. Also, the process of packing and loading the moving truck will be longer. Plus, you will even need a bigger moving vehicle. So, for moving to Bergenfield NJ inform yourself more about moving and packing tips which you can obtain from your moving company and see how to get done with one more task with ease.

Hiring packing professionals
Have someone to help you pack efficiently

If you think you would feel better, we propose you to call some friends to give you a hand with moving. That can surely save you some dollars, and the preparation process will be a lot more fun. But following our pieces of advice will also help you with relocating to Bergenfield NJ in a cheap, but efficient way.

Best NJ boroughs for seniors

When most people think of finishing their career, they immediately think of moving to Florida. But not everyone wants to spend their retirement in Sunshine State. Some of them want to stay close to friends and family, as well as in the beautiful state of New Jersey. Or hire movers Elmwood Park NJ and come to this state. But what are the best NJ boroughs for seniors? Well, there is only one place to find an answer – data.
Continue reading “Best NJ boroughs for seniors”

Planning the layout of your new home

So, you’ve bought or rented a new home and are looking forward to relocation. Good for you! Bear in mind, however, that moving from one home to the other is an exhausting project. And although most of our tips and guidelines connect to the aspect of moving, there are times when we focus on other aspects as well. Today is one such day when we will look more towards what comes before the actual relocation. And that is the matter of planning the layout of your new home. Trust us, when you are planning on relocating to New Jersey (or any other location for that matter), this is something you want to take care of. And we are here to offer some advice on the topic. Continue reading “Planning the layout of your new home”

How to store belongings in the winter

It is a great luxury to have a storage unit, and not need to keep everything in your home. When you are living in a small apartment, for example, keeping huge winter coats in your closets during the summer can be a haggle. Just the same, keeping your summer clothes in the winter months is quite redundant. That’s why you will want to get the most out of your storage unit if you have one. And one of the best ways to do this is if you put your summer items there during the winter. However, there are some guidelines you need to follow when you want to store belongings in the winter. Especially if the winters are as harsh in your area as they can get in New Jersey, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Find out what they are in this article. Continue reading “How to store belongings in the winter”

Organizational methods for moving your home

Moving an entire household is rarely an easy endeavor. That moment when you look at the back of a moving truck and see your entire life packed inside… It can be quite terrifying. However, that is why you have our professional residential movers NJ to call to the rescue. After all, why would anyone want to waste time and energy on physical labors that professionals can handle for them? And all this at affordable rates and in a short time frame. However, there are things that you can do to ensure the success of your relocation. And so we come to today’s topic – the top organizational methods for moving your home. Continue reading “Organizational methods for moving your home”

Suburban home vs. downtown apartment – which wins?

Suburban home vs. downtown apartment is an eternal debate for everyone who’s thinking about purchasing their first home or deciding to move out and start a new life elsewhere. And it is a pretty tough decision. Both options have pretty good arguments for and against. But that doesn’t seem to help those people decide easily. For that reason, we have decided to put these two contestants under the spotlight and question both their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, after all the rounds of questions, you will figure the best option for you which will help you mentally prepare for the upcoming move. Round one can begin. Shall we go?

Houses in a town
Where to choose to live?

The price of the properties

This is probably one of the biggest concerns for everyone who is processing the idea of buying a property. But in order to see who wins the round in the battle suburban home vs. downtown apartment, we would have to know more details such as:

  • The size of both properties
  • If the house comes with a backyard
  • Does the property come with some special features?
  • The amount of interest rates
  • How developed and economically stable the area is
  • Is the area at a high demand

There are, of course, other factors which can influence the price of the property. However, these are the ones that you should definitely look into carefully while you are weighing the chances of these two options. So what you could do is put everything on paper and consult your budget. Pay a visit to a bank and seek an advice from a consultant at a bank and see your options in terms of loans and your future payment obligations.

The close-knit community is often found in suburban areas

The level of security plays a big role when deciding where to settle. And that is why we encourage you to check out this aspect of home hunting before you sign any contract, especially if you are moving with your children. Usually, living in a suburb implies that you will be involved in a community with lots of neighbors. And more often than not, these types of communities tend to be very close which means that you will always have someone to turn to for help or anything else you might need.

Residential houses
Neighbors are usually close in suburban areas

Everyone to his own in downtown

In downtown buildings, it often turns out that neighbors are not so much closer to each other. And so, even if you choose to live in a downtown apartment in a large building, in case you don’t become friends with someone there, you might feel a bit isolated. On the other hand, this works perfectly fine for those who like a bit of a solitude, so it doesn’t have to be a downside at all.

The question of freedom in suburban home vs. downtown apartment duel

Those people who cherish and seek life without any limits usually opt for living in suburban areas. When living in houses, this gives you an opportunity to be a bit louder at night if you are organizing a party or to play an instrument late at night. On the contrary, something like this is not quite possible when living in an apartment building. The neighbors will knock on your door first thing if you exceed the limits of the house rules set in that building. Therefore, we can say that this round goes in favor of suburban homes. But if you still decide to move to an apartment in the city, make sure to learn about the house rules to become familiar with them, especially if you have a pet or smoke.

Get an idea of a life in a neighborhood

But if you decide on moving to a suburban home, it is also important to know what are the circumstances in that area. For instance, if you happen to be moving to New Jersey, then we suggest you take a day or two and ride through some of the neighborhoods. That will give you an insight and general impression of what a life might look like in those areas. Perhaps after doing it, you will a less hard time to make a decision.

The available space in a new home

It seems that in this round we also have to give an advantage to living in a suburban home. Nowadays, there are many people who move to the suburbs just to get more available square feet for less money even though that might mean that they will have to commute longer to their offices. If that’s your case too, then you might think about which NJ neighborhood would be the most convenient for you. Still, it would be great if you could find the one which is not too much far away from the office.

Even if you move into a smaller house, with time you will have a chance to upgrade it, remodel it, plus you’ll have an outdoor space which is something usually senior movers appreciate the most. Spending pleasant days, drinking a cup of coffee, or tea on the porch is something very priceless.

a house with a porch
Enjoy your day by taking a rest on the porch

The location

If we would make a poll asking people the reason for moving downtown, we bet that one of the main reasons would be the location. Being close to the center of events, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, ect., is what makes the life in downtown very appealing for a lot of people. And logically, there are those who are ready to pay the price of the location. So the winner on suburban home vs. downtown apartment in this round goes to a centrally located apartment.

So, as you can see, if you take several parameters and try to draw some conclusions from the duel suburban home vs. downtown apartment, you will see that both have strong pros and cons. Now, it is only up to you to figure which one has the most advantages bases on your lifestyle and things you are looking for in your life.


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